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Top 10 Playstation 4 Games

The Playstation 4 is perhaps the most anticipated game console of this generation, and 2015 is a big year for games that everyone is talking about. Ever since Squaresoft became Square Enix and began making its flagship Final Fantasy Series exclusively for Playstation, each massively popular addition to the franchise has been the main reason thousands of people buy Playstations. There are tons of other great games on Playstation, though, and the top 10 in 2015 all have graphics, storytelling and game play on the same level as this year’s Final Fantasy release, Type-0 HD, which is truly a milestone in the series.

1. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Playstation 4 GamesEver since Final Fantasy VII was released on the original Playstation, the FF series has been one of the biggest draws for Playstation owners, and the new version, Type-0, continues the tradition of dark, mature storytelling and vivid graphics. The world of Orience is thrown into upheaval by war over power crystals that allow you to cast powerful magic spells. The graphics for this edition are some of the most richly detailed in the series.

2. Bloodborne

Playstation 4 gamesPlaystation is known for offering lavishly detailed games with dark, adult-oriented themes, and Bloodborne continues the tradition started with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Silent Hill. In Bloodborne, you play a hero fighting against the forces of darkness, and you must use your fighting expertise to defeat evil hordes of demons and crazed mobs of zombie-like beings. It’s a game that will definitely appeal to fantasy and horror fans who love action and fighting.

3. Battlefield Hardline

Playstation 4 gamesIn this gritty crime drama, you play a cop named Nick Mendoza who chases after criminals in an organized crime ring. You can play in story mode or battle mode, and in battle mode, you can choose to be a cop or a criminal. The graphics for this game are outstanding, and the mature themes are very compelling for serious players who appreciate the high-quality game play that Playstation is known for.

4. Grand Theft Auto V

Playstation 4 GamesGrand Theft Auto V made a huge splash when it was released for Playstation 3 in 2013, and now it’s being brought to Playstation 4. This update to the series is the most elaborate so far and features a realistic, interactive 3-D simulation of the city of Los Angeles. You can get all the evil impulses out of your system by playing as a street criminal in this critically acclaimed crime drama that features some of the darkest, grittiest storytelling in the series.

5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Playstation 4 GamesIn Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you play a hired soldier from the future who must fight against dark forces threatening to turn the world into a living nightmare. This edition in the franchise stars Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey as Jonathan Irons, the man at the center of the intrigue in this futuristic military thriller. The game world is incredibly realistic and highly detailed, giving players hundreds of hours of repeat game play.

6. Mortal Kombat X

Playstation 4 GamesFans of martial arts games like Street Fighter and Double Dragon will have a great time playing the latest installment in the Mortal Kombat series, Mortal Kombat X, in which players are pitted against each other in incredibly realistic fantasy worlds. The mechanics in this game are superb, and the multi-player mode allows players to go head-to-head against each other in a high-stakes mixed martial arts championship. You can also play against the computer, allowing you to level up your character while honing your fighting skills.

7. MLB15 The Show 10th Anniversary Edition

Playstation 4 GamesBaseball fans will absolutely love playing 2015’s best MLB video game, the 10th anniversary edition of The Show. Not only can you play a full season of major league baseball, but you can role-play as the manager of your team by purchasing equipment, making trades and training your new players. The game features the biggest names in every era of baseball, including Jacky Robinson, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds. The graphics are completely updated, giving players a much more realistic experience playing as their favorite players.

8. Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remastered Limited Edition

Playstation 4 GamesThis remastered version of Final Fantasy X lets players re-experience one of the most beloved installments in the FF series, part 10. The original game came out on the Playstation 1, and it had some of the most innovative graphics and storytelling of its time. Now, the reboot of this fan favorite allows you to travel through the dark, dramatic fantasy world of Spira in HD and with a much more powerful 3-D graphics engine.

9. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Playstation 4 GamesBorderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2 are two of the most successful games for Playstation, and the Handsome Collection includes both of these great games on one disc. You can play against players in other locations by going online and joining the game over a network, and this two-game bundle comes with all the game add-ons and character packs available for both games. Borderlands is one of the grittiest, most immersive titles for Playstation, and fans have truly brought it to life in the richly imagined multi-player online world.

10. NBA 2K15

Playstation 4 GamesThe 2015 update to the NBA video game franchise lets you play as any of your favorite teams in the NBA, controlling all-stars like Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Lebron James. The game lets you play full seasons of NBA basketball and role-play as one of the players in several plot lines. There are many new offensive and defensive moves available, and the graphics are some of the best in any sports game.

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