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Top 10 Best Router Bit Sets

This review covers the top 10 router bit sets you can find online.

Every experienced woodworker knows: you can own the world’s greatest router, but without the aid of some good router bits on hand, your work can quickly lead to all types of hang-ups and frustrations. Good router bits stay strong and sharp under tough conditions, handle heat well, and they chuck up securely to the exact router you are planning to use come game-time. So, with all said, what are some of the best performing yet reasonably affordable router bits available for purchase today? Follow along for the rundown on the top picks in economical router bit sets right now.

1. Yonico 17702 70-Bit Set

Yonico really gets it done with this 70-bit set with all 1/2″ shanks. This healthy bit assortment covers areas such as trim routing, cove routing, core box routing, and round-over routing, and all of the included bits have been precision CNC balanced and tipped with C3 micro-grain carbide. With smooth bearings and even a stylish carry case that can be wall-mounted, this set by Yonico is a winner.

Yonico Top Ten Router Bit Sets

2. ABN 24-Piece Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set

This 24-Piece Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set by ABN combines a great selection of the most commonly used bits with a nice carry case that also provides good illustrations of each bit’s cutting pattern. The bits themselves are well made, utilize 1/4″ shanks, and include mortising bits, dovetail bits, round-nose bits, chamfer bits, and numerous others. We also liked how the carry case itself guarantees secure storage via a set screw system in which each bit is individually locked down.

ABN Top Ten Router Bit Sets

3. Stalwart 24-Piece Router Bit Set

This is another great router bit set in terms of reliability melded with affordability. Stalwart’s 24-Piece Router Bit Set is quite similar to the above-mentioned router bit set by ABN and features 24 well-selected bits for all kinds of router operations. Among the set of 1/4″ shank bits, the user will get a panel pilot, multiple straight bits, multiple cove bits, multiple round-over bits, a carbide rabbiting bit, and numerous, other, top performers. This all comes neatly packaged in Stalwart’s nice, wooden carrying case.

Stalwart Top Ten Router Bit Sets

4. Hiltex 10100 15-Piece Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set

Hiltex produces a good yet cheap router bit set in its model 10100 15-Piece Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set. This 1/4″ shank set is all tungsten carbide treated for ultimate durability and sharpness, while the enclosed rollers utilized by the set are very fluid and lasting. The carry case for this set is also made in a very helpful index-step style with detailed pictures of each bit’s cut pattern as well as the bit itself for easy organization.

Hiltex Top Ten Router Bit Sets

5. EDMBG 35-Piece 1/4″ Shank Router Bit Set

This 35-Piece Router Bit Set by EDMBG comes in a super-stylish James Bond-inspired aluminum briefcase carrying case. Open it up, and you’ve got a neatly arranged, shiny set of router bits at hand for any task. All the drama aside, this set really combines the right elements of being low-cost but also being a solid performer. Each bit is 1/4″ shank and carbide-treated, and with options like a 1/2″ dovetail, a 45 chamfer, R3/16 double roman, and many others, you are certain to get your money’s worth at the end of the day.

EDMBG Top Ten Router Bit Sets

6. Neiko 10115A Premium Tungsten Carbide 80-Piece Router Bit Set

This router bit set by Neiko, the model 10115A, is another beauty in the economy class of router bits right now. This set comes with all tungsten carbide treated bits that are also heavily powder-coated and heat resistant. The set includes a wide selection of bits such as for veining, grooving, trimming, edging, and lots more, and each is a 1/2″ shank and backed by Neiko’s manufacturer warranty. Back to beautiful cases – this aluminum index case is also a real looker.

Neiko Top Ten Router Bit Sets

7. Shop4Omni 35-Piece Carbide Router Bit Set

Shop4Omni brings us an affordable but definitely effective carbide router bit set. At 35 pieces, this set has a bit of everything you might need, from core box bits to slot cutter bits, classical cove bits, flush trim bits, and many others. This all-1/2″ shank set also comes with a very nice, hard carry case which itself is internally labeled very nicely for easy bit identification and organization.

Shop4Omni Top Ten Router Bit Sets

8. Bosch RBS010 10-Piece Professional Router Bit Set

Bosch, a name known the world over for heavy-duty work products and applications, brings us its economy 10-piece set of professional-grade router bits. This set chucks at 1/2″ and 1/4″ and includes all carbide-tipped bits that cut incredibly cleanly. As to storage, the set comes with a decent storage box with a clear front panel and wooden base. All of the great quality, bits here include the core box, v-groove, mortise, several straight bits, and more.

Bosch Top Ten Router Bit Sets

9. Erie Tools 100-Piece 1/4″ Shank Router Bit Set

There is truly something for virtually every woodworking job in this 100-piece router bit set by Erie Tools. This 1/4″ shank set comes with all tungsten carbide tips and double-blading on many of them too. This kit also includes bits which allow for masonry and metal-cutting applications which is a major plus in versatility for the end user. Finally, this whole kit comes complete in a nice and solid, side-opening, briefcase-style carrying case.

Erie Tools Top Ten Router Bit Sets

10. EDMBG 35-Piece 1/2″ Shank Router Bit Set

EDMBG makes our list again with its relatively low-cost 35-piece router bit set. This set is similar to the company’s above-mentioned set, but this set is all 1/2″ shank as opposed to 1/4″. Included are the company’s great carbide-treated bits to include mortising, edge, chamfer, roman ogee, and many, other bit options. Finally, a surprisingly classy, aluminum carrying case holds it all securely together.

EDMBG 2 Top Ten Router Bit Sets



By BCR Writing Staff

August 2019