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 Top 10 Best Extension Ladders

Before you purchase your next one, take a look at our top 10 list of extension ladders to narrow down your options. Today’s extension ladders have new and improved features —lightweight, durable, easy to store; the list goes on. You just might have to rethink what you thought you knew about your ladder. The following list of options shows you just how much ladders have evolved from the old wooden stationary ladders of the past.

1. Louisville Ladder FE3216 Extension Ladder

This fiberglass ladder extends 16 feet allowing the user the best reach for all your light duty industrial tasks either on the job or at home. It may only weigh 30 pounds, but it is sturdy and manufactured to hold a 300-pound weight capacity. It is even OSHA approved with slip-resistant steps and heavy-duty slide glides included to avoid extending the rungs past their safety limits. The end caps on the rails are also rubber covered to avoid slippage while you climb. When closed up, this ladder stores with dimensions of 97.5X16X6.4 inches.

Louisville Ladder Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

2. Luisladders 16.5 Foot Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder Multi-Use Telescoping Ladder

Think safety first when you take a look at this aluminum ladder. It features thirty-nine pounds of complete support with durable safety grips on every rung and angled feet with deeply grooved grips so you can be confident in using the ladder in multiple directions. It even comes with a nifty stabilizer bar at the bottom so the user doesn’t ever slip on the ladder shifting left or right. This ladder folds up neatly to be tucked away with dimensions of 36×17.76 inches. The best feature is the 4 options for usage: telescoping, twin stepladder, stairway ladder or two scaffold bases.

Luisladders Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

3. Louisville Ladder AE2240 Aluminum Extension Ladder 300-Pound Capacity, 40-Feet

Up up and away with this 40-foot aluminum ladder. This long-legged machine is a great tool for contractors and industrial workers, as it holds up to 300 pounds, including person, tools, and safety equipment needed to trek to the top of your project. This model also includes the rope and pulley system, made for easy extending without the worry of slipping back down or trying to lift the ladder after extending. Exceeding OSHA safety standards, this ladder also comes with a quick latch system to keep the rungs secure during ascending.

Louisville Ladder 2 Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

4. Werner D1116-2 Extension-ladders, 16-Foot

Looking for a lightweight ladder for around the house? This 17.3 pound one should do the trick…and hold you while you do anything else around the house, with its 200-pound load capacity and 1.5-inch flat-footing rungs. Along with being sturdy, it is stronger than most. ALFLO hardened, the rungs are built to last a lifetime and keep the user safe each time. The aluminum material keeps it easy to pick up and carry, while its 5.8×48.6×18.4-inch dimensions make it easy to store.

Werner Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

5. Multipurpose Telescoping Ladder – 12.5 Foot Extension Ladder by GAD’s Quality

When you need a ladder quick, just reach out for this versatile little model. Quick to extend and easy to store, this 12.5 foot extending straight ladder is great to load in the car, use as a step ladder, or get to your roof for household maintenance. The biggest benefit of taking this ladder home is the grip padding at the top to allow for excellent leaning capacity, Whether against a wet gutter, a tree or the garage door, this 22 pound ladder is guaranteed not to slip away from its location. Adding to safety, it also comes equipped with rubber stoppers between each step, eliminating the possibility of fingers getting pinched during set-up and takedown.

GAD’s Quality Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

6. Telesteps 1800EP OSHA Compliant Professional Extension Ladder, 14.5 Feet

Don’t want to keep extending your ladder hand over hand method? Check out this aircraft-grade aluminum telescoping ladder. Award-winning and backed by safety specs approved by the military, police, and OSHA themselves, this ladder does the work for you. It comes equipped with fully automatic extension capabilities with the touch of a finger. Although it extends only 14.5 feet, you can reach an extra three and a half feet by using the top rung. It is 30 pounds, compacts down to 33 inches tall and holds up to 300 pounds.

Telesteps Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

7. Xtend & Climb 770P telescoping-ladders, 12.5 Foot, Yellow/Gray

This bright yellow option is sure to be seen by many for safety and appreciation points. It extends 12.5 feet up with each foot locking into place as it ascends for added stability. The no-slip feet serve to avoid slippage by the manufacturer’s double molded concept. Constructed out of Engineered Aerospace 6061 alloy, you can’t get much more sturdy than this. It weighs 27 pounds and can hold up to 225 pounds. The capacity of this yellow machine is great in size, but its storage is tight and compact at just 32 inches tall.

Xtend Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

8. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

The Ohuha ladder is so helpful, it might just do all your household chores for you! It is complete with self-locking pins for each section as you pull up each piece before use, and when you are finished, simply press two buttons at the bottom and watch this ladder descend and put itself away. Once it has done most of the work for you, you can easily carry this handy tool to your next project. Plus, it can hold up to 330 pounds on every rung!

Ohuhu Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

9. Vosson Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder EN131 Certified 16.5 Foot

The Vosson 16.5 foot ladder can be used either in a telescoping fashion while fully extended or can fold over in the middle to support itself for those middle of the yard projects. It comes with slip-resistant foot caps and also stabilizer bars that extend from each side for added sway resistance. You can climb this ladder with comfort knowing you won’t be going anywhere you don’t want to. When you complete your mission, just fold it down to its 36-inch height and use the attached strap to ensure it stays put until its next use.

Vosson Top Ten Best Extension Ladders

10. 16.5 Foot Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Telescoping A-Type Extension Multi-Purpose

The sides of this ladder are made of aluminum. The feet are covered in non-slip rubber. Each step locks in place for comfort knowing you won’t get a finger or hand pinched. This simple model is easy to use around the house and can be used on the stairs to provide a level area to get high on the wall. From 16.5 feet high to under three feet when folded, there isn’t much you can’t get accomplished with this ladder.

Aluminum Telescopic Top Ten Best Extension Ladders



By BCR Staff

August 2019