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10 Best Sleds

What are some of the attributes and components found in the best sleds today? An underbelly that reduces friction as much as possible is an important concern. Available control and handle options are another consideration. Then there are the matters of safety, portability, resilience, comfort, and overall bang-per-buck. For you, though, the decision will be much easier, as we’ve checked them all out already and condensed this year’s best options into one, simple list. So, read along for the top, 10, best snow sled options available for purchase right now.

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1. Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer 2-Person Snow Sled


Flexible Flyer Snow Rocket Foam Sled. Plastic SNO Slider Bobsled best sleds


The Snow Screamer 2-Person Snow Sled is a great option by the renowned maker, Flexible Flyer. This one employs a glossed, super-slick bottom with a nice layer of padding rider-side. At 42-inch x 20.5-inch x 2-inch and three pounds of total weight, rider maneuverability, no matter your age, is great. This sled is also quite durable, functioning safely with loads up to 200 pounds and standing up to lots of rugged use.

2. A-DUDU Snow Tube


A-DUDU Snow Tube - Super Big 47 Inch Inflatable Snow Sled for Kids and Adults - Heavy Duty Inflatable Snow Tube Made by Thickening Material of 0.6mm best sleds

One of the best snow tube choices out there, in particular, is the A-DUDU Snow Tube. While being an inflatable option, this one is surprisingly strong and is also quite comfortable to hunker down in. Strong handles on each side, a strong, dual-layer bottom, and the use of environmentally friendly materials are worth noting. So, too is this sled’s 500-pound user capacity and excellent extreme-temp durability in severe conditions. You can pick from two style choices also: black with blue glacial features or the classic arctic blue with snow sparkle.


3. Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled


Jet Sled 1, 25x54x10" UPSABLE best sleds


In the working class of sleds, Shappell’s Jet Ice Fishing Sled is a definite top pick. Straightforward and simple yet highly effective and strong – these combined traits are enough to win top recommendations, but there’s more. Users of this work sled can look forward to a super-strong polyethylene body, a tow rope that’s ready for any job, strong, molded runners, and a great worker size and shape at 54-inch x 25-inch x 10-inch.


4. Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled


Flexible Flyer Large Steel Runner Sled. Metal & Wood Steering Snow Slider. Adult 60" best sleds


Flexible Flyer definitely deserved one more spot on our list, this time with its more classic sled model, the Metal Runner Sled. Here, we get the traditional sled style made in high-grade steel and wood with that excellent old-school steering that works whether you’re seated or laying flat. At 60-inch x 20.5-inch x 6.5-inch and 14 pounds and with a 250-pound rider capacity, this one is ready for action for adults, teens, and kids alike.


5. GoFloats Winter Snow Tube


GoFloats Winter Snow Tube - Inflatable Toboggan Sled for Kids and Adults (Choose from Unicorn, Ice Dragon, Polar Bear, Penguin, Flamingo) best sleds


For its awesome style, durability, and excellent bang-per-buck factor, the Winter Snow Tube by GoFloats can easily go as the all-around best inflatable sled under $50 and our favorite to test. Themed to look like a slope-scorching dragon, this fun-filled ride is also super comfortable and sized just right for the whole family at 45-inches. An ultra-thick sled body and fast-inflate valve make this one even sweeter.

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6. Lucky Bums 25-inch Plastic Saucer Sled


Lucky Bums 25" Diameter Plastic Saucer Sled, Red best sleds


For fans of the saucer sled class of sleds, the 25-inch Plastic Saucer Sled by Lucky Bums definitely represents one of the best saucer sled options out right now. That’s because there’s really nothing to compromise here for the user. Pick this top saucer sled and enjoy ultra-durable BPA and Phthalate-free construction, an ergonomic and strong handle system, and even a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the family-owned maker.


7. HIWENA Snow Tube 2-Pack


HIWENA Snow Tubes, Inflatable Snow Tubes for Family with 2 Higher Handles, Heavy Duty Snow Sled for Adults, and Snow Toy for Kids, 48 and 37 Inch Snowflake Snow Tubes (2 Pack) best sleds


HIWENA makes a great, dual sled package in the Snow Tube 2-Pack. Buyers of this sled kit get one 48-inch adult sled as well as one 37-inch kid’s version. These awesome inflatables both employ thickened PVC bodies, large and strong handle systems, and a comfortably deep seat that helps to keep you boarded through all the action. Reliable rapid-valve inflation and deflation port along with complimentary repair patches also win this top inflatable sled some extra points.


8. Unigant Children’s Downhill Plastic Sled


Unigant Children's Sleigh Downhill Plastic Toboggan Snow Sled Kids Plastic Snow Sleds with Pull Rope Winter Comfortable Toboggan Skiing Tools for Grass Skiing/Sand Boarding/Skiing (Pink) best sleds


For those specifically on the hunt for a top children’s sled right now, Unigant’s Children’s Downhill Plastic Sled really gets it right with its saucer-style approach. The design of this one allows for some great, downhill sledding along with good maneuverability and steering. Notable durability, temperature resistance to -30F, and a solid handle and tow rope setup also make this one a great choice at the end of the day.


9. Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled


Zipfy, Snow Sled, Classic Freestyle Luge, Two-Toned - Firefly Red best sleds


Fans of the luge-style sled hold on tight. Zipfy’s Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled is a really fun ride with a great, overall design. Made for all ages, this luge sled provides great steering and maneuverability via the center control handle and center-of-gravity dynamics while also being very safe for all riders up to 250lbs. Its feet-first design is also proven to minimize accidental injuries, which is great news for all riders and thrill levels. Even better, buyers can choose from one of 9 design styles that offer different colors and even fun patterns and illustrations.


10. Slippery Racer Downhill Ski Scooter Snow Sled


Slippery Racer Downhill Ski Scooter Snow Sled, Blue best sleds


Again with a kids-only sled, we round out the final spot on our list with the very fun and unique Downhill Ski Scooter Snow Sled by Slippery Racer. Emulating an actual stand-up scooter ride, young riders can simply jump on and go with this no-experience-needed option. A high arc handle provides stability and maneuverability, while quality, built-in, backside guard rails assure riders of smooth acceleration. Slippery Racer even thought of storage and made the handlebar system foldable for a much smaller storage footprint. This one really proves that the best sleds can literally take on any shape, size, or style.

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By BCR Staff

January 2020