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Top 10 Best Safety Helmets

The article will list the 10 best safety helmets found online.

The safety helmet is seen more and more in industrial settings today. The stark reality of the fragility of the skull has gained attention over the last 50 years. At first, safety helmets were considered a nuisance by those required to wear them. Then, the gradual realization amongst workers that a skull injury has far more repercussions than a broken leg or arm began to overcome their original hesitancy. Together with that logical step forward, worker’s compensation departments and insurance companies started requiring employers to enforce rules regarding the use of safety helmets. Today, the safety helmet is accepted as an essential element for the health and well being of workers in nearly every manufacturing environment throughout the U.S.

1. The Forestry Safety Helmet from TR Industrial

The forestry safety helmet from TR Industrial becomes especially affordable when taking into consideration that the helmet includes five different safety functions. The safety helmet shell is rated to exceed industry safety standards. The helmet support mechanism is padded and adjustable to reduce helmet movement. A set of removable earmuffs protects ears against excessive noise. A clear visor allows you to work on specific projects and avoid flying debris. A mesh visor is available for those projects where insects are an issue.

TR Industrial Top Ten Safety Helmets

2. The JORSTECH Ventilated Hard Hat

JORSTECH offers this low-cost hard hat for rescue and emergency workers who occasionally require a skull protector that is well ventilated. Ventilation holes at the top of the hat open and close via sliding shutters. The bill is limited to expand the upward vision for emergency responders entering dangerous situations, yet large enough to keep debris from impacting eyes. The hard hat comes with four positioning hooks to attach a headlamp, and a chin strap helps to hold the hard hat in place.

JORESTECH Top Ten Safety Helmets

3. The Pyramex Ridgeline Full-Brim Hard Hat

Pyramex offers this full-brim product as one of the best safety hard hats for forest firefighters. The shell consists of a hard ABS material that protects the wearer from falling debris no matter from which direction it approaches. The hard hat has a four-point suspension system that is adjustable for any size head. The crown holder has a soft brow protector that is replaceable to keep skin abrasion to a minimum while working.

4. The Ergodyne Safety Bump Cap

This safety bump cap from Ergodyne targets workers who are laboring outside in non-dangerous situations. This standard version of the safety hard hat is rated for light impacts. The fashionable baseball cap design is an attractive alternative to the obtrusive and defining traditional hard hat. The edges of this hat are reflective so that the wearer is visible in low light situations. Outside work such as cement pouring and asphalt preparation where there is no overhead construction is an appropriate place for the use of these hats.

Ergodyne Top Ten Safety Helmets

5. The 3M SecureFit Safety Helmet

3M postulated this safety helmet as a workplace tool when considering the production of mountain climbing helmets. The design specifically targets impacts from above from objects such as rocks or falling limbs. The helmet is compatible with various 3M safety additions such as face shields, earmuffs, and communications gear. The hat fits snuggly on the head to reduce movement when bending over or during sudden movements to maintain skull protection even during the most unlikely of emergency avoidance situations.

3M Top Ten Safety Helmets

6. The Safety Works Hard Hat

Safety Works markets this traditional safety hard hat as a cheap way to protect the skull while working in any industrial capacity. The hat sits comfortably on the head via a nylon suspension system that refuses to abrade the skin. The skull is wrapped by an adjustable soft liner through a ratchet system at the rear of the head. The hard hat is lightweight and wearable for a full day of work even at elevated temperatures.

Safety Works Top Ten Safety Helmets

7. The NoCry Heavy Duty Hard Hat

NoCry originally intended this hard hat for carpenters, electricians, and construction workers. However, it has proven to be so effective that it is ideal for anyone working around cranes, forklifts, and other heavy equipment. The interior support adjusts to fit hat sizes from small to XX with an easy-to-use adjustment rachet at the rear of the helmet. Outside workers find the two-inch bill to be ideal for reducing rain and sunshine exposure while deflecting debris away from the face during high winds.

NoCry Top Ten Safety Helmets

8. The Oregon Chainsaw Safety Helmet

If any state knows about the dangers involved when working with a chainsaw, it is Oregon. Oregon’s safety standard for working in the forests is the gold standard for all forest workers. The helmet features a crown with extra ventilation holes, a bill that deflects debris, an earmuff system, and a mesh material adjustable face visor that resists any cracking. Anyone working in any industry wearing this safety helmet enjoys the most complete skull protection available on the market.

Oregon Top Ten Safety Helmets

9. The Uninova Safety Hard Hat

Uninova targeted the bike riding market with this helmet, then discovered that the safety hard hat is appropriate for use when climbing or for work in construction. The helmet features a ventilation system to guard against overheating during the summer months. The hat offers more space between the cap and the skull than other hard hat designs creating a greater volume of air to increase temperature transfer. The hat has a six-point suspension system and a chin strap to hold it in place.

Uninova Top Ten Safety Helmets

10. The Neiko Heavy-Duty Hard Hat

This heavy-duty hard hat from Neiko is a cheap version of the expensive full-protection hard hats that have recently hit the market. The shell consists of a hard ABS material to guard against impacts and is usable with other safety devices as well. Neiko includes a visor reinforced with mesh and removable earmuffs in the kit for those who are working in loud environments or in areas where flying debris is common. The helmet has extra ventilation holes at the top to avoid overheating situations while working.

Neiko Top Ten Safety Helmets

Safety at work or while at play is of the utmost importance to anyone. Whether you are in the forest industry, construction, or work in a factory, your protection from a debilitating head injury is a factor that cannot be ignored. For your protection, look over these top safety helmets to find the one that best suits your needs.


By BCR Staff

August 2019