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10 Best Kids’ Clothing Subscription Boxes

As many parents know, clothing shopping with little ones can be a challenge — which is where the best kids’ clothing subscription services come in. These services send carefully curated boxes of clothing directly to your home, so your child can try them on at any convenient time. That way, you don’t have to put up with temper tantrums in public or worry about scheduling shopping trips around naps and mealtimes. Even better, you never need to hunt for specific sizes; subscriptions send pieces in your child’s exact size to ensure a perfect fit, every time. The trick? Picking the service that’s the best match for your style and budget.

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1. KidBox


kidbox best kids clothing subscription boxes


For service-oriented families, KidBox is a great way to build your child’s wardrobe while helping others. Each time you buy a full box, KidBox gives clothing to a charitable organization — you can even choose the charity. Using this service is easy; simply answer a few questions about your child’s personality and style. Then, the KidBox stylists choose a selection of clothing and send it to your house. Your child can try on each piece at home and return the items you don’t want. This service offers a variety of pricing tiers, each designed to fit different ages, genders, and sizes.


2. Stitch Fix Kids


Stitch Fix Kids best kids' clothing subscription boxes


Stitch Fix, which started out as a women’s subscription service, has branched out to include kids’ clothing between sizes 2T and 14. To participate, you can create a style profile for your little one, including details about their preferences, size, and personality. You can even let Stitch Fix stylists know what colors your child loves and hates or send them a link to a Pinterest board for more inspiration. These details inform your Fix, which includes up to 12 items that are tailored to your child’s needs. We love that Stitch Fix Kids allows regular deliveries or scheduled options for less-frequent shopping.

3. Rockets of Awesome


Rockets of Awesome best kids' clothing subscription box


Is your child interested in fashion? Rockets of Awesome is a fantastic way to help them find the clothing they love. This company specializes in fun, unique pieces that are hard to find in stores. Once your personal stylist reviews your child’s profile, they pick a selection of items. You can review each piece online before it ships — that way, you can limit the items to prices and styles you’re happy with. Rockets of Awesome designs all of its clothes, so your child won’t look like anyone else in their class.

4. Surprisly


Surprisly best men's clothing subscription box


Don’t have time to shop for tiny clothes? Surprisly, a baby clothing subscription box, is here to help. This service sends you high-quality clothing that’s comfortable and safe for small children. Best of all, you get the items at lower-than-retail prices, so it’s easier to save money. You won’t find these pieces at typical stores — a great option if you love items that stand out in a crowd. Purchase this service for your own child, or use it to find unique baby gifts.

5. Why and Whale


Why and Whale best men's clothing subscription box


If you love stylish, unusual kids’ clothing, Why and Whale is the perfect subscription service. Each month, this company curates a selection of items in fun colors and unusual prints — pieces that no one else’s child will be wearing on the playground. In addition to clothing, your stylist might include toys, accessories, or other kid-friendly supplies. Each box comes with up to six items, each hand-picked by a stylist that knows your style and your child’s preferences. That way, you don’t have to spend time shopping, and your kid’s closet is always filled with fashionable items.

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6. FabKids


fabkids  best kids' clothing subscription box


As children grow, they often need new sizes frequently — which is where FabKids comes in. When you sign up, you get a selection of personalized items chosen just for your child. All you need to do is answer a few questions and let your stylist know when you need a new size or style. With new collections coming out every month, you always have a stream of beautiful, colorful clothing that’s appropriate for the season. You can even include shoes in your shipment or make a one-time purchase.

7. Girl-a-Tude


girl a tude  best kids' clothing subscription boxes


Looking for clothing that’s designed with girls in mind? Girl-a-Tude is the service for you. With an emphasis on empowering young girls, this affordable subscription service helps your child feel beautiful and powerful. Each month, you get a fun T-shirt and a special gift, both packaged in a fun box. Each shirt is colorful and beautiful, so your child can build a casual clothing collection without ever setting foot in a store. Choose from a variety of month-to-month and prepaid subscriptions to fit your budget.


8. kidpik


Image result for kidpik box best kids' clothing subscription box


If you’re a parent, you know that girls’ clothing is expensive; that’s the problem kidpik solves. This affordable kids’ clothing subscription specializes in personalized outfits for girls. Your little one can tell you about the colors and styles she loves — her personal stylists picks out clothing and sends it your way along with a free gift. Each piece is low-cost but well-made, so you don’t have to break the bank outfitting a growing kid.


9. The Boy Box


The Boy Box best kids' clothing subscription box


Struggling to find fun, fashionable clothing for your little boy? The Boy Box can help. As the name suggests, this service sends a curated selection of boys’ clothing to your home every month. We love that this business is run by a mom who understands exactly what little ones need to be comfortable and stylish. Each piece is designed for play, so it stands up to active kids. This company makes its own clothing, so you can get it at a lower cost than big-box stores.


10. SockPanda Panda Pals


Sock Panda best kids' clothing subscription box


Does your child lose socks frequently? SockPanda’s Panda Pals subscription is a great way to keep the drawers full. For a cheap monthly fee, this service sends you two pairs of socks in fun colors and patterns. Plus, your child gets a mystery prize to keep the entertainment going. With its wide selection of bright designs, this option is great for kids who love to stand out.

If your little ones hate shopping for clothes, a subscription service can save you time and hassle. Since the clothing arrives right at your house, you don’t need to select items or hunt for the right size. By choosing from the best kids’ clothing subscription options, you can increase your chances of finding pieces your child will love.

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By BCR Staff

September 2019