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BCR ToysPlaying with toys is an essential childhood pastime needed for optimal development. Building blocks teach kids valuable motor skills, board games teach kids social skills and how to interact and share with others, puzzles teach kids problem solving skills, and children’s books teach kids life lessons and reading skills. Altogether, toys let children explore, experiment, and learn while having a good time. Best Choice Reviews is a premier website searching the vast toy selection for quality products at unbeatable buys.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, archaeologists have dated toys back to 2600 BC in Mesopotamia. In Ancient Greece, children played with yo-yos made from wood or terracotta. In 1558, Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria had the first dollhouse constructed for his daughter. Two centuries later, John Spilsbury created the earliest jigsaw puzzles. By the 1950s, LEGO sets, Barbie dolls, and Mr. Potato Heads were on trend. In 1983, Cabbage Patch kids became so popular that even riots broke out. Today, toy stores are stocked with aisles of options to enlighten youthful spirits. The Toy Association estimates that this fun-packed U.S. industry now generates $28 billion each year. Best Choice Reviews is here to help find great toys for every age range. Our well-researched articles will outline girl, boy, and gender-neutral toys that will capture children’s attention and awaken their sense of discovery.

Bring the Toy Store Home to You Anytime 24/7

Online retail is the most convenient route for parents and guardians to toy shop. Moms and dads sapped for time, energy, and money can really benefit from online shopping. They won’t have to strap everyone into their car seats and get stuck in traffic or tow their toddler through a toy store and risk a tantrum. They won’t have to worry about store shelves being empty of the latest toy craze, either. Since Toys “R” Us closed in 2018, finding toys in brick-and-mortar stores has especially been challenging. However, accessing the widest variety of toys right from a computer or smartphone is easier than ever these days.

Toys sold online are often cheaper because stores don’t pump prices up as much to cover overhead. Additionally, online retailers have huge competition, so they’re most likely to run sales for heavier Web traffic.  Free shipping, promo codes, and member discounts are common to further reduce checkout totals. Some websites, such as eBay, even auction off used toys in good condition. And parents and guardians electing e-commerce are frequently more knowledgeable about the toys they’re buying because online retailers have detailed toy descriptions to ensure informed decision-making.

Purchase Popular Playthings at Perfect Prices

Filling the toy box of your kid’s dreams can get rather expensive. In 2017, World Atlas placed the United States #2 globally for spending $371 on toys per child on average. Most of the “hottest” toys have prices over $50 that quickly add up. Some toys really tip the scales with eye-popping retail costs. For example, the Stefano Canturi Diamond Barbie was famously sold for $302,500! Breaking the bank isn’t necessary to make your child happy and engaged, though. Thus, Best Choice Reviews factors affordability into our ranking decisions. We look for quality, budget-friendly toys that provide both fun and educational value. The following are three other important factors for creating our top 10 toy lists.

Safety: In the past, hundreds of toys have been linked to child injuries and even deaths. Good Housekeeping listed fidget spinners, hoverboards, lawn darts, slingshots, and easy-bake ovens among the most dangerous. So, protecting your child’s well-being is paramount when buying new toys. Best Choice Reviews does its homework to research whether toys meet Consumer Product Safety Standards. We look for toys that are explicitly non-toxic, lead-free, and flame-retardant. We avoid toys with small parts for children under age four at risk of choking. The BCR staff also seeks Wii, Playstation, and Nintendo games that don’t promote aggression or violence.

Durability: Kids are creative, rambunctious creatures who put lots of wear and tear on their toys. Few things are more upsetting to children than their beloved toys breaking. Given that, Best Choice Reviews seeks out resilient toys tough enough to withstand constant play. We pore over product specs for time-tested materials that won’t be easily destroyed. For instance, we’ve found kid-friendly tablets with added screen protection to prevent cracks when dropped. Our website has remote control cars with extra-long battery life to keep the wheels spinning. From science kits to kitchen sets, we aim for sturdy, indestructible toys that will provide years of fun and good investment ROI.

Originality: Each February for 116 years, New York City has hosted the American International Toy Fair to showcase the newest creations. That’s because the toy industry is constantly evolving with unique innovations. Best Choice Reviews stays atop the latest developments and toy market buzz to find hot, high-tech products. We’re talking mechanized robots children can learn STEM skills programming. We’ve found kids telescopes with digital cameras for astronomically beautiful photos. From bicycles to air hockey tables, we’re always seeking modern toys that take quantum leaps forward. Our team also ensures good customer support to avoid frustrating tech-challenged parents.

Give Your Child the Gift of Fun and Imagination

At Best Choice Reviews, enhancing your inquisitive youngster’s playtime is our goal. Our website highlights enticing, easy-to-use toys that spark creativity in developing minds. We cover a broad spectrum of toys from educational kits and puzzles to dolls and video games. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Christmas, Easter, or other special present, we’ll gladly point you in the right direction. Our staff strives to connect parents and guardians to age-appropriate toys from infancy through adolescence. We’re committed to sharing happiness by writing “toy stories” about what industry products rock. Please start scrolling through our top 10 articles for your child’s next favorite toy.

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