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Top 10 Best Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

In this review, we will feature the top 10 flannel sheets sets for a queen size bed.

When it comes to getting comfy and cozy on a cold winter night, nothing beats the sensation of sliding into bed and into a set of flannel sheets. Flannel is a good material for sheets because it can help you regulate your body temperature to avoid becoming too hot or too cold. Not only do the sheets help you stay warm on cold nights, but a set can keep you from overheating on a warm night too. With the top ten queen size flannel sheet sets, you’ll find sheets that are suitable for your own bed or a guest room.

1. Ruvanti 100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

Made from 100% cotton flannel, this queen sheet set has the soft and smooth texture that you crave. You get two pillowcases that measure 20 inches by 30 inches. These pillowcases have deep edges to keep the pillows from sliding out too. Also included are a flat sheet and a fitted sheet, which has deep pockets to keep it on your mattress. All of the four pieces in this set have a plaid design that incorporates shades of blue, black and white.

Ruvanti Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

2. Mellanni 100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

If you prefer a clean and crisp look on your bed, you might like these Mellanni sheets. Both the sheets and the included pillowcases are solid white and can make your bed look like one from an elegant hotel. The top sheet has a hemmed edge that adds to the crisp look, while the fitted sheet will work on a thick mattress or a mattress with a pad over it. Both the pillowcases and sheets are resistant to wrinkles and shedding.

Mellanni Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

3. Feather & Stitch New York Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

The fun design on this sheet set can make you love climbing into bed. That design incorporates polka dots in bright colors against a solid white backdrop. Made from the highest quality cotton, the sheets have a 170-gram weight that makes each one feel as soft as velvet. This is one of the more affordable queen size flannel sheet sets that are resistant to fading and stains. You get two standard pillowcases and matching fitted and flat sheets in this set.

FEATHER & STITCH Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

4. Great Bay Home Turkish Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

Made from real Turkish cotton, this sheet set has the luxuriously soft texture that you want at bedtime. This set comes in a windowpane pattern that features large blocks in black against a white background. The fitted sheet works with deep pocket mattresses of up to 17-inches thick and won’t slide as you toss and turn. While the matching flat sheet features the same design and is just as soft, the two included pillowcases will fit your favorite pillows.

Great Bay Home Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

5. Eddie Bauer Elk Grove Flannel Sheet Set

The Elk Grove design on this sheet set will add a fun and whimsical touch to your bedroom. That design features white elk across a soft gray background. As one of the best queen size flannel sheet sets for Eddie Bauer fans, this set goes through an eight-stage process that makes each piece as soft as possible. You can use the 15-inch pockets on the fitted sheet on a mattress up to 18-inches thick. This sheet set matches other bedding available from Eddie Bauer too.

Eddie Bauer Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

6. AM Home Fashion Flannel Bed Sheet Set

Those who like traditional flannel designs will like this sheet set, which has a plaid design. It uses deep and dark colors that include green and blue to lend a masculine touch to your bed. The two pillowcases and both sheets are resistant to fading and will maintain their dark colors after multiple trips through the washing machine. Thanks to elastic pockets on each of the four corners of the fitted sheet, it won’t bunch or slide off the mattress.

AM Home Fashion Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

7. AURAA Comfort Velvet Cotton Sheet Set

With top queen size flannel sheet sets such as these on your bed, you can enjoy the feel of velvety soft cotton flannel all over your body. The Belinda pattern incorporates hints of nature through the plant motif scattered across the soft purple sheets. These sheets are machine washable and can go in your dryer for convenient cleaning. Made from real cotton, the set comes with a fitted sheet that has 16-inch pockets that won’t bunch or stick to the corners of your bed.

Auraa Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

8. AmazonBasics EveryDay Flannel Bed Sheet Set

Available from Amazon’s line of products for the home, this sheet set comes in a deep navy color to match or complement the bedding you already have. That color remains just as dark with routine washes. These sheets have a 155-gram weight that makes them feel soft while also giving you the heft that you need. With the queen set, you get two standard pillowcases that match the included fitted and flat sheets.

AmazonBasics Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

9. Pinzon Plaid Flannel Bed Sheet Set

Called Blackwatch Plaid, the pattern on this flannel sheet set uses shades of blue, black, green and white that come together to create a neutral design that is suitable for most bedrooms. Made from a cotton flannel that feels just like velvet, the sheets have a 160-gram weight that adds to that overall softness. Both the pillowcases and the flat sheet have a four-inch hem that adds a decorative accent, while the fitted sheet works on deep mattresses.

Pinzon Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets

10. Stone & Beam Rustic 100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

The rustic plaid design on this flannel sheet set might remind you of cabin vacations when you climb into bed. That pattern uses shades of black and white to create a traditional plaid design. As one of the top low-cost queen size flannel sheet sets, this set comes with four pieces. The two pillowcases measure 20 by 30 inches and use the same cotton flannel as the sheets. This set goes through a dyeing process to ensure that the color will not fade.

Stone & Beam Top Ten Queen Size Flannel Sheet Sets



By BCR Staff

September 2019