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Top Ten Wrapping Supply Organizers

By BCR Staff
December 2018

Raise your hand if you tend to buy too much gift wrap (and too many gift bags) each time the holidays approach! It’s easy to do—especially when you’ve discovered a great sale on wrapping supplies and you just can’t resist. Or perhaps you forgot that you already purchased wrapping paper and now you have a surplus. You might be wondering where you are going to store all of this overabundance.

You’re in good company. And we would never discourage you from stocking up, as there are just so many fun and clever wrapping supply organizers to choose from.  This list of our top ten favorites can help you pick the organizer that’s just right for you. So hit those sales with gusto knowing you’ve got storage room to spare!

1. CoverMates Premium Deluxe Gift Wrap Organizer

This red gift wrap organizer holds up to 15 rolls of paper and comes with a 3-year warranty against defects. Crafted of 600D, moisture-resistant polyester, you get a bird’s eye view of the organizer’s contents before you open the zipper enclosure– courtesy of a clear plastic window. Stow small items in 3 accessory pouches so nothing goes missing. Between holidays, slide this organizer under the bed, stash it in a closet, or store it in the attic. Whether you select the 36(W)- x 14(D)- x 5(H)-inch, 42(W)- x14(D)- x5(H)-inch or 52(L)- x 14(D)- x 5(H)-inch version, this is the holiday gift you give yourself!

2. Primode Gift Wrap Storage Tube with Handle

At first glance, this slim, green tube bag may resemble the sleeping roll your child took to camp, but it’s a super-handy wrapping paper station that makes the most of multiple rolls of gift wrap. At 40-inches long, it will hold the supplies and gift bags you need to complete any wrapping job. Affordable and portable, this bag is the ultimate in efficiency, taking up only 9-inches of floor space when stood on one end. That side carry handle could become your favorite feature each time you pluck this bag from its hiding place to wrap gifts year round.

3. Santas Bags SB-10130 Hanging Gift-Wrap Storage Bag

Chasing dust bunnies won’t add to your cleaning tasks if you add a Santas Bag hanging organizer to your storage inventory. It hangs, rather than hogging floor space. Fabricated of polyester, this 48(L)- x 10(W)- x 5(D)-inch carrier holds 12 rolls of paper and comes complete with an organizer that’s perfect for ribbon, tape, and card storage. Peek into the clear panel to figure out whether you really need more snowman gift wrap. This unit features hanging hardware that gives you plenty of options. Hang it from a closet rod, behind a door or anywhere else your inner organizer desires.

4. Primode Wrapping Paper Storage Box with Lid

Do you have a reputation for being the world’s best gift wrapper? You need supplies. Lots of them. That’s why this lidded gift wrap storage box has your name written all over it. More affordable than you may imagine, this 32(H)- x 13(D)- x 11(W)-inch wrap organizer features 20 interior slots so every sheet on 30-inch gift wrap rolls stay as pristine as they were when you bought them. The lid keeps dust out, the box is fitted with reinforced handles, and when there’s no gift wrap to store, it folds down neatly. Get a 100-percent, money-back satisfaction guarantee, too.

5. Elf Stor Ultimate Organizer Holiday Storage for Gift Wrap and Bags


It’s not your imagination. This organizer doesn’t look like the others. The shape is as unique as its mission: keeping gift bags and flat gift-wrap packages from being rolled, wrinkled and folded so they can’t be used. Comparably priced, this organizer never met a holiday it didn’t like, so if you wrap gifts 12 months a year, you’ll treasure the 2.2 cubic feet of interior storage space and 4 handy exterior pockets that hold extras that tend to get lost. Measuring 21(H)- x 20.5(W)- x 10.5(W)-inches, you’ll show your gift bags some love if you bring one of these home.

6. Organizer Designs Double-Sided Hanging Gift Wrap & Bag Organizer

This clear-view organizer brings to mind the saying, “What you see is what you get.” Gift givers love knowing that they don’t have to search bags and boxes to find wrappings because one glance allows them to assess an entire inventory of paper, bags, ribbons, and supplies. Manufactured of woven polyester textile, hang this bag at the back of a closet and bring it out when needed. The time this organizer saves you is reason enough to consider purchasing this affordable gift wrap organizer with its tidy pouches and built-in hanger. It makes a great gift for fellow wrappers, too.

7. Richards Homewares Holiday Green Gift Wrap Organizer

This competitively-priced Richards Homewares product deserves a second look if you crave simplicity and love items that serve two purposes. Crafted of the same green, water-resistant polyester used to make other bags on our list, it accommodates 12 rolls of 30-inch gift wrap. What makes this product unique? The manufacturer suggests using this 40.25(L)- x 14.25(W)- x 5.5(D)-inch organizer for other storage needs when you’re in a pinch. Remove the dividers, store items you want to get out of the way during the “off season,” and then re-stock your bag with seasonal wraps, ribbons, and supplies in time for the holidays.

8. Evelots Clear Gift Wrap Organizers with Handles

If you seek a wrap organizer that’s less expensive than most—-and if the idea of see-through sleeves revealing every inch of your gift wrap stash thrills you, stop shopping now. You get two clear PVC plastic bags for one price, so keep up to 50 rolls of gift wrap on hand or give the second bag away to a friend. Get “full disclosure” thanks to see-through material. Handles stitched to the exterior make this bag easy to tote or hang. Lightweight and unstructured, fold these 30(L)- x 9.25(D)-inch bags down when they’re not in use.

9. nGenius Hanging Pop Open Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Do you avoid buying 30-inch rolls of wrap because they don’t seem like a good value? Meet the motherlode of organizers, designed to accommodate 40-inch rolls of gift wrap. There’s plenty of room for supplies that help you turn out beautiful holiday packages and clear windows allow you to view this organizer’s contents without opening it. Spend the same amount of money as you would for smaller organizers.  At 49(L)- x 14(D)-inches, hang or pop it up when gift wrap season is in full swing. If size matters, this roomy storage organizer is your clear choice.

10. Primode Wrapping Paper Storage Bag with Pockets

Yes, you’ve seen the name before. Primode has been making storage products for years and this 37(L)- x 14(W)- x 4(D)-inch wrap holder is a favorite among people who love the brand. Dubbed a great “under-bed storage unit” by veteran holiday gift wrappers, this storage bag has a couple of extras that you may find essential, thus justifying spending a few more dollars to acquire it. Extra-large handles help you tote a bag filled with wrap and you can cram the see-through pockets with extras, so you never waste time looking for supplies when you could be toasting the holiday.

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