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10 Great Sites for Cheap Flights

Myth: Airline tickets are expensive.

Truth: Not with these 10 best places to find cheap flights! To save loads of money on what people often assume is the most expensive element of travel, get to know these great travel resources.

Escape Flights

What It Is: Escape Flights finds great inexpensive flight deals from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle, and Portland

How to Use Escape Flights: Escape Flights posts all of their deals on its website, but to get the deals faster, subscribe to its free e-mail service. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive e-mails with directions on how to book deals from your chosen departure airport(s).

Recent Deals: Seattle to London (nonstop) for $424; Los Angeles to Moscow for $478; New York to Cabo for $256

The Flight Deal

What It Is: The Flight Deal offers its Facebook followers and e-mail subscribers approximately 10 fantastic domestic and international flights deals each day. As an added bonus, The Flight Deal website has a slew of helpful “Practical Travel Tips” for various destinations.

How to Use The Flight Deal: Unlike other places to find cheap flights, The Flight Deal reveals the same deals to all of its followers. In other words, subscribers see all of the deals instead of just those from a pre-chosen airport. To see all of The Flight Deal’s deals, “like” and “follow” its Facebook page, and sign up for their free e-mails via its website.

Recent Deals: Los Angeles to Sapporo, Japan for $680; Philadelphia to Quito, Ecuador for $373; Chicago to Shanghai, China for $540

Google Flights

What It Is: Google Flights is a favorite search engine of savvy travelers. What sets Google Flights apart from so many other search engines is its ability to search from a desired departure city to just about anywhere.

How to Use Google Flights: Know your dates, but not your destination? Google Flights will find you lots of options. Know where you want to go, but don’t know when? Google Flights will give you a calendar of fares so you can compare prices and find the best deal. Don’t have a lot of time to plan? Google Flights will even put together packages for you, so you can book flights and hotels in one click.

I Know the Pilot

What It Is: I Know the Pilot is another blog and free newsletter which sends flight deals and error fares right to your mailbox.

How to Use I Know the Pilot: Check I Know the Pilot’s website and Facebook page daily for up-to-the-minute deals on airline tickets. If you want to ensure you never miss a deal, simply sign up for its free newsletter to receive deals directly from your chosen departure city. Unlike some other flight deal resources, I Know the Pilot only allows users to choose one departure city from a list of about 10 major hubs.

Recent Deals: New York to Curacao for $298; San Francisco to Paris for $398; Atlanta to Orlando for $88

ITA Matrix

What It Is: Advanced travelers and flight search aficionados love the ITA Matrix because of its ability to search and put together routes that other engines wouldn’t necessarily put together, check an entire calendar of fares, and check the cost per mile.

How to Use the ITA Matrix: Figuring out all of the helpful tools offered by the ITA Matrix can take some getting used to. Fortunately, it’s a fun platform with which to play around. To start, simply plug in your departure city and destination. Then add your travel dates or choose to “see calendar of lowest fares.” Finally, add a range of days for your trips. Oftentimes, a 10-day trip (for example) will be significantly less expensive than a 9-day trip.

Next Vacay

What It Is: Next Vacay is a subscription service that delivers great flight deals and error fares directly to your e-mail each day.

How to Use Next Vacay: Accessing Next Vacay’s deals requires users to subscribe for $99 a year, including a 30-day free trial. Don’t worry too much if that seems steep, as Next Vacay frequently slashes that price for a year’s subscription. Once subscribed, choose your desired departure airport and wait for the deals to show up in your inbox.

Recent Deals: Kansas City to Beijing during Thanksgiving for $549; New York to Amsterdam for $370; Boston to Lima, Peru for $488

Scott’s Cheap Flights

What It Is: Scott’s Cheap Flights sends e-mail alerts about cheap flights departing from all of your favorite airports. On average, Scott’s Cheap Flight subscribers save $550 per international ticket.

How to Use Scott’s Cheap Flights: Unlike other subscription services, Scott’s Cheap Flights allows users to choose multiple airports all around the country from which to receive flight deals. This is a huge benefit! To receive deals, simply subscribe to receive emails via the Scott’s website. To receive the very best deals that Scott’s finds, subscribe for $49/year.

Recent Deals: New York City to Moscow for $433; Chicago to Amman, Jordan for $599; Las Vegas to Billund, Denmark for $440

Secret Flying

What It Is: Secret Flying finds great flight deals and error fares to and from all over the world, not just the United States.

How to Use Secret Flying: To gain access to the many great deals posted each day by Secret Flying, simply follow Secret Flying on Facebook, or sign up for its e-mail newsletter via its website. Unlike so many similar sites, Secret Flying is completely free.

Recent Deals: New York to Tokyo and Bangkok for $623; London to Melbourne, Australia for £419; Philadelphia to Shanghai for $372


What It Is: Skyscanner is another favorite search engine of people who travel frequently and who know what they’re doing.

How to Use Skyscanner: Skyscanner is a great search engine which allows users to search for great flight prices in a variety of ways. Those who aren’t sure what time of year to find the best deal to their desired destination can check a year-long calendar of fares. Those who aren’t quite sure where they want to go can plug in their departure city, then type in “Everywhere” as the destination. The result will be a map with prices to a slew of cities and countries.

Travel Zoo

What It Is: Unlike many of the other travel-themed deal sites, TravelZoo finds deals, errors, and unadvertised sales for flights, hotels, cruises, and travel packages. While most deals are from the East Coast, other major cities and travel hubs are also represented. TravelZoo also offers a blog with tons of useful information for travelers.

How to Use TravelZoo: TravelZoo deals can be found by visiting the TravelZoo website, following TravelZoo on Facebook, or subscribing to its free e-mail service.

Recent Deals: New York City to Paris for $359; 12-night guided tour of Switzerland with airfare for $1,299; 4-star one-bedroom suite in Orlando for $71/night

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