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10 Best Boys’ Overalls

When you have an active little one, the best boys’ overalls can be the perfect clothing option. Since they feature shoulder straps, these pants don’t slip down — even when your child climbs, runs, and jumps. Plus, since they usually have a relatively baggy fit, overalls give kids plenty of room to move. Many styles are made with durable fabric that stands up to even the most enthusiastic and energetic child. When you’re looking for overalls for your little boy, consider the fabric, the color, the type of fastener, and extra details such as pockets. Here are 10 great options to start your search.

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1. Dickies Big Boys’ Denim Bib Overall


Dickies Big Boys' Denim Bib Overall, Stone Washed Indigo Blue, Large (14/16) best boys' overalls


The Dickies big boys’ overalls are designed for boys that are older than toddler age but not quite into mens’ sizes. With their long legs and angled bibs, they have proportions to match and ensure the right fit. We love the durable denim material, which is strong and rugged enough to withstand everyday running and playing. The zipper fly can open without taking down the straps, so you don’t need to worry about bathroom accidents. The front pocket features multiple compartments, enabling your little one to carry around toys or small treasures.


2. OshKosh B’Gosh World’s Best Overalls


OshKosh B'Gosh Baby Boys' Toddler World's Best Overalls, Ocean wash, 3T best boys' overalls


Cool and comfortable, the OshKosh B’Gosh World’s Best overalls can keep your little boy feeling great all day long. It starts with the 100-percent cotton material, which is durable; it’s also flexible enough to give your child a full range of motion. With the contrasting shoulder straps, these overalls are an adorable addition to your closet. Plus, since the pockets are functional, they allow your little one to carry around small items.


3. John Deere Boy Overall Bib


John Deere Boys' Big Denim Overall Bib, 6 best boys' overalls


Create outfits that are polished yet casual with these John Deere overalls. They’re made from dark-colored denim, so they look crisp and neat. Each pair features high-contrast accent stitching on the edges and high-wear areas, including the waist and pocket openings, for extra visual impact. The fabric is 100-percent cotton that’s soft, comfortable, and easy to clean in the washing machine. Is your child active and enthusiastic? The premium metal hooks and snaps are built to withstand even the most active days at school and on the playground.


4. Carhartt Boys’ Bib Overall


Carhartt Little Boys' Canvas Bib Overall, Carhartt Brown, 5 best boys' overalls


Does your child want to participate in jobs around the house? He’ll feel just like Dad when he slips on these bib overalls from Carhartt. They’re made from the brand’s signature fabric, which looks and feels durable and rugged. Plus, since it’s manufactured from 100-percent cotton fibers, it’s machine washable — a must when you have an active child who tends to get into messy situations. This model features reinforced knees to help prevent holes and tears, as well as utility pockets for easy carrying


5. Grandwish Boys Casual Denim Bib

Grandwish Boys Casual Denim Bib Overalls 3T best boys overalls


Cute and cozy, the Grandwish bibs are designed to keep your little one comfortable as he plays. The magic is in the material; the cotton/polyester blend is soft and designed with a bit of a stretch, so your child has the freedom to play. Are you still working on potty training? These overalls are made with snaps, so they’re easier for kids to take on and off. The large front pocket is separated into smaller compartments, so your child can carry around everything from writing instruments to candy.

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6. Wrangler Authentics Toddler Boys’ Denim Overall


Wrangler Authentics Toddler Boys' Denim Overall, ocean deep, 5T best boys' overalls


Give your child’s wardrobe a cute vintage twist with these toddler boys’ overalls from Wrangler Authentics. They’re manufactured from 100-percent cotton fabric that’s soft and gentle on your child’s delicate skin. The material is also machine washable; every time you wash them, the overalls get softer and easier to wear. We love the roomy design, which doesn’t cause any restriction — that way, your little boy has the freedom to play as usual. Use the adjustable shoulder straps to create the perfect fit.


7. FLOWERKIDS Boys’ Bib Overalls


FLOWERKIDS Boys Washed Denim Bib Overalls Adjustable Straps Suspender Jeans 4-13 Years (Blue, Age 4-5 Years) best boys' overalls


If you like to dress your child in outfits with a bit of an edge, head straight for these boys’ bib overalls from FLOWERKIDS. These aren’t your typical overalls — instead, they’re designed with skinnier legs for a more contemporary vibe. The bib features contoured sides, and the long, adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to choose the right fit. We love the fun front pocket; it’s divided in half by stitching and features a snap-flap closure on one side. Made from cotton in a classic blue wash, these overalls are a versatile addition to a kid’s wardrobe.


8. OFFCORSS Toddler Bib Overalls


OFFCORSS Indigo Toddler 5T Bib Overalls Boys Kids Baby Clothes Overoles para Niños best boys' overalls


Get your toddler ready for a day of fun with these OFFCORSS overalls. With their wide body and short height, these overalls are designed specifically for a toddler’s unique proportions. The super-soft cotton fabric keeps your child comfortable as they climb and run, and the shoulder-strap buckles keep the pants firmly in place. With the baggy fit, it’s easy to layer a T-shirt or a button-up shirt underneath to suit different weather conditions.


9. Liberty Big Boy’s Denim Bib Overall


Liberty Big Boy's Denim Bib Overall, Rigid Blue, 14 best boys' overalls


Does your child chafe at the idea of tight clothing? If so, these Liberty Big Boy’s overalls can be the perfect solution. The magic is in the fit — it’s loose and easy, so your child never feels restricted or pinched. Plus, with the wide legs, these pants fit over boots or chunky shoes. We love the soft cotton fabric, which is washed for extra pliability. With the fun green accents, these overalls look cute and playful at school or at home.


10. OshKosh B’Gosh Baby Boys’ World’s Best Overalls


Wrangler Authentics Toddler Boys' Denim Overall, ocean deep, 5T best boys overalls


When the weather gets colder, flannel-lined boys’ overalls can keep your child warm. These OshKosh B’Gosh overalls have you covered; they’re made with a super-soft lining that adds extra warmth. That way, your child can stay cozy even when they’re playing outside in the cold. The vest-back design layers easily over a range of tops, and the shoulder straps adjusts to create the perfect fit.

When you’re getting your little boy ready for a busy day, overalls are the foundation for a great outfit. Durable and easy to keep in place, these pants stand up to any activity your child undertakes. By stocking your child’s dresser with the best boys’ overalls, you can increase durability and extend the lifetime of the pants.

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By BCR Staff

October 2019