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Top Ten Best Siding Nailers

Putting siding on a building is a big job — which is why this top ten list of the best siding nailers might help. Unlike other nailers, these tools are specifically engineered to fire siding nails. That means that you get the perfect blend of force and speed, so your siding is supported but not damaged.

Whether you’re replacing a small segment of siding or adding siding to an entire building, these nailers can make your job faster and easier. The trick? Finding a nailer that’s suitable for your materials and project size. To make your research easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 siding nailers on the market.

1. Max CN70 Heavy Duty


The Max CN70 is designed specifically for heavy-duty applications. It features a die-cast aluminum body and rugged magazine that are tough enough for thick siding or large industrial projects. This nailer uses compressed air to drive up to 300 nails before you need to reload. The rubber grip is gentle on your hands and allows precise control, and the dust cover helps extend the lifetime of the internal systems.


The Bostitch N75C-1 is designed for high-volume nailing projects, making it an ideal option when you need to re-side an entire building. The lightweight aluminum body is sturdy but lightweight, so it stands up to large projects and reduces weight — which means that you can use it for long periods of time without getting tired. With the depth guide, it’s a breeze to sink your siding nails to the perfect depth.


The Porter-Cable FN250C, one of the most affordable siding nailers on the market, is engineered for a long lifetime. It features a maintenance-free motor, so you never need to worry about repairs. Inside the nailer, an internal piston catch fires nails smoothly and powerfully. While you work, the rear exhaust system keeps dust and other particles away from your work surface. With its low-nail indicator and driver guide, this tool helps you work faster and more efficiently.

4. Duo Fast DF225C

Weighing just 4.5 pounds, the Duo Fast DF225C is designed to reduce the load on your wrists and arms — which means that you can power through big siding projects with minimal fatigue. This tool uses compressed air to drive nails flush every time, reducing the need to backtrack. The tool-free depth adjuster makes it easy to pick the ideal depth. Crafted from stainless steel and made with fewer parts, this nailer is engineered for minimal maintenance.

5. B&C Eagle CN65SP

When it comes to maintaining a perfect work surface, the B&C Eagle CN65SP is one of the best cordless siding nailer options you can buy. It features a no-mar tip, which keeps your siding neat and clean. The housing is crafted from magnesium, so the nailer is tough and rugged, but weighs just 4.8 pounds. A rubber grip allows you to stay comfortable while maintaining control, and the convenient trigger lets you select between single-fire and bump-fire modes.

6. Complete CN565Z ProGrade 0° Siding Coil Nailer

Speed through your projects with the Complete CN565Z ProGrade 0° Siding Coil Nailer. Designed for fiber cement siding, cedar shake soffit, fencing, and sheathing, it is versatile enough to handle a number or projects. The magazine holds up to 300 nails, so you can fasten more siding before stopping to reload. A bump fire trigger allows for rapid production, driving 6-7 nails per second. A rubble handle and belt hook make this nailer easy to handle.

7. APACH CN-565 Industrial

Fire both wire coil and plastic sheet coil nails with the APACH CN-565 Industrial, which can be used for projects ranging from siding to pallet construction. With its industrial-strength design and powerful drive motor, this nailer is tough enough for prefabricated houses. Load the magazine with up to 400 nails at one time, and use the tool-free dial to ensure that each nail is flush with your siding. On large projects, the sequential trigger helps you dispense long lines of nails with minimal recovery time.

8. Makita AN611

Choose from three different nailing modes with the Makita AN611, a sturdy tool that’s designed for convenience. The tool-free depth adjuster features nine different depth options, so you can create a perfect flush surface. It accepts nails ranging in length from 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches, giving you plenty of flexibility in siding selection. Plus, since the magazine holds up to 400 nails, you can make short work of high-volume nailing projects. An integrated air filter keeps dust away from the inside of the tool.


One of the top-rated siding nailers on the market, this Stanley model DeWalt nailer is a breeze to use. Adjust the firing depth without using tools, and use the rafter hook to hang the nailer in a convenient spot. The gun is compatible with both wire weld and plastic inserted-coil nails for flexibility. Plus, with its aluminum housing, this nailer is both lightweight and tough enough for frequent use.

10. Freeman PCN65

The Freeman PCN65 is made with safety in mind. The trigger lock helps prevent the nailer from firing accidentally, and the 360-degree adjustable exhaust allows you to port air away from your body while you work. Use the gun with both wire and plastic siding nails, and alter the depth quickly with the convenient adjuster. The side-loading magazine is a breeze to load, and the ergonomic grip helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue.


Installing siding is a time-consuming project — one that often requires long hours and repetitive motions. That’s where a nail gun that’s specifically built for siding application can help. When you choose one of the best siding nailers, you can power through your projects with greater efficiency and accuracy.



By BCR Staff

June 2019