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10 Best Pump Wedge Locksmith Tools

There are many items that a person should have handy, and one of those is a selection from the best pump wedge locksmith tools for more reasons than you can count. When these tools were first introduced, they were considered among the repertoire of locksmiths as a functional tool for opening locks without damaging car or home doors. Since then, these tools have gained a reputation as one of the handier items you can have around the house. The air-pump wedge shape is perfect for leveling furniture or parts for any installation during assembly. The affordable price for the tool lets you keep several at home for various needs and one in your office drawer at work—just in case.

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1. The ARISD Pump Wedge Kit

ARISD Car Air Wedge Pump Wedge Kit - Leveling Kit & Alignment Tool Inflatable Air Shim Bag for Home Use and Auto Repair best pump wedge locksmith tool


ARISD promotes this affordable air pump and shim package as an ideal leveler for furniture, cabinets, and other household items. Locksmiths find it a valuable tool to use to expose the inner workings of a locked car door without damaging the windows or the felt cleaner. The pump lifts items to 300 pounds and raises items as high as two inches. The wedge consists of a polyurethane material that resists scratching of any surface safely replaces the use of pry bars and wooden or metal shims.


2. The Super PDR Air Wedge Kit


Super PDR 3Pcs Air Wedge Alignment Tool Inflatable Shim Cushioned Powerful Hand Tools for Auto Repair Home Universal Use best pump wedge locksmith tool

The producers of the low-cost Super PDR Air Wedge Kit considered the inflatable bag approach to leveling as an essential package for the protection of the surface of furniture and floors during the process of leveling. To accommodate the various types of items that need leveling, Super PDR includes three separate bags of various designs in its kit. The largest bag is rectangular in shape, the next largest is square, and the last bag is of a U-shaped design for those difficult to access points.


3. The Original Rhino Strong Pump Wedge Bag


The Original Rhino Strong Commercial Grade Air Wedge Bag Pump Professional Leveling Kit & Alignment Tool Inflatable Shim Bag 3 Piece (Small, Medium, Large). 3 sizes for all of your individual needs. best pump wedge locksmith tool


Rhino Strong is one of the original producers of pumpable wedge bags. Their product is considered one of the finer professional grade locksmith and car repair levelers on the market. The bags consist of a double layer of thermoplastic polyurethane knitted with 420D nylon to ensure durability. The toughness of these bags is unaffected by oil, heat, or cold. The kit comes with three bags sized large, medium or small. The bags can lift to 300 pounds and maintain the level for an hour or more.


4. The Fly5D Air Wedge Pump Kit

Fly5D Air Wedge Pump Wedge Hand Tools for Auto Repair Home Universal Use (Big Rectangle) best pump wedge locksmith tool

Fly5D delivers competent performance for those who need to access tight spots or make tiny leveling adjustments with this cheap kit that includes the airbag, the pump, and a triangular block. The bag consists of a tough thermoplastic polyurethane material that is double poured to ensure air containment. The bag is so thin that it can fit into the tight area between the door and the window before pumping in air to provide access to the doors inner working.


5. The T-Safe Air Bag and Wedge Kit

Super PDR 3Pcs Air Wedge Alignment Tool Inflatable Shim Cushioned Powerful Hand Tools for Auto Repair Home Universal Use best pump wedge locksmith tool


T-Safe provides tools for every imaginable leveling or access need that a customer can imagine while performing at a professional level. Carpenters, car mechanics, and builders use this bag kit to ensure accurate leveling every time, and locksmiths prefer the kit for its ability to provide easy access to tight places. The kit includes three bags sizes: large, medium, and small. The kit also includes five different shims/wedges of various shapes and sizes to take on a variety of projects.

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6. The VNKI Pump Wedge Kit

VNKI Air Wedge Bag Pump, Inflatable Shim & Lifting Bags best pump wedge locksmith tool

Recognizing the complex needs of professionals during construction and car maintenance, VNKI developed an affordable air wedge package that covers tasks of various sizes. Professionals or those tackling home projects enjoy this kit for its versatility. The kit comes with three bags of different sizes—large, medium, and small. Each size has a different wedge weight limit. The small bag can lift 150 pounds. The medium bag can lift 300 pounds, and the large bag can lift 500 pounds.

7. The BITIWEND Pump Wedge Tool Kit

BITIWEND Air Shim, Air Wedge Pump 3pcs Inflatable Air Bag Shims for Leveling,Alignment,Contractor Tool,Inflatable Pump Wedge,Air Bag Removal Tool,Air Wedge Tool,Black best pump wedge locksmith tool

BITWEND is so confident in this low-cost pump wedge kit that it attaches a one-year warranty on the product to lift as much a 500 pounds with a pin-point degree of accuracy. The kit delivers three thin inflatable bags—large, medium, and small—with hard, durable edges that easily access tight spots. The inflating pumps are activated with a slight twist to the right before pumping. A twist to the left after pumping slowly bleeds air out of the bag after you have completed your task.


8. The 6MILES Pump Wedge Set

2 Pcs High Quality Air Wedge Alignment Tool Inflatable Shim Tool Sets ( Blue+Black) best pump wedge locksmith tool

6MILES covers its double poured thermoplastic polyurethane bladder with a canvas cover for easier handling and less abrasion on sensitive finished materials. Professionals use these bags to level cabinets in otherwise finished kitchens and bathrooms as a hedge against damaging surfaces. The set comes with two bags to ensure a balance when lifting wider loads. The bags hold their air for over an hour, allowing you to concentrate on your work without concern about losing angles or height.

9. The Totalmall Wedge Pump Kit

Totalmall Air Wedge Pump Kit, Air Pump Wedge Up Tool Leveling Kit Alignment Tool Inflatable Shim Bag for Home Use and Auto Repair best pump wedge locksmith tool

Totalmall produces this cheap air wedge pump kit for the professional market and for those homeowners or tenants that are looking for an easy way to level items in the home or to get into locked cars. The kit comes with an inflatable bag and a wedge/shim to insert into an opening or under a leveled item. The bag handles loads up to 440 pounds and holds its air for an hour. The pump is a one-hand operation with controls that easily slip between the pump and bleed off modes.


10. The Yaomiao Pump Wedge Kit


Yaomiao 3 Pieces Air Wedge Bag Pump, Air Wedge Lockout Kit, Alignment Tool Inflatable Shim Bag, Adjustable Air Pump Wedge Leveling Kit, with Metal Release Valve, 3 Sizes (Small, Medium, Large) best pump wedge locksmith tool

The low-cost pump wedge kit from Yaomiao comes in a package with three different sized bags to meet the needs of professionals and for those who wish to work on projects within the home. The bags come in large, medium and small units that can handle 300 pounds while lifting to two and a half inches. The bags consist of durable materials to ensure years of use. The pumps offer an easy-to-use control that fits comfortably in the hand and easily slips between pumping to bleed off performance.

There are few modern tools that the ancients would envy. The pump wedge is one of those tools that mixes ancient knowledge with advanced technology. The invention of tough modern plastics has provided professionals with tools—of which the pump wedge is one—that accomplish the task without damaging the surrounding materials. The necessity of fine and unblemished work has led professionals and homeowners alike to pursue the best pump wedge locksmith tool on the markets.

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By BCR Staff

August 2019

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