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Top 10 Best Scroll Saws

This review features the top 10 scroll saws you can purchase online.

Artists and craftspeople who work with stone, jewels, metal, or wood are always on the lookout for the best scroll saws on the market. Scroll saws are the ideal instrument  create designs that evolve from the center instead of from the side. Jewelers use scroll saws to work metal into intricate designs without breaking open the sides. Woodworkers do the same for that enticing gingerbread look along the frame of porches or windows. The materials are worked into amazing pieces with textured formats that draw and entertain the eye. Scroll saws no longer have a single purpose; their range of use invites every designer to have one in their shop.

1. The Shop Fox 1713 Scroll Saw

Shop Fox delivered on their promise for an affordable scroll saw with this model. The saw offers a variable speed stroke from 550 to 1700 strokes per minute, allowing you significant control when cutting through tough material. The machine handles both pin and plain blades with equal efficiency. The gooseneck arm has a work light over the material you are working on to guarantee good vision. The saw works off any 120V outlet and can accommodate working on material up to 16 inches in diameter.

Shop Fox Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

2. DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw

The DeWalt scroll saw offers several upgrades that help the worker to complete their task. The DW788 design features a dual parallel arm component that reduces vibration and noise. The lower arm supports the table with a length to accommodate material up to 20-inches in diameter. The upper arm supports the blade holding unit, light, and dust blower. The blades are held by a unique clamping device that makes blade changing a simple task.

DEWALT Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

3. ShopSeries RK7315 Scroll Saw

ShopSeries offers this low-cost scroll saw for woodworkers who wish to create interior designs without breaking the outer corners of the wood block. The saw features a die-cast aluminum table that bevels up to a 45-degree angle for easier and more visible work. The device has variable speed capability that gives an excellent control. The table allows work on wood of up to 16 inches in diameter. Two durable tungsten steel blades come with the kit.

ShopSeries Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

4. Delta Power Tools 40-694 Scroll Saw

With this design, Delta Power Tools created one of the top scroll saw available on the market. The saw comes equipped with an electronically regulated variable speed that allows the user to work with saw speeds between 400 spm to 1,750 spm. The variable speed means the saw allows you to work on everything from steel to softwoods depending on the blades you use. The saw uses dual arms to reduce noise and vibration and has a table that allows work on 20-inch wide materials.

Delta Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

5. HF Tools Scroll Saw

HF Tools brings this extremely affordable scroll saw to the market as one of the smallest version of the tool. The saw allows you to work on material up to 16 inches in diameter but is designed for smaller work where intricate design is a must. The weight of the saw comes in at a lightweight 25 pounds, which makes it the ideal choice for moving about the shop when tackling various jobs. The tool allows you to work at variable speeds for excellent control of your cuts.

HF tools Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

6. The Genesis GSS160 Scroll Saw

The Genesis GSS160 features a table that tilts to the left and the right for convenient cut performance. The blade is powered through a 1.2-amp induction motor that delivers quiet performance. The variable speed feature allows the use of various types of blades to work on materials from steel to paper. A flexible dust blower keeps the work surface free of debris and directs it to a vacuum port to maintain a clean shop.

Genesis Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

7. The General International BT8007 Scroll Saw

With a total weight of only 24 pounds, this scroll saw from General International is not only an affordable scroll saw, but it is also one of the most portable. The operator controls the variable blade speed through a dial which is mounted on the front of the blade arm for exact cutting speeds. The combination of a flexible hose for an LED work light, a gentle dust blower, and a vacuum port for debris removal guarantee a clean work site.

General International Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

8. The Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Table Saw

Rockwell chose to create this table saw with adaptability in mind. Coming in at a light 17 pounds, the device operates as a portable table saw, scroll saw, and miter saw. Its light weight suggests a portable tool so that it is movable from one project to another without fuss. The blade arm raises and lowers with the twist of a knob making blade changes an easy chore. One of the most affordable scroll saw models on the market, this saw works best on small pieces.

Rockwell Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

9. The Skil 3335-07 Scroll Saw

As with other Skil products, this device is one of the top scroll saw models on the market. The saw takes materials up to 16 inches in diameter, including steel, aluminum, ceramic, and wood. The variable speed control allows the operator to work with any type of blade. One of the features is a table that tilts up to 45-degrees. An LED light, flexible dust blower, and vacuum port remove dust and increase visibility for fine detailed work.

SKIL Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

10. The Jet 727200K Scroll Saw

For those with limited surface space in their shop, the Jet 727200K is the answer. Jet offers this scroll saw with a stand that can sit in a corner or the center of the shop depending on your logistic needs. This combination saw/stand tool is perfect for shops where multiple activities carry vibrations through connected flat surfaces. The saw comes with a variable speed capability to produce speed between 400 and 1500 spm which allows for work on nearly any type of material.

Jet Top Ten Best Scroll Saws

As with most shop devices, the determining factors on which scroll saw to purchase depends on your needs. In-home workshops require a scroll saw that is quiet, uses little power, and is dust and debris clean. An outside shop may require a scroll saw with a stand or an adaptable saw that can rip as well as a scroll. When looking for the best scroll saws for you, take into consideration the material you are working with and the environment in which you work.



By BCR Staff

August 2019