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Top 10 Best Queen Size Mattress Pads

One of the best ways to extend a queen mattress’s life or the comfort provided by a queen mattress that is starting to wear out is through the use of one of these top 10 queen size mattress pads. Well-made queen size mattress pads should hug their mating mattress securely and without slipping, they should be durable at the stitch and across the pad’s body, provide great comfort, and lots more. But if you are considering buying a queen size mattress pad any time soon, we recommend taking a quick look at our list of the best performers in this particular product line.

1. Charm Heart Overfilled Queen Size Mattress Pad

Fans of plush, overfilled comfort may not even need to look past this Overfilled Queen Size Mattress Pad by Charm Heart. Behind all the comfort here is a 3D quilting design that uses 100% cotton and quality stitching to create fluffy, pillow-like hexagon chambers that form the spread of the pad. A gripping fit for mattresses between 8″ and 21″ thick, this one is also machine-washable and backed by Charm Heart’s satisfaction guarantee.

Charm Heart Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

2. Bedsure Queen Size Mattress Pad

Bedsure’s Queen Size Mattress Pad is a great choice among the more affordable queen size mattress pads. This one is highly breathable, all-hypoallergenic, and utilizes a comfortable, 3-zone comfort pattern across the pad’s cushioned surface. A fully elasticized skirt gives great hold on mattresses up to 18″ thick, and lifetime customer service contacts along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee make this one practically void of risk to the buyer.

Bedsure Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

3. Utopia Bedding Queen Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad

Utopia Bedding’s Queen Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad is yet another winner in affordable queen mattress pads right now. Here, we get a special, super-soft quilting material made with the company’s fiber-fill fill material and durable and breathable design. Up to 16″ mattresses will work with this one well, and machine-washability and drying make cleaning quick, easy, and convenient.

Utopia Bedding Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

4. Leisure Town Cooling Queen Mattress Pad Cover

Arguably the most exquisite queen mattress pad cover on our list is the Cooling Queen Mattress Pad Cover by Leisure Town. Leaving little left to wish for, this one is packed with great features: an ultra-breathable, soft, and comfortable top made of 300TC 100% cotton, a down-alternative fill that is completely hypoallergenic, and even basic water-resistance. If that’s not enough, this one also fits a wide variety of queen mattresses up to 21″ in thickness and is even completely machine-washable and dryable.

LEISURE TOWN Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

5. YOUMAKO Quilted Pillowtop Fitted Mattress Pad Cover

It’s hard to find a more plush and comfortable mattress pad at such a reasonable price-point than what you get with YOUMAKO’s Quilted Pillowtop Fitted Mattress Pad Cover. This one’s main surface is notably comfortable due to a 100% cotton build that is generously stuffed with the company’s special fill material. A well-conforming skirt and machine-washability make it even better at the end of the day.

YOUMAKO Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

6. Hanna Kay Hypoallergenic Quilted Stretch-to-Fit Mattress Pad

Some of the most affordable queen size mattress pads that still perform very well come to us by way of Hanna Kay’s Hypoallergenic Quilted Stretch-to-Fit Mattress Pads. These great mattress pads offer adequate fill levels, all-hypoallergenic materials, and a durable cotton-poly surface blend that really helps to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable. Finally, a great skirt that fits mattresses up to 16″ in thickness and an industry-smashing, 10-year satisfaction guarantee help to make this one an even clearer choice in the best, low-cost queen size mattress pads available at this moment.

Hanna Kay Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

7. MASVIS Queen Mattress Pad Cover

MASVIS hits our top queen size mattress pads list easily with its Queen Mattress Pad Cover model. This performer is super-comfortable with its system of overfilled comfort chambers and a skirt that keeps everything exactly in place on mattresses up to a large, 21″ in thickness. Additional, game-winning attributes to this one include skirts made of 130GSM pocket material with single-track elastic, a highly breathable overall build, full machine-washability, and a generous, 100% money-back guarantee by the maker.

MASVIS Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

8. Ecomozz Queen Mattress Pad Cover

From 8″, all the way up to 21″ in thickness, this top queen mattress pad system by Ecomozz gets the job done. Here, we get a plush pillowtop surface filled with lots of great, snow down alternative filling, a 100% cotton and breathable design, and hypoallergenic materials put to use throughout. A 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% machine-washability make things even sweeter.

Ecomozz Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

9. DOMICARE Queen Mattress Pad Cover

The very best queen size mattress pads don’t always have to come at a demanding price come checkout time, and DOMICARE proves just that with this plush, quilted Queen Mattress Pad Cover. Lay down and get cozy quickly and effortlessly with a fluffy yet supportive quilted surface system, 100% hypoallergenic materials throughout, and a skirt system that won’t let you down. You also can’t go wrong with 100% machine-washability and a complimentary, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

DOMICARE Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads

10. TEXARTIST Queen Cooling Mattress Pad Cover

Finally, we couldn’t close out our list without including the excellent yet reasonably priced Queen Cooling Mattress Pad Cover by TEXARTIST. Here, the entire top surface is made of a luxurious, all-400TC combed cotton over diamond-shaped comfort chambers that are filled with just the right amount of the company’s special 4D spiral fiber filler. Accommodating, 21″ pockets and this company’s extra step of test-assuring this pad to keep shape through 109 machine wash cycles also go to show why this one is a certain, easy pick for our list of the top queen size mattress pads out right now.

Texartist Top Ten Queen Size Mattress Pads


By BCR Staff

September 2019