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Top Ten Best Pneumatic Brad Nailers

When you’re looking to upgrade your woodworking abilities, our top ten list of pneumatic brad nailers can be a big help. These tools are designed to dispense brads, which are slimmer than traditional finishing nails.  As a result, you can use them on slim or ornate trim. Since the brads are so tiny, they are less likely to make splits in your wood, which is crucial when you’re working with delicate pieces. Plus, when you use a pneumatic brad nailer, it’s easier to achieve the precision placement you need. As you consider adding a nailer to your collection, these ten great models are a good place to start your research.


1. WEN 61720

Wen Pneumatic Brad Nailer

The WEN 61720 stands out among the affordable pneumatic brad nailer models as a versatile, powerful option. It operates with air pressure between 60 and 100 psi, giving you the flexibility to install a range of wood types. Constructed from aluminum, the nailer weighs just 3 pounds; it’s easy to hold for long work sessions without fatiguing. The magazine can hold a maximum of 100 brads, so you don’t have to stop frequently to load in more.



Dewalt Pneumatic Brad Nailer

If you do professional or semi-professional woodworking projects, this Dewalt nailer can be a great asset. One of the top-rated pneumatic brad nailer models, it features a no-maintenance motor that’s designed specifically for a long lifetime. The magnesium body is strong enough for industrial applications, but light enough to ward off fatigue; a rubber grip surface also increases on-the-job comfort. With the easy-adjust depth drive, you can switch settings in seconds as you move between projects.



Porter-Cable Pneumatic Brad Nailer


When you need to keep your fine woodwork clean, the Porter-Cable BN200C brad nailer’s maintenance-free motor and rear exhaust can help you accomplish the task. The non-marring nose tip also helps; it protects the surface, preventing the motion of the nailer from causing dents and nicks. The sequential trigger makes it easy to place brads accurately, and the rubber grip ensures that you can maintain control throughout the firing cycle. Inside, a hardened driver blade helps increase the lifetime of the tool.


4. Metabo HPT NT50AE2

Metabo Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Do you work in a production setting? The Metabo HPT NT50AE2 is a great fit; weighing just 2.2 pounds, it allows you to perform repetitive movements without fatigue. The selective-actuation design enables you to change between the bump-fire and contact-fire settings with the flip of a switch, and the reload indicator lets you know when your brad levels are getting low. As you work, use the adjustable dial to rotate the exhaust port to a comfortable location.



Bostitch Pneumatic Brad Nailer

With finishing work, precise brad placement is crucial; that’s why this Bostitch model is one of the best pneumatic brad nailer models for delicate projects. It’s built with a small nose and non-contact firing for maximum accuracy. Plus, with the Dial-a-Depth knob, you can control the countersinking of each brad. This kit includes all of the supplies you need, including a carrying case, extra tips, and an air fitting to attach to your compressor.


6. Valu-Air SF5040

Valuair Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Do you need to take on a range of finishing projects? The Valu-Air AF5040 is an affordable way to handle your workload. It combines a brad nailer and a stapler into one tool, so you can reduce clutter in your workshop and tackle more jobs without switching tools. Made from heat-treated aluminum, it’s strong, lightweight, and designed to take a beating. The tool-free design makes it easy to adjust depth and release jams, and the no-mar tips protect your woodwork.


7. NuMax SL31

Numax Pneumatic Brad Nailer


Sometimes, finishing work requires a variety of fasteners. The low-cost NuMax SL31 handles three of them: brads, staples, and finishing nails. The three-position loading system makes it easy to load each fastener correctly. No matter what you’re firing, the padded grip and ergonomic shape help keep your hand and wrist comfortable. A 360-degree exhausts keeps your work area clean, and the no-mar tip prevents unsightly scuffs and dings. Plus, with the low-supply indicator, you can reload on time and avoid dry firing.


8. SENCO FinishPro

Senco Pneumatic Brad Nailer

When it comes to lightweight pneumatic brad nailers, the magnesium-bodied Senco Finish Pro strikes the perfect balance between reduced weight and powerful construction. As you’re switching between trim types, you can adjust the depth and firing mode with the onboard controls. No matter what the project, the rear exhaust directs the outgoing air away from the surface of the job. This Senco nailer accepts brads up to 2.125 inches long, making it a great choice for a range of materials.


9. Freeman PBR32Q

Freeman Pneumatic Brad Nailer


If you’ve ever worked with a nailer, you know that jams are a pain — which is why we love the affordable Freeman PBR32Q’s quick jam-release feature. If a brad refuses to fire, just flip the lever to clear it; no need to pull out tools. With its dual-spring in-line magazine and powerful design, this nailer fires 18-gauge brads cleanly into molding, trim, chair rail, and more. Need to take a break? Hang the tool from the belt hook to keep it safe.


10. PowRyte 18

Powryte Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Get the most for your tool budget with the PowRyte 18. This low-cost brad nailer doubles as a narrow crown stapler for versatile use. No matter which option you’re using, you can set the depth quickly using the easy adjustment control. This tool operates with air pressure levels between 60 and 100 psi, giving you plenty of power to sink brads and staples cleanly. When you need to reload, the indicator flashes on to help head off dry firing and keep your work surface pristine.


Fastening trim with brads can be a painstaking process. With these pneumatic brad nailers, you can streamline the installation process and achieve a professional result.


By BCR Staff

May 2019