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Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

Let’s face it: going to the gym can be incredibly difficult, and this is where our latest list of the top 10 workout accessories will serve you well. Whether you’re an experienced fitness enthusiast or a beginner to working out, motivating yourself to get a workout in can be hard even on the best days. Whether it’s because of a previous injury, lethargy, or stress, we all have excuses for not wanting to exercise. Fortunately, there are a lot of fitness accessories and workout add-ons that can make getting to the gym a lot easier.

Eliminating everyday inconveniences during your workouts can make them much more enjoyable and allow you to focus on the exercise and not become distracted. For example, if you’re a runner, holding your phone or your keys while running can become annoying. Not having the right kind of yoga mat or resistance bands for your desired exercise may make you turn away from working out at all. Taking the time to invest in some decent workout accessories can eliminate these obstacles, and make working out substantially more enjoyable.

Also, buying accessories to transform your home into a home gym can increase your desire to workout. If you have all the equipment you need to work out right in your home, the inconvenience of driving to the gym and transporting all your clothing is eliminated. Also, you’ll never have to worry about being stared at, harassed, or having your form needlessly corrected by gym buffs. You’ll also never need to wait for machines or weights, and you’ll never walk up to a sweaty, dirty bench. Working out alone in your home allows you to relax more during your exercise, letting you focus on how your body feels rather than who might be looking at you. If you’ve been looking into buying some high-quality fitness accessories, keep reading to see our top ten picks.

1. 40-Inch Silent Fitness Mini Indoor Trampoline – by Newan

This miniature indoor trampoline by Newan is perfect for training a wide range of muscle groups, as well as doing cardio. The trampoline is supported by 30 high-quality thickened ropes to provide the best elasticity, and the durable anti-wear mesh allows you to wear comfortable shoes without worrying about tears. Anti-slip pads on the bottom of the trampoline legs prevent you from scratching wood or tile floors, so you can feel free to use the trampoline anywhere in your home. The joint-friendly suspension keeps the trampoline quiet, ensuring you can get your workout in without disturbing other members of your household.

Newan Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

2. Seven-Piece Yoga Kit – by Clever Yoga

This complete yoga set by Clever Yoga has everything you could need to start your journey to becoming a yogi. The extra-thick yoga mat included in the kit has BetterGrip technology to give you the most comfortable non-slip yoga experience possible. The extra thickness supports your joints without compromising balance, allowing you to focus on breathing and relaxation. The kit also contains two microfiber towels, two yoga blocks, a machine-washable yoga strap, and a convenient carrying case. The set is perfect for use at home or in the studio, great for both the beginner and advanced yogi.

Clever Yoga Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

3. Neoprene Dumbbell Sets with Stand – by AmazonBasics

These dumbbells by AmazonBasics are ideal for resistance training and are simple enough for even the most amateur fitness enthusiasts to use. Three pairs of dumbbells come in this set and are available in increments of two, three, and five-pound sizes. All of the weights come with a neoprene coating that allows you to grip the dumbbells to train comfortably. The weights are applicable for both indoor and outdoor use, as the neoprene coating prevents them from rusting in wet weather. The included weight stand is easy to assemble, and no additional tools are needed to put it together.

AmazonBasics Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

4. Exercise Ball Chair – by MANTRA SPORTS

This exercise ball by MANTRA SPORTS is recommended by personal trainers, physios, and physical therapists to promote recovery and rehabilitation from knee or hip joint injuries without requiring surgery. Burning fat and toning muscles is made easy with this setup, as the attachable resistance straps can target all muscle groups. The exercise ball is the perfect replacement for an office chair because you can work out while seated. reducing the detrimental effects that constant sitting has on your body. The ball itself is made of heavy-duty PVC and is resistant to popping or tearing, able to bear a load up to 750 pounds.

MANTRA SPORTS Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

5. Genuine Leather Pro Weightlifting Belt – by Dark Iron Fitness

This weightlifting belt by Dark Iron Fitness is built to last, made from genuine buffalo hide leather and designed to be soft and flexible, yet supportive. In reviews, buyers have confirmed that they’re able to lift up to 500 and 600 pounds without the belt breaking, and the belt is IPF and USAPL approved. The thickness and width of the belt have been statistically shown to allow users to lift up to 10 percent more weight while wearing it, perfect if you’re trying to reach a personal record or build your strength. A dual-sided tongue buckle tightly secures the belt to your waist, and double stitching ensures maximum durability.

Dark Iron Fitness Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

6. Height-Adjustable Aerobic Stepper – by EveryMile

This aerobic stepper by EveryMile has an adjustable height between four and eight inches to increase the difficulty of your workout. The surface of the stepper is grooved and non-stick, perfectly shock-absorbing and gripping to prevent you from sliding or falling during your workout. Constructed with durable plastic, the stepper is designed to hold up under a weight limit of 220 pounds and won’t crack under pressure. Each riser also has non-stick feet on the bottom to hold the stepper to the floor, so you won’t wobble or get distracted during your exercise. The stepper is also compact and very light, so it’s easy to transport back and forth to the gym, the studio, or home.

EveryMile Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

7. Resistance Bands Set – by Tribe

This 16-piece workout set by Tribe includes everything you’ll need to begin working with resistance bands, including an instructional eBook. The set consists of five color-coded resistance tube bands and four color-coded resistance loop bands, as well as other accessories like cushioned handles, a door anchor, ankle straps, and a carrying case. Every muscle group can be targeted with this set, and it’s designed to replace your gym workouts entirely. The bands are double-layered and designed never to snap, made with unbreakable polymer and nylon straps. The bands’ material is also gentle and soft on the skin, designed to be sweat-resistant and non-irritating.

Tribe Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

8. Medicine Ball – by AmazonBasics

This medicine ball by AmazonBasics is the perfect addition to your home gym equipment and comes in several different weights between six and 20 pounds. Both upper and lower body exercises can be performed with the ball, depending on how it is used and it’s excellent for dynamically targeting different muscle groups. Also, using a medicine ball in motion can help to develop your core strength, coordination, and balance. This ball can be bounced off virtually any surface, as the durable rubber construction is resistant to damage. The grooved texture on the outside of the ball provides a firm grip, ensuring you can hold onto your weight in even the tensest moments of your workout.

AmazonBasics 2 Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

9. Running Pouch Belt – by Sport2People

Have you ever wanted to enjoy an outdoor or treadmill run completely hands-free? Sport2People has the product for you! Their running pouch belt has a compartment for virtually anything you need during your workout, including your phone, headphones, keys, or credit cards. Two expandable pockets line the belt, which allows you to quickly adjust your music or volume without other things falling out. Both the material and zipper on the belt are water-resistant, and a unique headphone hole allows you to listen to music without needing to hold your phone. The belt is also perfect for concealing your valuables during crowded concerts or sporting events, as a t-shirt or jacket can easily cover it.

Sport2People Top 10 Best Workout Accessories

10. Non-Slip Yoga Socks for Women – by Ozaiic

Designed for both the beginner and experienced yogi, these socks help to hold poses easier as well as increase balance and stability. These one-size-fits-all socks can be used for yoga, pilates, ballet barre, dance, or gym, and are especially useful on slippery surfaces like hardwood floors. The design is inspired by ballet shoes, featuring combed cotton fabric and elastic strap accents for ultimate comfort. Patterned grips on the bottom of the socks keep your feet in place, alongside an extra heel tread boost to provide the best possible traction. The socks come in various colors to suit your taste, and Ozaiic offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee if the socks don’t work for you.

Ozaiic Top 10 Best Workout Accessories


By BCR Staff

February 2020