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10 Best Car Cup Holders

When your vehicle doesn’t have a convenient spot for drinks, the best car cup holders can solve the problem. These small units add instant functionality — simply slip them into place, and you can store drinks safely. As you’re choosing, there are a few factors to consider. First, it’s important to select a model that fits into the available space in your car. Then, you need to make sure that the holder is big enough to fit your favorite beverage containers; this is particularly important if you like to drive with a larger water bottle or oversized drink cups. Finally, choose a cup holder that stays stable while you drive. To get you started, we’ve collected the 10 best models on the market.

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1. Iokone Side Pocket Cup Holder

Iokone Coin Side Pocket Console Side Pocket Leather Cover Car Cup Holder Auto Front Seat Organizer Cell Mobile Phone Holder Best Car Cup Holder

If you have a large center console, this Iokone cup holder is a great solution. It sits on the side of your console, creating extra space within easy reach. The holder features two cup holders and a center compartment that’s the ideal size for a phone. To install, simply slide the long seat wedge between your seat and the console. This system creates stability and requires no structural changes, so you can use it safely in leased and rented vehicles.

2. Swigzy Car Cup Holder

Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter with Adjustable Base Best Car Cup Holder

Are your existing cup holders too small to fit your favorite water bottles or coffee mugs? That’s where the Swigzy comes in. The base fits into your small cup holder; an integrated expander adjusts to fit a variety of sizes. The top features a larger cup holder that rises above your console, creating the extra space you need for larger drink containers. Inside, rubber tabs prevent your drink from tipping or spilling while you drive. There’s even a slot for cups with handles.

3. Faguan Headrest Seat Back Organizer

FAGUAN Car Headrest Seat Back Organizer Cup Holder Drink Pocket Food Tray Universal Liberate Your Hands Best Car Cup Holder

If the backseat of your vehicle doesn’t have cup holders, this Faguan headrest organizer is a great solution. It fastens to your headrest, creating a convenient holder for drinks and snacks on the back of the front seats. That way, your passengers can keep their beverages in easy reach while you drive. If you have kids, it’s also convenient for toys and games. This model uses a simple harness system that fastens to the posts on your headrest for a secure hold.

4. Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Holder

Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder - Black Premium Quality Recessed Sturdy Black Folding Vehicle Adjustable Drink Cup Holder Best Car Cup Holders

When you’re looking for an affordable car cup holder, this Zone Tech model fits the bill. It attaches to any window in your car using a large suction cup; this system allows easy installation and flexible positioning for the driver and passengers. The base of the holder folds in and out, so you can create an ideal configuration with a quick motion. Since this model doesn’t contact any of your interior finishings, it helps keep your car neat and scratch-free.

5. TOYYM Car Console Organizer

TOYYM Car Console Seat Side Organizer,PU Leather Car Seat Storage Pocket,Seat Gap Filler Organizer Box with Cup Holder-(Driving Seat) Left Side,Beige Best Car Cup Holders

Maximize your extra space with this TOYYM organizer. It features a cup holder and a flip-up water bottle holder. On the top of the box, a coin slot leads to a small storage compartment to corral your loose change. Upholstered in PU leather, the unit looks luxurious and cleans easily. With the integrated wedge, this cup holder fills the gap between your seat and the console — which means that you’re less likely to lose your phone or keys.

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6. Accmor Car Cup Holder

Accmor Car Cup Holder, Adjustable Cup Drink Holder, Automotive Cup Holder, Car Drink Stand, Air Vent Mount for Vehicle Automobile, Tools Free Best Car Cup Holders

The Accmor cup holder features a vent-mount system, which is perfect if you have limited space between the front seats. Simply slip the spring barb between the slats of your vent covers; it anchors the holder and prevents it from slipping out. The plastic drink-holding arms flex gently, so you can insert everything from soda cans to water bottles. On the bottom of the holder, a soft pad protects your vent and reduces vibration noise.

7. Cup Cozy Pillow

Image result for cup cozy pillow best car cup holder

Versatile and portable, the Cup Cozy Pillow is a flexible drink-carrying solution. This soft, rectangular unit has space for three drinks; handle slots make it easy to insert coffee mugs. The unit is designed as a standalone piece, so you can set it on the seat between passengers and remove it when you need to seat an extra person. This insulated car cup holder helps your drinks stay hot or cold for longer, so it’s ideal for road trips.

8. Xultrashine Car Cup Holder

 Xultrashine Car Cup Holder, 5 in 1 Multi-Functional Holds Mugs Organizer,Adjustable Car Cup Holder Drink Phone Holder Little Stuff Storage Cup, Black. Best Car Cup Holders

Keep all of your accessories in one place with the Xultrashine cup holder. With its rotating rings, it provides space for your smartphone, sunglasses, coins, accessories, and drinks. This unit fits into your existing cup holder, transforming it into a multi-functional space. It’s made from ABS and silicone, so it’s lightweight but sturdy. Installation is easy — just wedge the base in tightly. The cup holder is a breeze to clean with the rest of your dishes to prevent buildup.

9. Westspark Car Seat Back Organizer

Westspark Car Seat Back Organizer, Auto Back Seat Hanging Insulation Multi- Pocket Travel Storage Cooler Best Car Cup Holder

The Westspark organizer is more than a backseat car cup holder — it keeps all of your snack snacks and drinks in one place. The center compartment features an insulated interior and a zip top, so you can keep beverages cool for longer. Mesh pockets on either side fit water bottles and small drinks. On the front, a large mesh pocket keeps snacks in easy reach. The base of the holder fits a box of tissues to keep everyone clean during the ride.

10. PU Leather Gap Filler

 PU Leather Car Seat Gap Filler Organizer Catcher, Center Console Side Pocket with Cup Holder, Pack of 1 (Beige) Best Car Cup Holder

If you’ve ever dropped your keys between the seats in your car, this gap filler car cup holder can solve the problem. It wedges between your seats or between the seat and console, closing the gap. On one end, a rounded compartment holds your drinks. A large rectangular compartment provides convenient storage for other essentials, including your wallet and cell phone. The beige color blends into a variety of vehicles.

If you spend much time in the car, a great cup holder is a must. It keeps your drink safe and within easy reach, helping you stay hydrated on the road. The best car cup holders are an affordable and fast way to upgrade your vehicle.

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By BCR Staff
April 2019
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