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Top 10 Best Acne Treatments

Looking for acne treatments that really perform the way the manufacturers say? Like many people who suffer from acne, you probably tried a number of products in the past and still found your skin erupting. Everything from environmental hazards and pollutants to certain medical conditions can cause acne. Though some products cost a lot and do very little, you can find products and kits that work great. Take a look at the 10 best acne treatment products and how those products can help you get rid of you acne problems and symptoms.

1. Proactiv 3 Step System (60 Days)

Acne Treatments

Ask any 10 people about the best acne products, and its likely that many will name Proactiv. Once only available with a prescription from a doctor, you can now get Proactiv right over the counter. This unique three step system comes with everything you need to cleanse and improve your skin, and you’ll get a large enough supply to last you for two full months. The cleanser cleans your pores, the toner improve our skin tone and the repairing treatment heals your skin from within. The kit also comes with a bonus moisturizer that includes green tea and a refining mask that deep cleans your pores.

2. AcneFree 24 Hour Acne Clearing System Kit

Acne Treatment

AcneFree is one of the top names in the acne prevention and treatment world, and the manufacturer promises big results in just 24 hours with this kit. The three step process is so easy to use that you can cleanse your skin early in the morning or before bed. Use the cleanser to remove impurities in your skin, follow that up with the specially formulated toner and treat your skin with a lotion designed to reduce scarring and heal your skin.

3. Exposed Acne Treatment – Basic Kit

Acne Treatments

This simple kit from Exposed Acne Treatment uses a combination of science and nature to reduce the impact that acne has on skin. Used for years by upscale day spas and salons, the product has the backing of some top skincare doctors. The cleanser and tonic contain a number of natural vitamins and minerals that promote the development of healthy skin. This kit also comes with two serums designed to remove clogs and debris from the pores and reduce the appearance of acne flare ups.

4. La Roche Posay Effaclar 3 Step System

Acne Treatments

This kit helps with many of the more common types of skin outbreaks. In addition to assisting with acne, it can also help with whiteheads and blackheads. Unlike other products that contain harmful scents that can irritate your skin, all the products in this kit are free of parabens, scents and oils. The kit comes with a cleanser, a toner and an acne treatment product, and the manufacturer claims that the combination of products can reduce outbreaks in three days or less.

5. AcneFree Sensitive Skin Acne System

Acne Treatments

After realizing that some people have sensitive skin that prevents them from using its basic kit, AcneFree released this kit that contains none of the harsh chemicals or fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin. Like its basic kit, this kit comes with a toner, but it also features two different types of cleansers. One cleanser removes dirt and debris from the skin, and the other cleanser specifically targets the impurities that can cause an acne outbreak.

6. Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Kit with SPF 15

Acne Treatments

Treat your skin to the type of luxurious products that you can usually only find in spas with this kit from Boots No. 7. Manufactured in the United Kingdom, this kit serves to protect your skin from all the hazards you encounter every day and to restore the look of your skin. Day and night creams absorb quickly into your skin, and the kit also comes with a serum that reduces the look of wrinkles and lines.

7. AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment System

Acne Treatments

Take back your skin and reduce acne outbreaks in as little as a few days with this kit from AcneFree, which guarantees protection 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Using the same compounds originally only used in prescription products, the kit comes with four unique products that you can use every day for maximum results, including a repairing serum and toner.

8. Murad Acne Complex Kit (60 Day Supply)

Acne Treatments

With the Murad Acne Complex Kit, you can protect and treat your skin for two full months. This kit provides more strength than almost any other kit on the market. It is incredibly gentle on your skin and won’t irritate or cause dryness like other products can. With a cleanser, gel and exfoliating product included, you may see results in less than one month after you begin cleansing your skin.

9. Nature’s Cure Two-Part Acne Treatment for Females

Acne Treatments

Designed specifically for women, this treatment from Nature’s Cure includes two different products. The first is a vanishing cream that you apply to your skin during outbreaks to reduce the appearance of acne. The second product is a series of anti-acne tablets that slowly changes your body’s chemistry to reduce outbreaks from returning.

10. Murad Resurgence Youthful Skin Renewal Kit

Acne Treatments

Take back your skin and reduce the appearance of acne with this Murad Resurgence Youthful Skin Renewal Kit. Filled with four unique products, the kit helps bring back the youthful look of your skin, without causing any irritations or clogs that might lead to an acne outbreak. The products gently exfoliate your skin and remove any toxins clogged in your pores, and it comes with two creams that reduce the look of fine lines.

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