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Top 10 Fishing Pliers

Experienced fishermen know and understand the importance of carrying one of these top ten fishing pliers along on any angling trip. Periodic fishermen often forget these essential tools as they do not directly pertain to the act of fishing. Bait, new line, hooks, some extra leader, and a good pole are the items you always remember. But when you need it, the plier suddenly becomes the most significant thing since the monofilament line. Purchasing a good set of pliers for your fishing trip will not break the bank, and keeping these handy tools in your fishing box does not take up much room. Not just any set of pliers will do, you need pliers with a long nose, that will not rust, and are easy to use on a cold winter morning on the side of a rushing creek.

1. The KastKing Intimidator Fishing Plier

The Intimidator is a low-cost fishing plier that will last you for years. The strength of this plier is undeniable as it is constructed of hardened steel. This plier is Teflon coated with no exposed points making it thoroughly water resistant. The ergonomic handles are coated with soft plastic and the jaws automatically open to allow easy use when you are standing beside a stream or on a boat in the ocean.KastKing Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

2. The Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Plier

With its aluminum fishing tool, Piscifun produced an affordable fishing plier that is attractive, easy to use and offers multiple functions that every fisher needs. The pliers come spring-loaded so that the jaws are always open until pressed shut by use of the handle. The jaws are tungsten coated stainless steel with a split-ring tip for easy removal of hooks. The base of the jaws features sharp tungsten coated cutters capable of cutting any line, including iron. The tool comes with a lanyard and sheath for easy carrying.Piscifun Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

3. The Night Cat Fishing Plier

When Night Cat produced this top fishing plier, they sought a tool that would handle all the hard tasks a fisherman discovers while on the ocean and works at an angle that makes it easy to see the task at hand. The plier is forged from an aluminum alloy, while the jaws are coated with Teflon to provide extra protection from the corrosive action of salt water. The needle nose extends an additional inch beyond the gun handle design to add extra distance between you and the hook. Night Cat Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

4. Boom’s X1 Aluminum Fishing Plier

The body of the Boom’s X1 fishing plier consists of anodized aluminum to inhibit corrosion in a saltwater or freshwater environment. The jaws are carbon coated stainless steel inserts designed with serrated edges to ensure easy removal of even hard to get at treble hooks. The unit is built to increase compression for cutting of any fishing line, crimping split weights, and rod eye repair. The pliers come with a coiled steel lanyard and nylon sheath to hook to your belt.Booms Fishing Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

5. The Wolfyok Aluminum Fishing Plier

These aluminum pliers from Wolfyok are spring loaded for easy one-handed use. A lock mechanism at the base of the jaws and the end of the handle ensures the jaws are safely closed while they hang from your belt by a lanyard and in a sheath. The jaws are titanium coated stainless steel to ensure a continuous sharpness to cut lines. The jaws come in a split ring design to make hook removal easy even from the deepest gut of the fish.Wolfyok Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

6. The PLUSINNO Fishing Plier

Many fishers consider this PLUSINNO tool to be the best fishing plier on the market. The plier is light but capable with its 420 stainless steel body and tungsten coated jaws that cut the thickest lines and have a split ring feature for easy hook removal. The non-slip ergonomic handles are spring loaded to facilitate one-hand operations. The tool comes with a lanyard and sheath to ensure that it is always close at hand while you fish.Plusinno Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

7. The BITE Professional Saltwater Fishing Plier

BITE produced these shark-jaw pliers and cutters for saltwater fishing, but they work just as well in freshwater environments. The body of the tool consists of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The handles are spring loaded and feature replaceable anti-slip grips. The jaws open wide with replaceable tungsten carbide cutters that offer the sharpest cutting surface on the market. The tool clasps to your belt via a loop and comes with a coiled lanyard and nylon sheath.Bite Footwear Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

8. The Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Plier from HJJS

HJJS keeps up with the latest in anti-corrosion materials by using a space-age aluminum alloy as the basis of its fishing pliers. When you hang this tool from your belt via the supplied lanyard and sheath, you almost forget it is there. The lightweight construction belies the effectiveness of the plier that offers multifunctional jaws that cut lines, straighten lures, and crimp split weights as well as remove hooks with the twist of a hand. HJJS Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

9. Boom’s H1 Fishing Plier

Boom designed its H1 fishing plier for beginning anglers, especially those youths who are equipping themselves to explore fishing for the first time. These pliers are the cheapest on the market, yet they are also extremely durable, practical, and attractive. The tool is constructed of stainless steel to discourage corrosion in both sea and freshwater environments. The sharp jaws lock closed for the safety of beginners. The device works as a line cutter, split weight closer, and hook remover—even from the arm, hand, or ear of the first-time fisher.Booms Fishing 2 Top Ten Best Fishing Pliers

10. The KastKing 7” Fishing Plier

These KastKing pliers consist of corrosive inhibiting 420 stainless steel with a hardened Teflon coating thrown in to ensure a no-rust tool. These top-notch pliers have nearly three time the bending strength of any aluminum plier and are a lasting partner for any fisherman who changes from saltwater to freshwater environments from day to day. The extra power works well with the sharp jaws to cut lines, squeeze split shot weights, and twist hooks out of the depths of the toughest fish.KastKing 2 Top Ten Best Fishing PliersA fishing plier is an essential tool for the fishing trade. A fishing hobbyist who seeks tranquility and solitude while fishing the vast oceans or the hidden streams and lakes of our beautiful planet should carry fishing pliers to complete the peaceful experience that angling offers. Perusing this list of the best fishing pliers finishes that quest for rest from the turbulence that plagues the working life.Related:

By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019