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Top 10 Power Washers

Our top 10 list of power washers, or pressure washers as they are also called, provide an invaluable service to anyone who uses them. Unrivalled in function by any other tool, power washers spray water at high pressures, and with that spray, can then deep-clean, scrub, remove paint and rust, resurface materials, and more. When operated at lower pressures, these machines can also wet-sweep entire areas, gently but surely sweeping away dirt and debris from patios, driveways, or decks.

When shopping for a good power washer, though, what do you look for to ensure a smart purchase? To start, you can research the machine’s pump and motor, check hose and hose port integrity, and consider the device’s included controls and overall portability, but then there is plenty more. If this all sounds a bit much, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Follow along now for our comprehensive review of the top-ten best power washers out right now.

1. AIPER 2,150-PSI Electric Power Washer

In the category of affordable pressure washers, the two,150-PSI Electric Power Washer by AIPER is an excellent pick. This unit works with two,150PSI and utilizes a single, all-in-one, adjustable tip, so users never have to worry about losing all those separate tips used in other pressure washers. A 26-foot spray hose and a reliable reel system for it make life easy, and AIPER’s one-year comprehensive warranty coverage makes the package even better.

Aiper Top Ten Power Washers

2. Sun Joe SPX2598 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe is known for reasonable yet affordable outdoor tools, and the company’s model SPX2598 electric pressure washer is just another example of that. This economy power washer works very well with 2,000PSI of output pressure, a 33.8-ounce onboard detergent system, and a very versatile design for working in those smaller spaces. A reliable TSS switch and 14.5-amp motor also get the thumbs up, while two years of complete product coverage and support from Sun Joe helps to alleviate any, potential worries.

Sun Joe Top Ten Power Washers

3. Homdox 3,500-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Homdox presents us with a real workhorse in its 3,500-PSI Electric Pressure Washer. Here, a quality wand and tip system, a capable 1,800-watt motor, and 3,500PSI of emitted water pressure work together to conquer any job. On-board detergent storage, a height-adjusting handle system, and even an included toolset make convenience a top priority, while two years of warranty coverage from Homdox wraps it all up very nicely.

Homdox Top Ten Power Washers

4. Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer

At the economy end of the gas-powered class of power washers, Briggs & Stratton’s model 20680 Electric Pressure Washer is one of the best power washers out there. Some winning attributes of this hard worker include a 1,800-PSI @ 1.1GPM spray rate, a sturdy frame that protects the unit as well as securely holds the hose windings organized, and a 20 foot walled spray hose. Briggs & Stratton quality throughout is not to be forgotten either, as 12 months of warranty coverage also back each of these units standards.

Briggs & Stratton Top Ten Power Washers

5. Greenworks GPW1501 1,500-PSI Pressure Washer

As to the class of “most portable,” Greenworks offers one of the top power washers with its ultra-portable, surprisingly small yet quite powerful model GPW1501 1,500-PSI Pressure Washer. This hand-held design works with a robust and 13-amp motor and power system while only using about 1.2GPM of water. A 20-foot spray hose and a 35-foot power cord add even more portability to this mini-wonder, and an on-board detergent system and multiple spray tip options also really help to seal the deal.

Greenworks Top Ten Power Washers

6. PAXCESS 2,150-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

For anyone looking for an affordable pressure washer that works at 2,000PSI or better, this 2,150-PSI Electric Pressure Washer by PAXCESS is an excellent option. Users of this solid unit will enjoy a capable, all-in-one, adjustable pressure nozzle, 26 feet of quality hosing, itself handily held on-board via a smart reel system, and handy, on-board detergent storage. Excellent customer service also comes with this unit, 24-7 ready, courtesy of PAXCESS.

PAXCESS Top Ten Power Washers

7. TACKLife High-Efficiency 1,600-PSI Electric Power Washer

Cheap Power Washers don’t always have to be inferior, and TACKLife proves this with its High-Efficiency 1,600-PSI Electric Power Washer model. This handheld lightweight pressure washer is a top pick for portability and allows for working just about anywhere. Key features include a unique, spiral spray pattern that significantly conserves water usage, an onboard detergent applicator, three, great wand tips, and a reliable, 1,400-watt motor equipped with a longevity-enhancing TSS switch.

TACKLIFE Top Ten Power Washers

8. SurmountWay 3,000-PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Arguably the heaviest hitter on our list is SurmountWay’s 3,000-PSI Gas Pressure Washer. This Goliath blasts away debris with ease with its quality, 5.5HP, maintenance-free pump motor system, five, great quick-change tips, a durable hose and port system, and a sizable, 3L detergent system. If all that isn’t enough, SurmountWay’s warranty coverage of up to seven years on many of this unit’s components is enough to sway just about anyone.

SurmountWay Top Ten Power Washers

9. DEKO 2,030-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

DEKO brings us a top electric pressure washer pick here with its 2,030-PSI Electric Pressure Washer unit. In this machine, an interchangeable nozzle system with a unique, turbo nozzle, a 1.76GPM of water flow rate, and a fully weatherized 33 foot power cord makes the user’s life much more comfortable, while a reliable TSS relay assures the most extended machine life possible. Sturdy ports, a sound, onboard detergent system, and an overall look that is stylish and inviting make this one even sweeter.

DEKO Top Ten Power Washers

10. Sun Joe SPX3200 GO ANYWHERE Electric Pressure Washer

Hitting our list again with its continued tool prowess is Sun Joe with its highly portable model SPX3200 GO ANYWHERE Electric Pressure Washer. This machine is a lightweight and uniquely horizontally-designed cleaning machine with a flow rate of 1.76 GPM @ 2,030PSI, pushed by a 14.5-Amp, competent mini-motor system. TSS-equipped and with a detergent tank built-in and five, great cleaning tips included, not much is left for this unit’s buyers to wish for. Additional Sun Joe warranty service and customer service is also included with each one of these small but significant power washers.

Sun Joe 2 Top Ten Power Washers


By BCR Staff

August 2019