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Top 10 Best Outdoor LED Lighting

When it comes to safety at your home or business, our top 10 list of the best outdoor LED lighting can be a big help.

Outdoor lights illuminate your walkways and yard areas, reducing the chance that a visitor will trip or lose their way in the dark. These lights can also deter potential thieves, making your premises safer. LEDs are the ideal choice for an outdoor setting — they provide a bright light and run at low temperatures so you don’t have to worry about overheating. What’s more, they have a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs, which means that you don’t have to replace them as often.

1. Big Bright LED Work Light

When you need serious illumination, the Big Bright work light fits the bill. Designed with a 360-degree lighting configuration, this lamp shines light in every direction. The frame is compact, so you can set this light on your shop bench or slip it under the hood of your car while you work. The heavy-duty construction is engineered to stand up to harsh environments, and the splash-proof design is ideal for workshops or painting sites.

Big Bright Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

2. Brightech Ambience Pro String Lights

Create a festive environment with these Brightech Ambiance Pro string lights. Designed to resemble classic bistro lights, they add a soft, romantic glow to your space. They’re also made from commercial-grade materials that are engineered to stand up to the elements — in fact, they’re waterproof and wind-resistant. The thick, flexible rope makes it easy to hang the lights along your porch or between trees. With its energy-efficient bulbs, this light string is one of the best outdoor LED lighting products on the market.

Brightech Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

3. LEPOWER LED Security Light

With its integrated motion sensor, this LEPOWER security light is a great way to create a safer outdoor space. The sensor turns the light on when it detects movement — this helps keep potential intruders away, and helps your family members see their way to the door. Built with three incredibly bright LEDs, this flood light illuminates a large area. The LEDs are rated to last for up to 50,000 hours, and the waterproof case stands up to rain and snow.

LEPOWER Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

4. COVOART Color Changing LED Landscape Lights

The affordable outdoor LED lighting is a great way to highlight beautiful garden or architectural features — and these COVOART lights are a fun option. They’re constructed with color-changing LEDs, so you can pick from 20 different colors to suit your space. With 22 different modes and the included remote control, it’s easy to change the lighting effect from the comfort of your house. Each light in this pack of four features a glass lens cover and a sturdy shell, so it’s waterproof and durable in rough weather conditions.

COVOART Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

5. LED Wall Pack by Kadision

If you’re looking for hands-off maintenance, this wall pack is one of the top outdoor LED lighting options. It’s made with commercial-grade materials for maximum durability and waterproofed to handle the elements. The LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about frequent replacements. The included J-box allows easy installation on any wall. The best part? The light operates using a photocell; it turns the light on when the sun goes down, and turns it off at sunrise.

kadision Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

6. CINOTON LED Wall Pack Light

Flank your home or office door with this pack of two CINOTON LED wall packs. These lights use a photocell to turn on and off, which means that you don’t need to install switches or remember to turn the lights on at night. The die-cast aluminum housing and clear lens are waterproof and rust resistant, so they’re safe to use in wet or harsh climates. The LEDs can run for up to 50,000 hours between replacements, and the energy-saving design helps you reduce power usage.

CINOTON Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

7. ZUCKEO LED Landscape Lights

Showcase your landscaping or garden at night with these ZUCKEO lights. Each pack comes with eight lights, so you can cover a large area. The included spike stands sink into the ground for fast, hassle-free installation. Rotate the heads to create custom illumination. These lights are built with a thick aluminum cover and sturdy glass lens covers, so they’re safe to use in any weather. Keep in mind that you’ll also need wiring supplies to connect each light to your home’s power source.

ZUCKEO Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

8. Newhouse Lighting BLF12BRZ LED Flood Light

Compact and bright, this Newhouse Lighting BLF12BRZ flood light is a great way to illuminate small features such as flags or signposts. Simply adjust the bullet-shaped base to direct the light exactly where you need it. The bottom of the light features half-inch NPT threading, so you can install it in a standard weatherproof box. Each component is safe for wet locations.

Newhouse Lighting Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

9. Lithonia Lighting OLF 2RH Security Flood Light

Protect vulnerable areas of your home with this security flood light from Lithonia Lighting. Built with twin heads, it casts a wide arc of light to increase visibility. Install one above your garage door, or use the light in your yard. The integrated motion sensor turns on the light automatically for hands-free operation. The heavy-duty housing is durable and long-lasting, and the included LEDs can run for up to 50,000 hours.

Lithonia Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

10. Hykolity Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light

When it comes to cheap outdoor LED lighting, the Hykolity Dusk to Dawn security light is hard to beat. This unit is designed for efficiency — it automatically turns on at dark and off at sunrise, so you never need to worry about wasting energy. The super-bright LEDs cast a daylight-white light, deterring intruders and keeping you safe. With its aluminum housing, this light handles weather and shocks without sacrificing performance.

Hykolity Top Ten Best Outdoor LED Lighting

LED lighting is a great way to make your outdoor space safer and more accessible for guests. Whether you’re illuminating the outside of your home or creating a brighter walkway, these lights can help you accomplish that goal. When you choose from the best outdoor LED lighting products, it’s easier to set up a reliable, efficient system.


By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019