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10 Best Home Waxing Kits

Home waxing kits let you skip the expensive salon appointments and take care of hairy spots at home. The top kits come with everything needed for a home waxing session, including both the hot wax and the strips that pull that wax away. They are suitable for use on large patches such as the arms and legs. You can also use the kits on sensitive and delicate areas, including the bikini area and face. It takes only a few minutes to set up the wax and use the first strip. Before making a waxing appointment, check out the 10 best home waxing kits.

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1. KOTAMU Home Waxing Kit

Home Waxing Kit Wax Warmer KOTAMU Hair Removal Wax Kit with 5 Bags Hard Wax Beans (3.5oz/bag) for Women and Men Eyebrow Facial Body Brazilian best home waxing kit

The best waxing kit for men or women might be this set from KOTAMU. It comes with a small machine that functions as a wax warmer and five packs of wax beans. The warmer gently brings the wax up to temperature and to a melted consistency that you can easily apply. This warmer has a knob for adjusting the temperature of the wax when working on sensitive areas. You also get 20 applicator strips for carefully applying the melted wax to your skin.

2. Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit Men + Women, All Natural (10 oz) best home waxing kit

Designed for thicker patches of hair, this removal kit also works on coarse hair. It comes with a 10-ounce jar of wax that heats up in the microwave in just 60 seconds. The included applicators let you quickly apply the wax to your skin. Once the wax dries and hardens, you give it a slight tug to remove the wax and unwanted hair. The box comes with some towelettes for cleaning up after waxing too.

3. Bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit

Bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit | No-Strip Wax | Straight-from-the-Spa | Safe, Low-Temp, Microwaveable | Paraben Free, Cruelty Free | 5.3 fl oz best home waxing kit

Suitable for use on the face and body, this might be the best nose hair waxing kit. It uses the same formula that the waxes professionals use does and is gentle and non-toxic. That formula includes chamomile oil that is safe for use on sensitive skin. The wax has a bright blue color, which makes it easy to see on your skin too. With several applicators included, this kit is suitable for use anywhere on your body, including around your eyes and in your nose.

4. KOTAMU Nose Wax Kit

Nose Wax Kit KOTAMU Nose Hair Removal Wax Home Use Nose Waxing Kit Men and Women with 80g Nose Wax Beans 24 Wax Sticks Applicators best home waxing kit

Waxing the inside of your nose is often difficult because you can’t get a good look at the hair that’s there, but this KOTAMU kit makes it easy to remove those hairs. It takes only two minutes to melt the wax in a microwave, and the kit comes with applicators designed for use in the nose. It takes only minutes to remove unwanted hair with this wax kit, which uses lemon oil. The kit even comes with a protector for your upper lip.

5. Hair Removal Sugar Waxing Kit

Hair Removal Sugar Waxing Kit Men + Women, All Natural (10 oz) best home waxing kit

This sugaring kit serves as an alternative to traditional waxing kits and is suitable for use on fine to medium hair. It comes with both applicators and waxing strips as well as wax that you can heat and melt in the microwave. Those applicators help you easily apply the wax, but once you press the strips in place, you have something to pull on to remove those hairs. Designed for men and women, the kit can provide hair-free skin for up to six weeks.

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6. Waxkiss Eyebrow Wax Strips

Waxkiss Hard Wax Beans 5 Packs 100g / Bag Hard Wax Beads with 10 Wax Sticks Applicator Home Wax Kit for Body Hair Removal Workable for Sensitive Skin best home waxing kit

One of the easiest ways to remove unwanted hair around your eyebrows is with this kit. Specifically designed for use on the face, the kit comes with wax strips that you bring up to temperature with your hands, no microwave or stove required. Each strip is double-sided for use twice, which lets you take care of both eyebrows with one strip. These strips are also safe to use on sensitive skin such as the delicate area around your bikini line.

7. Veet Total Body Wax Strip Kit

Veet Total Body Wax Strip Kit with Legs & Body Strips (40 cnt) & Botanic Inspirations Sensitive Strips (20 cnt) for Bikini, Underarm & Face best home waxing kit

Another waxing kit for the home that requires no appliances is this product from Veet. The wax strips come in convenient sizes that you can warm as you roll them between your hands. You’ll then remove the top layer of paper and press the strip against the unwanted hair. After waiting a few seconds, you can pull off the strip and remove that hair. This kit comes with 40 large strips for your arms and legs and 20 small strips for your face and sensitive areas.

8. GiGi Brazilian Bikini Home Waxing Kit

GiGi Brazilian Bikini Home Waxing Kit, Complete Hair Removal System best home waxing kit

You no longer need to feel embarrassed or nervous about seeing a waxer because this professional waxing system lets you take care of your bikini area at home. It comes with a container of professional grade wax that you can melt in any microwave and applicators for using that wax anywhere on your body. Not only is it safe for use on delicate areas, but it’s strong enough to remove coarse hair. This kit comes with some treatments that you can use after waxing too.

9. Waxing Kit for Men

Waxing Kit for Men – Roll On Wax Depilatory Warmer (Heater), 25 Non Woven Strip, 1 Oil Remover, 2 Azulene Roller Wax Cartridge Refill - Body Hair Removal (Chest, Back, Leg & Arm) – Home Self Waxing best home waxing kit

One of the best kits for men is this one, which is also a top waxing kit for short, coarse hair. It comes with a bottle of lotion for prepping and preparing the hair for waxing and a bottle of cleaner for removing any traces of the wax later. The wax itself comes in a small bottle with a roller that makes it easy to apply the right amount of wax to the skin. You also get a gel product that soothes and treats the skin too.

10. VitaSleek Hard Wax Kit

Hard Wax Kit: Face, Underarms & Bikini Hair Remover best home waxing kit

Designed specifically for coarse and short hair, this wax kit works well under the arms and around the bikini line. It comes with a jar of wax that melts in the microwave in two minutes or less and applicators for applying the melted wax. You don’t need strips because the wax peels right off your skin and takes away any hair that it touches. This kit also includes a few towelettes that do a good job of removing any stuck on wax.

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May 2019

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