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Top Ten Day Planners For 2019

Some of the best purchases we can make to start the year off right are items we use to reinvest in ourselves, our future, and our productivity. Finding the perfect planner is paramount to that goal. But how do you choose among the thousands of planners available so that you can begin the process of planning out all of the goals, resolutions, and dreams you aspire to? With so many great choices, this is no easy task.

Never fear! We’ve had a close look at some of the best organizers and day planners available. And we’ve come up with a handy list that should help you make 2019 your most productive year yet!

1. Bloom Daily Planners’ 2019 Day Planner – Passion/Goal Organizer

Bloom Daily Planners’ mission to inspire and empower individuals “to bloom into the best possible version of themselves.”  Similar in size to a paperback, Bloom Daily Planner’s organizer is lightweight, travel-friendly, and extremely versatile. Being spiral-bound means that the organizer can lie flat on a table. Months are separated by tabs, and folder pockets can keep pieces of notes and paper organized. Perhaps the most alluring aspect of Bloom Daily Planners’ products is that a purchase will include access to their entire database of printables and downloads to personalize your organizer further.

2. Lion Planner’s Daily Planner, Calendar, and Gratitude Journal

Available in five colors, Lion Planner’s Daily Planner is an intense 24-hour daily organizer, making it the perfect planner whether your day starts at 4 AM or 10 PM. Backed by a six-month money-back guarantee, the folks at Lion Planner are confident that their planner will help you squeeze productivity out of every minute of every day. The spreads include 24-hour daily spreads, weekly spreads, and monthly spreads. This 5.7” by 8.5” daily planner is small enough to take anywhere without sacrificing writing space.

 3. Action Day’s 2018-2019 Academic Planner

Whether this planner is for a high school student stressed with school and extracurricular activities or a law student who must juggle work and academics, this planner is meant for the demanding academic year. The months range from July to June. Action Day’s unique weekly page layout makes this planner a bestseller in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Each weekly spread is accompanied by four sections: tasks to execute for the week, a time blocking grid from 7 AM to 8 PM, a team project section, and a goals and projects section. The three different sizing options make it convenient to find one to fit into any bag you carry.

4. Panda Planner Pro

The Panda Planner Pro is a nondated softcover 8.5” by 11” planner that is made from eco-friendly material. Its unique combination of a happiness and productivity journal as well as a daily planner incorporates the popularity of guided journals for a healthy mind into the necessity of an organized and productive day. Each daily and weekly spread starts off with positive affirmations and writing prompts to get you on track for a great day. The second half of the daily spread helps you set your daily priorities and goals. Included with the purchase of the Panda Planner Pro are seven free ebooks to help you find your way to productivity and happiness.

5. Tools4Wisdom’s 2019 Calendar Planner

Tools4Wisdom offers a spiral-bound hardcover planner for 2019. With its multiple sizing and cover design options, this 15-month planner can offer as much writing space as you need in your office or on the go. This heavy-duty planner boasts fully colored interior pages and thick writing paper that allows you to use markers and colored pens. This planner comes fully tabbed meaning you can easily flip to any month or section you need quickly. For those who enjoy personalizing your planner, this planner comes with over 200 stickers, printable pages, bookmarks, and more.

6. Global Printed Product’s 2019 Calendar Planner Hardcover with Bookmark, Pocket Folder and Sticky Note Set

This 5.5” by 8” spiral-bound hardcover planner offers 14 months of writing space to organize your year. The compact size makes this planner easy to carry around without sacrificing writing space. Furthermore, its extra strong cover can keep it from being damaged during commutes and its good quality paper can keep your writing from bleeding through the pages. Global Printed Product’s 2019 planner brings value to the task of organizing your day. Included with this planner are storage pockets, sticky notes, a ruler, a clip-on bookmark, and 90 stickers to bring order to your day. This all-in-one planner contains everything you need to be prepared to plan your day while on the go.

7. Freedom Mastery’s Law of Attraction Deluxe Hardcover Daily Planner

This 100% eco-friendly and vegan deluxe planner features a durable rose gold vegan leather cover. Because of their claim that it takes roughly 90 days to establish a new habit, Freedom Mastery’s planners are designed to last between three to six months depending on the frequency of use. At 5” by 8”, this planner can travel where you travel. Each daily spread is segmented by morning and evening routines with the goal of helping you develop healthy, positive habits. As the only planner of its kind, the Law of Attraction Deluxe Planner includes inserts and guided prompts of daily power questions, mind mapping, reflection pages, and habit trackers.

8. Clever Fox’s Nondated Weekly Planner and Gratitude Journal

This 5” by 8” nondated planner comes in a multitude of bright colors to liven up your day. Its leatherette hardcover is secured by an elastic band, securing your pages from damage. Its bright white quality paper ensures that most color pens will not bleed through. The Clever Fox’s Nondated Weekly Planner starts off by prompting you to identify your goals for the year and then helps you break them down into manageable segments throughout the year. Clever Fox guarantees its planners to improve your happiness and productivity or your money back.

9. Cossac Planner’s Ultimate Agenda & Daily Planner 2019

Cossac Planner offers a sleek, minimalist, and yet effective daily planner. This daily planner is nondated, and you can start using it any day of the year. At a convenient, travel-friendly 5.7” by 8.3”, this planner is designed to be goal oriented but clutter free. Its clean hardcover binding and premium quality paper make this a must-have unisex planner. This planner includes monthly, weekly, and daily pages that can last roughly six months depending on usage. Cossac Planner stands by its products with a 100% money back guarantee.

10. Mountain Planner’s Best Daily & Weekly Gratitude Journal

This nondated, six-month, daily and weekly planner by Mountain Planner comes in five unisex colors. Its luxurious PU leather hardcover is elegantly embossed with a mountain range and three satin bookmarks which bring an air of sophistication to this daily planner. This minimalist planner provides just enough monthly, weekly, and daily structure to help you plan your year and set clear goals without being overwhelming. Spreads include six two-page monthly views, 26 two-page weekly views, and 184 daily pages. This is a must-have planner for busy individuals who value simplicity.

Regardless of where you are in life, there a planner for everybody in these top ten planner options to make 2019 a year of personal and professional victories!

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