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10 Best Summer Water Toys

With the summer of 2019 upon us now, kids, teens, and adults alike are on the look for the best summer water toys they can find. With so many options out there, who knows exactly what is a dud and what is a summertime win? To cut through the confusion, we’ve weighed the options and put them all to the test. Up for consideration were areas like durability, ease-of-use, safety, relative affordability, and of course, the all-important fun-factor. A one-way ticket to summer fun is just ahead with these 10 great choices in summer water toys, pre-tested and reviewed just for you.

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1. Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy

Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy best summer water toy

The Giant Shootball Basketball Game by Swimline really takes swimming pool fun to a whole new level. Essentially, this toy will turn your pool into a virtual basketball court. Composed of heavy vinyl, this floating hoops set, with ball included, provides a hoop and different exit ports for the ball for unpredictable excitement. Many different games can be enjoyed with this set, and it is very durable for all that overtime play.

2. Splashin’kids 68″ Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad Toy

Splashin'kids 68" Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad Toy for Children Infants Toddlers,Boys, Girls and Kids - Perfect Inflatable Outdoor Sprinkler pad best summer water toy

Designed with a particular emphasis on safety and endurance, the Splashin’kids 68″ Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad Toy is a great time for the kids and even pets alike. This is an outdoor play mat that holds a small amount of water while also providing a fun sprinkler function. Made from strong PVC, it holds up to hard play and pet paws and claws. Fun colors and an easy drain option are also great additions that make this choice ideal.

3. Fayoo 23 Pack Underwater Swimming/Diving Pool Toys Gift Set Bundle

Fayoo 23 Pack Underwater Swimming/Diving Pool Toys Diving Rings(4 Pcs), Toypedo Bandits(4 Pcs), Diving Sticks(3 Pcs) with Under Water Treasures (12 Pcs) best summer water toys

The problem with many pool diving and swimming toys in the past has been durability and a lack of larger sets. Fayoo has resolved these past concerns with its great Gift Set Bundle. For the kiddie pool or even the deepest of deep-ends, this large set includes a total of 23, brightly colored pieces, each with its own specific function and applicable games. Even better, this set is completely non-toxic and backed by the company’s 100% satisfaction pledge.

4. Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table best summer water toy

The Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table is a perfect summertime toy for toddlers and younger children. While simple in design and setup, this particular water table provides dual tables under an umbrella, with one being slightly higher than the other and providing a fun waterfall/spillover effect. In addition, the flipper figure and diving board, squirting toys, and whirlpool-maker assure lots of entertainment hours to come.

5. iBaseToy Sprinkler Ball

iBaseToy Sprinkler Ball Toy, Rainbow Inflatable Splash and Spray Beach Ball Water Toys for Kids Adults, Summer Outdoor Garden Backyard Swimming Beach Party Play (29.5 inches) best summer water toy

Is it a giant beach ball, or is it a sprinkler? The Sprinkler Ball by iBaseToy actually happens to serve as a brilliant combination of both. Simply inflate the Sprinkler Ball, hook it up to a hose, and let the many, fun possibilities begin. One of the best parts of this particular summer water toy is its ability to go and function virtually anywhere: in the pool, in the backyard, or even as a lake toy. The ball is 30″ in diameter and made of all safe materials.

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6. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat, 114" X 84" best summer water toys

Sometimes, fun in the warm months is more about relaxing than action. That’s where the Giant Inflatable Floating Mat by Intex comes in perfectly. This floating mat measures 114″ X 84″ and is made to allow just the right amount of surface flotation and simultaneous water entry. The texture and color are cooling and comfortable, and with special Intex connection points at the corners, additional floats can be attached for even greater possibilities.

7. BATTOP Splash Play Mat

BATTOP Splash Play Mat 68in-Diameter Outdoor Water Play Sprinklers Summer Fun Backyard Play for Infants Toddlers and Kids (Yellow) best summer water toys

BATTOP’s Splash Play Mat is another water play mat that made our list because of its safety, durability, and fun-factor for the little ones. Equipped with multiple sprinkler ports and just the right play area size, the kids will enjoy this one with no worries. Hook a hose up, and let them play, and if you ever do experience an issue, BATTOP is very focused on communication and customer satisfaction for its products.

8. Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center

Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center, 116" X 75" X 51", for Ages 2+ best summer water toy

The Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center is a fun-filled, inflatable kiddie pool designed for ages 2 to 10. It includes a built-in water slide, play balls, play lollipops, and a water sprayer. The cushioned landing mat at the bottom of the slide is extra helpful, and with so much color and candy-coated theming, it’s hard not to feel like you’re in candy land.

9. Island Hopper 10′ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Island Hopper 10' Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer best summer water toy

Picture a floating trampoline, towing raft hybrid that can be used in any outdoor body of water. This is exactly what the Island Hopper is. This floating bouncer is super durable with a five-year, no-leak guarantee, can be anchored down for rough and tumble play, or even left unanchored for those lounging times adrift. Additionally, an easy-access ladder makes climbing back up this durable raft bouncer a breeze, and a total of 10′ of space provides just enough room for all the joys you could ever want.

10. Fun-Here Huge! Blaster High Capacity Water Guns

Fun-Here Huge! Water Guns 21 inch 2 Packs Blaster High Capacity Super Squirt Soaker Water Pistol Blaster Gun Funny Party Pool Summer Fighting Toy Kids Adults best summer water toy

This dual pack of high capacity water guns will have you crowned the “king super soaker” in the time it takes for just one water gun fight. Enjoy the large, high capacity water guns that easily shoot up to 36′ with each spray. With a money-back guarantee and an environmentally-safe and kid-proof design, these very affordable water cannons are a real win in this season’s lineup of the best summer water toys out there.

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By BCR Staff

May 2019

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