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Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

Shopping for a microscope can be an exhausting task, but our top 10 list of the best digital microscopes should narrow down your choices.  Microscopes come in a variety of different types, sizes, and power capabilities. From affordable and durable plastic models higher-quality models from Germany, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from during your research. In order to help you on your quest for the perfect microscope, we are going to highlight some of our favorite options. Remember, microscopes are configured to suit a variety of different applications. You’ll want to pay attention to magnification power, light source, and digital display availability. Are you ready to dig in? Let’s begin!

1. Celestron PentaView 5 MP LCD Digital Microscope

The Celestron PentaView is a professional LCD digital microscope that features a touchscreen display. You’ll find that the PentaView showcases five different lens objectives, a 4.3-inch color touch screen, and a five-megapixel CMOS sensor. Onboard storage for the PentaView is handled by a four gigabyte SD card where you can keep all of your videos and photos. Magnification range on this product is wide enough for most hobbyist and professional applications. When using the microscope, you’ll be able to zoom in from 40x to 600x magnification. This is an excellent and affordable teaching model as well, thanks to the live TV display output.

Celestron Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

2. Swift SW380T 40X-2500X Magnification Siedentopf Head Microscope

The Swift SW380T is one of the top-rated research-grade microscopes available for sale. What makes the Swift SW380T stand out from the other options on our list is the sheer amount of features that are available. You’ll find a high-grade Siedentopf binocular head for comfortable viewing as well as a 360 degree rotating head for maximum flexibility. It has an interchangeable array of eyepieces as well as four achromatic DIN objectives in the 4X, 10X, 40X, and 100X range. Illuminate your specimen with powerful LED bulbs that you can dial in with an easy-to-access dimming wheel. The Swift SW380T also has the ability to live-stream and record your work via an optional microscope camera attachment.

Swift Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

3. OMAX 40x – 2000x Lab LED Binocular Microscope

The OMAX 40X – 2000X is an ideal lab microscope for hobbyists, children, and beginners to using a microscope. Awarded the top compound microscope of 208, this OMAX model features the traditional binocular-style eyepiece. Built out of high-quality metal, the OMAX is great for young kids to learn how to use their first microscope. You’ll find both coarse and fine focusing wheels in an easy-to-access location. You’ll have access to 5x, 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives. There are eight different magnification levels ranging between 40x and 2000x. As a lower-price model, you’ll have trouble finding something more valuable than the OMAX LED binocular microscope.

OMAX Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

4. ROTEK LCD Digital Microscope

The ROTEK LCD Digital Microscope is one of the most fully-featured learning microscopes on the market. With a low price point and a bevy of easy-to-access features, you’ll have a tough time finding a microscope with more value. The ROTEK 4.3-inch microscope has a rechargeable battery with 2600mAh of power. This model also features a 32GB SD card for onboard storage as well as an HDMI port for transferring your image to a larger screen. The large digital display allows young lab students the opportunity to get an up-close and clear look at whatever specimen it is that they are observing.

ROTEK Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

5. Koolertron 5-inch LCD 1080P Microscope W/ 560x Zoom

There are few microscopes available that are easier to use than the Koolertron five-inch LCD 1080P wireless remote control microscope. This microscope features a pair of adjustable fill lights that will allow you to maximize your view of your specimen. You’ll notice that this model has four output methods, including HDMI, USB, AV, and USB. There is onboard storage for memory cards up to 32GB in size. What really sets this model apart from the other options on our list is the wireless remote control and video recording capability. After recording your work, you’ll be able to easily output your image to another platform.

Koolertron Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

6. CrazyFire LCD Digital Microscope 4.3-inch

CrazyFire’s LCD Digital Microscope is an affordable, entry-level microscope for people still learning to work with the tool. This microscope has an impressive LCD screen that broadcasts in 180p HD. With an easy-to-view screen, your children or lab students will be able to focus on dialing in their microscope to a max magnification of 1000X. There are eight adjustable lights that you can use in order to clarify your image. What makes this specific microscope particularly good for students is that you can port your image directly to your PC or Mac product. This microscope features a USB port in order to easily recharge the built-in 2600mAh battery.

CrazyFire Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

7. WACCIU Portable LCD Digital Microscope

WACCIU is known for developing affordable, entry-level microscopes intended for simple use. This WACCIU 4.3-inch 1000x magnification microscope features an LED-lit camera that sends footage directly to your 1080p LCD display. There are eight illumination settings that you can use in order to dial in your brightness, as well as an additional pair of fill lights. When you are ready to further analyze your image or footage, you can use the PC link to transfer your data. This simple microscope comes with a rechargeable battery, software, and a stand. This is an ideal microscope for inspecting jewelry or working on circuitry.

WACCIU Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

8. Koolertron 5-inch LCD 1080P Microscope W/ 8 LED

Koolertron lands on our list with a second model, their 5-inchLCD microscope with an adjustable stand and HDMI/USB/AV video output. This sturdy little machine has two easy-to-access controllers that allow you to work with your dominant hand. You can adjust the height of the display while also being able to dial in your magnification. This Koolertron model also comes with wireless remote control that has enough buttons to record videos, adjust zoom, and take pictures. There are a number of output options available so you’ll never have problems getting your data off of the machine.

Koolertron 2 Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

9. Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope w/ Flexible Arm

The Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope features a flexible arm and an easy-to-use mounting system. This affordable microscope is great for simple applications. The LED halo light allows you to control the brightness of your subject while also eliminating the need for heavier lighting options. This desktop microscope is lightweight, durable, and easy to incorporate into a lab or home office. You can quickly connect your microscope to your computer by way of a USB cable which will then allow you to incorporate a number of different features, including Oculus Rift optimization. This microscope is great for hobbyists, though it is only compatible with Windows devices. This microscope isn’t as fully-featured as some of the other options on the internet, but the low price point makes it worth it.

Plugable Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes

10. AmScope M150C-I 40x Metal optical Glass Microscope

The AmScope M150C-I is one of the top-rated affordable desktop microscopes online. Ideal for home use or school instruction, this microscope features a range of magnification settings from 40x to 1000x. The AmScope M150C-I is built from a solid metal frame and has been optimized to take a beating, thus making it great for beginners looking to learn their way around the device. This microscope features high-quality LED illumination with rechargeable batteries or replaceable AA batteries. The head of the microscope features coarse and fine focusing on a 360 degree swiveling eyepiece. The entire design has been finished with a stain-resistant coating.

AmScope Top 10 Best Digital Microscopes



By BCR Staff

August 2019