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Top Ten Best Pneumatic Finish Nailers

This review features the top ten pneumatic finish nailers which are a must-have tool for your next construction project. Pneumatic finish nailers fire finishing nails using compressed air, which has a pressure that’s high enough for even the hardest woods. In comparison to electric nailers, pneumatic models tend to be lighter and more compact — which means that you can use them for hours without fatigue and maneuver them into tight spaces. As a bonus, pneumatic nailers are often affordable and if you already have an air compressor system, they can be a cost-effective choice. To help you figure out which model is best suited to your needs, we’ve listed the best pneumatic nailers for your next finishing project.


1. NuMax SFN64

Numax pneumatic finish nailer

Use the NuMax FSFN64 on a wide variety of projects; it’s compatible with everything from baseboards to chair rail molding. One of the more affordable pneumatic finish nailers on the market, this model is built for comfort. It features a lightweight but strong aluminum body that’s a breeze to use. On the end, a no-mar tip helps protect your finishing materials from dents or scratches. In case of a nail jam, simply use the quick release to clear up the issue in seconds.


2. WEN 61764

Wen pneumatic finish nailer

With two different trigger options, this WEN pneumatic straight finish nailer makes it easy to switch from single to sequential firing. Load the magazine with up to 100 nails; the gun accepts 16-gauge nails from .75 inch to 2.5 inches long, giving you the flexibility to work with a wide range of materials. As you work, the rubber handle allows you to stay comfortable and in control. New to finishing? This nailer comes with a carrying case for easy storage.


3. PowRyte Air Finish

PowRyte Air Finish Pneumatic Nailer


When you need a low-cost finishing nailer, this PowRyte model is a great choice. It’s packed with features that make your life easier, including a no-mar tip to protect your work surface and a split nose for easy fastener removal when needed. An integrated hook allows you to hang the nailer between uses. Working on large projects? The lockout feature prevents the gun from firing without nails, which helps eliminate dents in your finishing materials.


4. Paslode 515500

Paslode Pneumatic Finish Nailer

When you’re working on high-volume finishing projects, comfort counts. That’s where the Paslode 515500 shines — it features an ergonomic design, a balanced body, and a rubber grip to minimize strain. This tool doesn’t need oil, making maintenance and cleanup a breeze. Working in small spaces? This compact tool fits easily into corners and narrow areas. With its air-powered design, this nailer is engineered to create a flush fire every time.


5. Senco 1X0201N

Senco Pneumatic Finish Nailer


With its compact body and simple controls, this Senco finishing nailer is a breeze to use. Select from dual-action or restrictive fire modes, and use the depth-of-drive setting to choose the perfect sink depth. The onboard magazine holds up to 110 nails, so you can stop to reload less frequently during production projects. As you work, the soft grip is gentle on your hand, and the no-mar pad keeps your work surface clean.



Bostitch Pneumatic Finish Nailer

When you need precision, this Bostitch model fits the bill. The Bostich, which is one of the top rated pneumatic finish nailers, is engineered with Smart Point technology; it features a small nose that allows you to place nails exactly where you want them. Plus, since you don’t need to compress the tip to fire, you don’t need to worry about slight shifts. The depth dial allows perfect countersinking, and the jam release allows you to remove stuck nails without tools.



3- plus Pneumatic Finish Nailer

Simple and straightforward, this 3PLUS nailer is easy to integrate into your workflow. Use the simple depth-of-drive adjustment to create the correct setting. If you encounter a jam, simply use the release lever to free the nail. The 360-degree exhaust allows you to stay clear of dirty air as you work. Made from sturdy aluminum, this nailer is light enough for comfortable use but tough enough for hard surfaces.


8. Valu-Air T64C

Valu air Pneumatic Finish Nailer

One of the best pneumatic finish nailers for heavy-duty use is the Valu-Air T64C. It features a heat-treated aluminum body and hosing that’s strong and durable, so you can use it in tough environments or high-volume production settings. The 360-degree exhaust keeps you and your work surface clean. Use this gun to finish everything from decorative trim to paneling. It comes with a case and maintenance supplies, so you can go longer before buying accessories.


9. Bosch FNS250-16

Bosch Pneumatic Finish Nailer

Adjusting this Bosch nailer is a breeze; it features a tool-free design, so you can make changes on the fly. With just your hands, you can move the exhaust pipe, select between bump-fire and sequential fire, and change the depth of drive. As you fire nails, the narrow nose allows you to see clearly and position nails precisely on your surface. Plus, with the in-line air filter, you can keep the tool clean with minimal effort.


10. Makita AF601

Makita Pneumatic Finish Nailer

One of the most popular affordable pneumatic finish nailers available, the Makita AF601 packs a powerful punch. Its efficient motor drives nails cleanly into a variety of surfaces, while the depth adjuster allows you to create a flush surface every time. Choose from two different nailing modes to suit your project, and use the integrated air duster to keep your work surface free of dust and debris. Working with delicate trim pieces? The dry-fire lockout won’t allow the tool to fire without a nail, so you can protect the integrity of your finishes.


When it comes to finishing work, precision and power are both key considerations. Whether you’re attaching trim or crown molding, the right nailer can make a big difference in the final product. With these pneumatic finish nailers, you can get the project done correctly on the first try.


By BCR Staff

May 2019