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Top Ten Snowshoes For Kids

Tis the season for snowshoeing!  And it’s even more fun when the whole tribe is in on it!

Snowshoeing requires no specialized skills, so even kids and teens who aren’t athletically inclined can participate successfully without needing practice or lessons. It gets everyone away from their screens, off of the couch, and out into nature. And the best part?  It’s a super-fun, easy, and inexpensive winter activity that can help bring the whole family together.Wondering what type of snowshoes to get for your kiddos?  We’ve created a list of the top ten snowshoes for kids that covers the smallest of tots to the tallest of teens.

1. ALPS Lightweight Snowshoes Set for Kids

Now here’s a great pair that’ll do right for kids, teens, and even adults with small builds. They are built for high performance, and their robust alloy frames are made from Lightweight 6061 series aluminum tubing. The TPU-85 plastic deck is specially constructed to be used in extreme weather conditions. (Hopefully, it won’t come to that!). If that’s not enough, the fast-lock buckles and adjustable binding allows kids to tighten the straps themselves easily. They are made to support both users from 40 to 120 pounds and accommodate most of the standard shoe sizes. The set includes the snowshoes, poles, and carrying bag.

2.  MSR Tyker Kids’ Snowshoes

If you’re looking for a pair that’s great for traction and flotation, look no further than the MSR Tyker Kids’ Snowshoe that comes in a compact and kid-friendly design. With four eye-popping color choices, it will be easy to spot any wanderers! They have been made to support boys and girls weighing up to 90 pounds. Constructed of kid-friendly molded traction bars and steel crampons, they not only provide complete safety for the little ones but also have an excellent grip on frozen, snowy paths. If you’re worried about them lasting—don’t. The deck of these babies is made of durable injection-molding that can last for years in just about any snow-related condition, be it slippery slopes or deep powder.

3.  Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes

Lucky Bums is here to quell any fears and frustrations about sinking in the deep snowy depths once and for all. These lightweight and sturdy snowshoes boast a nearly indestructible aluminum frame and have adjustable kid-friendly ratchet bindings. Now your kids will feel free to accompany you in deep snow safely and with no worries.  They have been designed specifically for maximum outdoor trek efficiency and are rated for up to 175 pounds, depending on which size you choose. The hinge that helps lift the tail of the shoe provides extra mobility and speed while also providing added lateral support. Choose from blue, green, or pink. They even come with a handy carrying bag and a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty.

4. Tubbs Snowflake Snowshoe For Kids

Normally, it is not advisable for your growing ward to wander out in the snow on their own, but these Tubbs Snowflake snowshoes may just be the alternative that you’re looking for. These shoes are made to fit kids who are aged between 3-6 and can give your child some fun-loving exposure to the frosty world.  With their easy 2-step bindings, gripping molded plastic toe claws, and a heel grip area on the deck for extra stability, your little ones will be sturdy in the snow. And to make the experience more fun, the Tubbs’ Snowflake snowshoes come with a complimentary sticker pack that allows your kids to customize their shoes however they like.

5.  Tubbs Snowglow Snowshoe For Kids

Who said playing in the snow is only reserved for daytime? Tubbs decided to take it a step further with their Snowglow Snowshoes with the introduction of flashing LED lights. This way, kids between 4-8 years of age can light their way in the dark, thus adding more variety to their enjoyable snowshoeing adventures. Tubbs also went out of their way to add the easy-to-use QuickLock2 binding,  that it provides a secure connection between the boot and the snowshoe. Also, the molded tractions rail from underneath the shoes offer excellent traction for the kids especially on crusty snow or icy patches.

6.  EMSCO Snow Dogs Kids’ Poly Snowshoes

In spite of the name, these snowshoes are built for the offspring (human that is). Their adjustable straps and wide platform are built to support most kids’ shoe sizes and shapes and are excellent for introducing snowshoeing to the young ones. It will take a miracle for these beauties to wear out due to their durable and tough plastic material that doesn’t know the meaning of the words bend or snap. Their waffle design allows for multiple points of ground contact, making them both lightweight as well as high performing. The compact design is what will help kids distribute their weight evenly in deep snow.

7.  Louis Garneau – HG Neo Kid II Snowshoe

If there were ever a simple and painless solution to get your kid to experience the wonderful world of snow walking, it would be with these Louis Garneau’s HG Neo Kid II Snowshoes.  These adorable shoes are made of sturdy polymer material and are ideal at getting your kids to enjoy playing in the snow without the thought of sinking ever coming to mind. The pair’s safety is backed by the polymer molded deck’s sturdy and lightweight structure that is reinforced by the u-shaped profile and is resistant to extreme freezing temperatures.

8. Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

These lightweight and durable snowshoes by Chinook are ergonomically designed for comfort and feature heavy-duty aluminum crampons for excellent traction. Heel straps that have quick-release buckles and easy-to-handle dual ratchet bindings make it simple for kids to get these shoes on and off. Size 19 is recommended for kids up to 90 pounds. Comes with a handy carrying back with backpack straps and velcro pole carriers

9.  Lucky Bums Youth and Adult Snowshoes

Lucky Bums is another recurring name that we are proud to have on our list again, and rightly so. These are made to accommodate the weight and boot sizes of both youths and adults. They can easily brave through many winters with their adjustable bindings and lightweight aluminum frames. This is further testified with the decking that offers long-lasting durability. The metal toe crampon is what helps the user get dependable traction on packed snow. If you’re looking to store or carry some extra goodies for your snowy adventures, then you’ll be happy to know that the snowshoes come with a convenient carry bag for the occasion.

10.  Carryown Snowshoes

Carryown’s snowshoes offer an all-round package for both young and old snow walkers and trekkers. They are constructed to be both lightweight and high-performing, guaranteeing the ultimate combo of comfort and simplicity. And just to be sure that you have no trouble walking, the frames are made of sturdy aluminum that features a curved back end that brilliantly reduces the dragging effect of the foot while walking and enhances maneuverability. What’s more, the bindings are molded right around the boot to both cradle and pad the ball and arch of the foot.

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