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Top Ten Best Air Hockey Tables

By BCR Staff
March 2019

This article presents the top 10 air hockey tables available online.

Remember air hockey tables?  They were the epitome of rec-room entertainment before everyone sat behind a screen.  This old classic is making a comeback with all sorts of new models. Some come with additional games, others score in specific ways, and there are even adult and kid versions.

Air hockey tables are ideal for game rooms, living rooms, family rooms, and the infamous man cave.  They’re multi-functional and can bring family and friends together with friendly competition and hours of enjoyment.  In this review, we will cover ten of the best air hockey tables we have found to get you started on your quest for fun.

1. Triumph Sports

 Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

This light up air hockey table uses Lumen-X Lazer technology to illuminate your gaming sessions. Pair this with the dual motor blowers and in-game music, and you’ll have a good time for sure. The scoreboard is digital and keeps a steady and accurate score no matter what. The PVC-like material does a great job of helping the puck glide over the top of the table, making for a smoother and more enjoyable game in the long run. The puck itself even lights up, making this a great table to use when you want to play in the dark.

2. EastPoint Sports

NHL Power Play Air Powered Hockey Table

This table has a scratch resistant surface and is an excellent addition to any family or gaming room. With an automatic scoring system paired with sounds that indicate a score, you get everything you need for maximum enjoyment. This air hockey table even comes with a three-piece convertible table tennis set, making it not one, but two games. If you’re looking for a quirky new addition to any room, this air hockey table is just about perfect for you. Pair its versatility with its durability and resistance to damage, and you’ll have this table for a long time.


ESPN Dual Air Hockey and Table Tennis Converter Set

The ESPN air hockey set is really two games in one—combining the ability to play table tennis as well as air hockey. It’s a high-end table, with light up indicators for the scoreboard instead of numbers. It combines the arcade room experience with the comfort of home. It comes with all the necessary accessories for both games and has a flawless glossy finish that you would expect from an ESPN brand table.

4. MD Sports

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

This table comes in a multitude of colors depending on the set you buy. It’s an ultimate arcade game with all the bells and whistles. The electronic scorer is overhead, showing everyone in the room who is winning. Kid-friendly, this table has a 110V motor blasting air in to move the puck around more efficiently. It comes with four pucks, and four pushers just in case some of them get damaged during the rigorous play sessions that are sure to take place. A table like this is sure to make any occasion—from a birthday to a barbecue—even more eventful.

5. Rally and Roar

Tabletop Air Hockey Table

This table is made mostly for kids, and it is always ready for lots of fun. You can assemble it in under 15 minutes, helping you entertain even the most distracted children. You can even break it down quickly, move it to a new location, and set it up again with ease. It features everything you need and also comes with a CUL certified AC-12v motor, making it easier for the puck to move from end to end. The smooth surfaces make cleanup a breeze6.

6. Hathaway

Power Play 40-in Portable Table Top Air Hockey for Kids

This is another portable table made just for kids.  It is quite easy to break down and transport this model from place to place, which makes it ideal for busy families or people who move often.  Made with a premium design, you can easily play without marking up the surface the table is standing on. With the tabletop itself made of high-quality wood, it will last for years to come. This is a terrific addition to birthdays, barbeques, and more, and it comes with a 180-day warranty to cover any issues that might arise

7. Harvil

 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table for Kids and Adults

This table doesn’t just work for kids; it is ideal for all ages. The stable electronic scorer ensures that your fun isn’t interrupted and the compact design keeps it just the right size. This table is safe and reliable and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty just in case.  All accessories are included except for batteries. This sturdy and well-built table can withstand some incredibly intense matches. Harvil even offers to replace any damaged parts within the first 90 days, so play away!

8. Triumph Sports

 Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

This is another great table if you want to play lights-out air hockey. With light up pucks and pushers, you can play all night. The table even lights up in the corners, and those lights flash when goals are scored. It has a four leg cross brace, making it incredibly stable for even the most intense games. The table does not keep track with digital scoring like some of the others do, but it does come with an abacus to move so you can judge your own scores.

9. Redline

Acclaim 4.5’ Air Powered Hockey Table

This air hockey table is smooth and made with PVC laminate for an elegant game in any situation. Made with slide scoring, this table provides an old school feel. With an external puck catcher, two strikers and two pucks total this is a great table to add to any family or game room. It even comes with a 110V motor to evenly distribute air and a switch to turn it on and off, so you don’t have to run the table when you’re not playing.

10. Playcraft

Center Ice 7′ Air Hockey Table

The Playcraft’s high output options allow it to put out 223 cfm, making for a great game every time. With a smooth laminate playfield, the puck will bolt from end to end with speed and accuracy. This table even has electronic scorers that shine in the dark and pedestal legs with levelers, so you can be sure no one person has the advantage. This air hockey table is thoroughly prepared for some serious game time with friends or foes.

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