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10 Best Automotive Accessories


If you’re someone who doesn’t like a plain, old set of wheels, then just follow Yoda’s advice regarding the best automotive accessories: If riding in style you wish, then pimping your ride you shall. In all seriousness, however, fun car accessories don’t have to break the bank or be just eye candy. Most of the top car accessories are both fun and functional. From heated and cooled seat covers to powerful jacks and nifty junk organizers, you can make your car comfy, clean, and fun. As always, put safety first.

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1. Powerbuilt 3 Ton All in One Bottle Jack and Jack Stand

Powerbuilt 3 Ton All in One Bottle Jack and Jack Stand - 640912

If you have a large, heavy vehicle, or even just a regular car, and you need to change a tire or do another repair that requires a jack, then the Powerbuilt bottle jack is the right choice. This powerful little contraption can lift three tons with ease. Although these jacks vary in size by some degree, they are usually much smaller than floor jacks, which makes them easy to store in your vehicle. Follow all directions, and you’ll be right as rain when jacking up your car, SUV, or light truck.

2. Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Mount

Among cool car gadgets, one of the most important is one of the least “techy.” The Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle is perfect for the 21st-century world of cracking down on distracted driving. The mount swivels 360 degrees for easy viewing whether you’re making a phone call, using navigation, or just charging. Driving should take up all of your attention. Keep your hands free and be safe!

3. Wsiiron Interior LED Lights

For a bit of pure whimsy, take a gander at these LED car atmosphere lights. They’re designed to hunker out of sight under the dash or seats and to flare to giggle-inducing life at the push of a button. The system comes with a remote control and receiver box. Remember to point the remote at the box and not the lights themselves! Go ahead and enjoy some “ground effect lighting” inside the car. Rotate from pink to green to yellow to blue and back to pink again: very 1970s Vegas!

4. Drop Stop

Your keys just fell out of your hand between the seats. Rats, you just don’t happen to have a pair of needle-nosed pliers to get them back, and your hand won’t fit into the tiny crevice. So, you have to contort your aching body into a caricature of a pretzel to shove your arm under the seat to get them. Or, you could just get Drop Stop. “Deflector shields up, Captain!” You’ll never have to go seat digging again, and your back will thank you.

5. Stalwart Electric Car Blanket

Everyone knows about the car “safety package.” You should have clean drinking water, energy bars or other nonperishable food items, a warning triangle, a pillow, and a blanket. Now, you can snooze in comfortable warmth while waiting for rescue. The electric car blanket operates on 12V current. Even if you’re not in an emergency, with the 8-foot cord, your loved ones in the back seat can catch a few Zs in total comfort on long rides.

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6. Kiwitata Diagnostic Car Scanner

If you’re an amateur mechanic, you can make good use of this Car Diagnostic Scanner. It’ll quickly tell you the reason your “check engine light” came on. It works on gasoline-powered vehicles with model years 1996 and later, although it does not work on all models. Still, it is a useful tool to find out what’s wrong to facilitate easier and faster repairs than simple guesswork.

7. Amor Family Trunk Organizer

You just got home from the store. You’re proud of the money you saved through couponing. You climb out of the car, whistling a tune, and open the trunk. All of your neatly packed groceries are strewn all over, and your whistling turns to concrete-searing invective. If this is familiar to you, then this Trunk Organizer is just the thing to keep you smiling and whistling a happy tune! It’s terrific for keeping tools and other safety items organized too.

8. SNAILAX Heating and Cooling Seat Cushion

Summer sweat and winter shivers are a thing of the past if you have this charmingly neat seat cover. It’s got two heat and three cool settings to help you stay “just right” all year long. It’s well-ventilated so that air circulation keeps you dry, and it’s fit for use not only in your car but also in any vehicle with a 24-volt power supply. It gives new meaning to the term “comfort ride!”

9. Lifeline and AAA Car Emergency Kit

This “kit to end all kits” contains everything you might need in a roadside emergency. There are jumper cables to help someone else. There is an air compressor to re-inflate tires. There is a well-stocked first aid kit. If it’s raining, use the poncho. If it’s a moonless, pitch-black night, use the powerful flashlight. Batteries are included! The tools, knife, gloves, whistle, and even a large roll of duct tape will all come in handy in some unforeseen circumstance. In all, there are 76 items included.

10. ALLTOOLS Car Organizer Hooks

For a simple, low-tech accessory that is among the best, fun car gifts, you can’t go wrong with these hooks. You can hang grocery bags, jackets, iPad cases, book bags, and all sorts of soon-to-be automotive jetsam. The hooks are odor-free and nontoxic, and they’re easily transferable from car to car. They save space and keep things tidy in the back seat. These hooks would go great with the organizer listed above.

These are but 10 of the myriad automobile accessories available. Always be sure the accessories you use meet safety guidelines. You have a discerning eye, though, so you should have no trouble picking out the best automotive accessories there are.

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