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BCR BooksBooks are more than rectangular pages of printed paper sewn together into binding. Books are mind portals that transport us into an entirely new dimension. The Pew Research Center found that 76 percent of Americans have read a book in the past year. Reading exercises your brain muscles to keep them strong and smart. Reading instills a wealth of information and better vocabulary. Reading reduces your stress level by making real-life worries fade away awhile. Reading enhances your ability to concentrate and think critically. Reading also nips boredom in the bud by imaginatively entertaining you. Drafting your book wishlist is simple with Best Choice Reviews. We’re a leading resource for finding captivating, adventurous books that are better than TV and movies.

According to Archaeology magazine, humans have been writing since 3200 BC when the Sumerians invented cuneiform. In 1454, the Gutenberg Bible became the first mass-produced book printed by moveable type. Two centuries later, America’s first book titled The Bay Psalm was published in 1640. From Jane Austen to Mark Twain and J.K. Rowling, advancements continued until 1995 when the first book was sold online by Amazon. Forbes now estimates that the book publishing industry generates $26.23 billion and sells 2.72 units annually. Whether fiction or non-fiction, reading fans continue to relish the centuries-old practice. At Best Choice Reviews, we can narrow down book options to find your perfect literary fit. It’s our mission to make every book purchase have a happy ending.

Why Online Shopping is a Novel Idea

Online retailers are the 21st-century digital bookstores for purchasing any printed work. E-commerce platform Selz reports that there are now 224 million U.S. online shoppers. Potential online shopping cons like delivery delays and fraud risks are greatly outweighed by the benefits. Expedited shipping and strong SSL encryption can solve those worries anyway. Brick-and-mortar stores have limited shelf space that often cycles out older books for newer ones, but legitimate online retailers exhibit their entire inventory of books from centuries of authors for custom picks. One click can securely order an entire series without leaving the house, getting dressed, or fighting traffic.

Moreover, offline bookstores need to pay higher prices to cover their rent, payroll, and such. Online retailers can provide lower bargain prices and lucrative discounts because their expenses are lower. Shoppers easily search across multiple websites to find books at their cheapest cost. Cyberspace even makes it possible to rent physical copies or download e-books for even less. Because people often like saving trees while saving money, time, and gas, reading on devices like the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook gets around the mail shipping issue. If you’re a hardcover or paperback person, then some companies have book buyback programs for solid ROI. E-commerce also allows discreet privacy to keep your guilty reading pleasures a secret. And maybe the best of all, online shopping makes it more convenient to send books to your friends’ addresses for gifts, too.

Ranking the Raddest Reads in Each Genre

Reading is highly subjective. Every person visualizes the written words and experiences the action-packed scenes differently. Further, every genre sparks unique emotions in its audience. Science fiction books exhilarate us by time traveling into futuristic worlds of mystery. Autobiographies educate us by understanding life struggles in another person’s shoes. Poetry anthologies inspire us by hiding deep meaning within brief rhythmic stanzas. Horror novels scare us by weaving bloody tales of ghosts, goblins, and grim reapers. Therefore, Best Choice Reviews will respect your individual preferences by researching great reads in all book types. We’ll develop a consensus using the opinions of critics, other consumers, and our staff. We’ll also utilize the following three factors to determine our unprejudiced picks.

Popularity: The New York Times started publishing its prestigious Best Seller list in October 1931 based on sales data and editorial reviews. Today, Best Choice Reviews utilizes this and similar resources as market research to judge what’s hot. Our team looks at which books and writers are selling well plus getting high ratings online. For instance, Dame Agatha Christie is crowned the best-selling novelist ever with 2 billion copies sold. We also look at which American classics, English classics, and even Russian classics are widely still prevalent, especially in schools. Our goal is locating memorable books that withstand the test of time and keep people hooked.

Writing Quality: Authors are imaginative storytellers capable of immersing readers in faraway worlds through only typed sentences. Best Choice Reviews seeks these types of compelling journeys that suck you in from the prologue on. Character development must be strong enough that readers can feel a close connection. Witty dialogue, smart logic, and original plot twists are essential elements. Grammar must be top-notch because reading over 30,000 words with eye-rolling typos is a turnoff. Even shorter, more light-hearted beach reads shouldn’t compromise on quality. Stephen King once said “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Thus, the BCR staff looks for high-quality literary indulgences that truly feed your creativity.

Affordability: Fast readers know that literature isn’t exactly a cheap hobby. In 2018, the School Library Journal estimated average book prices of $11.63 to $29.95 based on genre. Some volumes have price tags that balloon even bigger. For example, a First Edition copy of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was sold for $500,000. If you don’t have a half million sitting around, then Best Choice Reviews is the right place to be. From biographies to reference books, our thrifty team seeks out books that won’t bankrupt your account. We give preference to texts that come in various affordable formats to suit each reader’s needs. We’ve even highlighted inexpensive day planners, notepads, and journals to help unleash your inner writer.

Curl Up With Your New Favorite Book

Ready to escape into an unforgettable plot? Perhaps you want to find breakup solace in a riveting romance novel. Maybe you need historical memoirs to research for a school project. Possibly you’re looking for a fast-paced suspense thriller to get your blood pumping. Maybe you want to put your own pen to paper with a day planner or journal. Or you seek kids books to pass on your love of reading. Whatever the case, Best Choice Reviews has a library full of trusted recommendations. Our website publishes well-written lists of engaging page-turners the industry is celebrating. We invite you to begin flipping through our articles for brilliant books that you won’t be able to put down.

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