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The 30 Best Sandra Bullock Movies, Ranked

Whether you’re researching for the ultimate Sandra Bullock binge-watching fest, or just need a good movie, we’ve got you covered! From Miss Congeniality to Speed, here are the 30 best Sandra Bullock movies, ranked. Did your favorite make the list?

1. Crash


Director: Paul Haggis
For an actress known for her comedy, it’s interesting that Sandra Bullock’s 10 best films as determined by IMDb ratings are dramas. Crash tops the list. This film — which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2004 — follows a group of very different Los Angeles residents whose worlds collide in interweaving stories of race, loss, and redemption.

2. Gravity


Director: Alfonso Cuarón
In Alfonso Cuarón’s visually stunning film, Gravity, Bullock plays astronaut Ryan Stone, who must fight to survive after an accident leaves her stranded in space. The film won a slew of awards, and even garnered Bullock a Best Actress Oscar nomination.

3. The Blind Side


Director: John Lee Hancock
Bullock’s role as Leigh Anne Touhy in The Blind Side won her a coveted Academy Award for Best Actress. The film is the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless teen turned All-American athlete and first-round NFL draft pick, who is taken in by a caring family.

4. A Time to Kill


Director: Joel Schumacher
Based on the bestselling crime thriller by John Grisham, A Time to Kill features Bullock as a legal assistant to a young lawyer played by Matthew McConaughey. Together, the fearless duo defends a black man in Mississippi who has been accused of murder.

5. Speed


Director: Jan de Bont
Speed has practically become a classic since its debut in 1994. At the very least, it’s the film that launched Sandra Bullock into big-time fame. The action thriller stars Bullock and Keanu Reeves as two bus passengers who must prevent a bomb-laced bus from exploding by keeping the vehicle above 50 mph.

6. The Prince of Egypt


Directors: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells
The Prince of Egypt tells the traditional story of Moses, the Egyptian prince who learns of his identity as a Hebrew, and his destiny as the chosen deliverer of his people. The beautiful animated film features the voices of myriad stars, including Bullock, who plays Miriam.

7. Wrestling Ernest Hemingway


Director: Randa Haines
One of Bullock’s first feature films, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway is the story of two very different septuagenarians — one a well-mannered Cuban, the other a hard-drinking Irishman — who form an unlikely friendship. It isn’t a main role, but Bullock appears as Elaine, one of the men’s younger friends.

8. Infamous


Director: Douglas McGrath
Infamous is a biopic of Truman Capote, and takes place during the author’s research for In Cold Blood. Bullock portrays the beloved author Harper Lee, a long-time friend of Capote’s. The film was a critical success, and Bullock was recognized for her role at the Hollywood Film Awards.

9. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


Director: Stephen Daldry
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close brings to life the bestselling novel of the same name by author Jonathan Safran Foer. The film garnered two Oscar nominations . It follows nine-year-old Oskar Schell as he searches New York City for the lock that matches a key left behind by his father, who died in the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Bullock plays Linda, Oskar’s devoted, yet grieving mother.

10. The Lake House


Director: Alejandro Agresti
In 2006, 12 years after appearing together in Speed, Bullock and Keanu Reeves reunited to appear in The Lake House. This romantic drama features Bullock as Kate, who moves into an unusual lakeside house and begins exchanging letters with its former resident. Audiences seemed to love seeing the two actors on screen together again, as evidenced by the fact that the two were joint winners of “Choice Liplock” at the Teen Choice Awards.

11. The Proposal


Director: Anne Fletcher
The Proposal — Bullock’s top-rated comedy — features the star as Margaret Tate, a pushy publishing executive who forces her assistant to marry her to avoid deportation to Canada. The movie, which co-stars Ryan Reynolds, was a hit with both critics and audiences. Bullock herself was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Comedy or Musical.  The movie was nominated for a slew of awards ranging from the Casting Society of America to the Kids’ Choice Awards.

12. While You Were Sleeping


Director: Jon Turteltaub
While You Were Sleeping is a heartwarming romantic comedy which has become one of fans’ favorite Sandra Bullock movies. In it, Bullock plays Lucy, a hopeless romantic and Chicago Transit Authority token collector who is mistaken as the fiancée of a coma patient.

13. Bird Box


Director: Susanne Bier
A massive hit for Netflix (and the inspiration for a popular meme which swept social media shortly after the film’s release), Bird Box is a film unlike any other on Bullock’s resumé: a horror film. Taking place five years after an ominous unseen presence drives much of society to take their own lives, Bullock attempts to flee to safety with her two children.

14. The Heat


Director: Paul Feig
Another top-rated Sandra Bullock comedy is The Heat. Co-starring Melissa McCarthy, The Heat features Bullock as an uptight FBI agent who finds herself partnered with McCarthy’s foul-mouthed Boston cop.

15. Minions


Directors: Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin
The hugely popular minions of Despicable Me fame got their own movie in 2015 — with Sandra Bullock as one of the voices! In this funny animated film, Bullock voices Scarlet Overkill, a super villain who recruits Kevin, Stuart, and Bob for her evil plan to take over the world.

16. Practical Magic


Director: Griffin Dunne
Based on Alice Hoffman’s novel, Practical Magic is the story of two witch sisters. Raised by two eccentric aunts in a small town, the sisters face a curse which prevents them from ever finding true love.

17. Miss Congeniality


Director: Donald Petrie
Arguably one of her best known films, Miss Congeniality features Bullock as F.B.I. agent Gracie Hart, who goes undercover in the Miss United States pageant in an attempt to stop a terrorist. Although Bullock didn’t win the Golden Globe for which she was nominated, she did take home an American Comedy Award, a Blockbuster Entertainment Award, a Satellite Award, and even a Teen Choice Award.

18. Ocean’s Eight


Director: Gary Ross
A delightful spinoff of the all-male Ocean’s Eleven franchise, Ocean’s Eight is led by Bullock’s Debbie Ocean, the sister of George Clooney’s Danny. Debbie recruits her own crew of women to pull off a heist at the famous Met Gala.

19. Murder By Numbers


Director: Barbet Schroeder
In Murder by Numbers, Bullock plays a seasoned homicide detective who finds herself in an intellectual game of cat and mouse with two high school students who think they have executed the “perfect” murder. Ryan Gosling stars as one of the students.

20. Two Weeks Notice


Director: Marc Lawrence
Bullock teamed up with Hugh Grant for Two Weeks Notice, and the result is an absolute right. Bullock plays Lucy, a brilliant lawyer who agrees to work for a wealthy New York real estate developer in hopes that he can help her achieve good in the world. Unfortunately, her role begins to feel more like the man’s nanny, and so she decides to put in her “two weeks notice.”

21. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood


Director: Callie Khouri
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is the film adaptation of the bestselling novels by Rebecca Wells. Bullock plays Siddalee Walker, a famous New York playwright who shares a little too much family history with Time magazine. After a fight ensues between Sidda and her dramatic Southern mother, Sidda is kidnapped by her mother’s friends and taken “home.”

22. In Love & War


Director: Richard Attenborough
The one and only Richard Attenborough directed In Love & War, a beautiful film which brings to life the time Ernest Hemingway spent as a reporter and ambulance driver in Italy during World War I. The epic story includes Hemingway’s love affair with Agnes von Kurowsky (Bullock), a gentle nurse.

23. Hope Floats


Director: Forest Whitaker
Directed by Forest Whitaker, Hope Floats features Bullock as Birdee Calvert, a woman who must choose between her heart and her morals after a charming young man — of whom her young daughter disapproves — comes back into her life.

24. 28 Days


Director: Betty Thomas
In 28 Days, Bullock brings to life the painful reality of addiction and recovery. The star plays Gwen, a newspaper columnist who is forced to enter rehab after stealing — and crashing — a limousine, and ruining her sister’s wedding with drunken antics.

25. Premonition


Director: Mennan Yapo
In the mysterious drama Premonition, Bullock plays Linda Hanson, a depressed woman who learns that her husband was killed in a car accident the previous day. But the next morning, Linda awakens to find her husband alive and well….then dead again the next day.

26. Forces of Nature


Director: Bronwen Hughes
Bullock stars alongside Ben Affleck in the comedy Forces of Nature. Bullock plays Sarah, an eccentric woman with a car who comes to Affleck’s aid after his flight is cancelled on the way to his wedding.

27. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous


Director: John Pasquin
A flop compared to the first film, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous stars Bullock’s Gracie Hart is with fellow characters Cheryl Frasier and Stan Fields (William Shatner). When Cheryl and Stan are kidnapped, Gracie goes undercover in Las Vegas to find them.

28. The Net


Director: Irwin Winkler
In The Net, Bullock plays Angela Bennett, a software engineer who is devoted to her job. When Angela takes her first vacation in years, she finds herself embroiled in a web of computer espionage which puts her life, and the lives of those around her, in danger.

29. All About Steve


Director: Phil Traill
Bullock doesn’t seem to be one to shy away from eccentric characters. In All About Steve, she plays a writer of crossword puzzles who becomes convinced that a news cameraman is her soul mate. She follows him all over the country in an effort to convince him they belong together.

30. Speed 2: Cruise Control


Director: Jan de Bont
While 1995’s Speed ranks as one of Sandra Bullock’s best films, the movie’s sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control ranks as one of her worst. Rated just 3.5 out of 10 by IMDb users, Speed 2 is about a computer hacker who breaks into a cruise liner’s system, and sets it speeding on a collision course with a giant oil tanker.