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Top Five Best Ping Pong Tables Under $500

In this article, we will be detailing the top five best ping pong tables under $500. Especially during these difficult times in quarantine, having a ping pong table can be a great way to connect with your family. Playing an exciting game of ping pong gets you away from staring at screens and harmful blue light, keeping your coordination active while proving a rousing challenge for everyone involved. Ping pong is undoubtedly an easy game to master, so taking time to play with your family can be a long-term activity that everyone can enjoy. 


Ping pong tables are typically easy to assemble and relatively inexpensive, meaning they’re a great addition to your home or outdoor seating area. During the summer, a ping pong table is perfect to set up outside on a patio for warm nights. All of the ping pong tables mentioned in the following list are less than $500, which is great for families that want to see the kind of fun they can have playing ping pong but aren’t ready to commit to an expensive price tag. If you’ve been curious about dipping into the ping pong world, keep reading to get an in-depth look at five high-quality tables. 

1. STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis

Stiga Advantage Top 5 best ping pong tables under $500

STIGA is a brand designed to provide their customers with hours of fun using their products. This competition-ready indoor ping pong table comes packaged in two separate halves for easy assembly as it comes 95% assembled when first removed from the box. Because of the pre-assembly measures that STIGA has employed, the table only takes ten minutes to set up fully. 


When you need to take the table apart or move it, the two halves are easily separated and rolled across surfaces using 3-inch wheels that can be locked. The table halves can also be folded to stand straight up for secure storage, perfect if you need to store the table away in a garage or closet. It comes at a very reasonable price when considering all of its features.


The net that comes alongside the table measures 72 inches and is tournament-grade, meaning it is great to practice on if you’re a prospective professional table tennis player. The tabletop itself is ⅝ of an inch thick, offering exceptional durability and excellent ball bounce. The net is attached to the table using a clamp that makes it easy to remove and clean, and the tension of the net can also be adjusted using these clamps. 


To keep users as safe as possible, the table also uses a safety latch system on the bottom of the tabletop. These safety latches lock the table into its upright playing position so it will never unexpectedly open or fall. If you have times where you want to play on your own, the table halves can be set to a playback position so you can sharpen your skills playing solo. 


While this table has been designed explicitly for competition-level play, it still makes the perfect asset to a casual family game room or office space. Having a tournament-grade table means you can practice your table tennis skills no matter how much experience you have, whether you’re training to go pro or you’re just starting. 

2. HEAD Summit USA Table Tennis Seamless Folding Table With Competition Grade Net 

Head summit top 5 best ping pong tables under $500

This table by HEAD comes in at a slightly higher price point than the previous table, and like our first offering, HEAD’s model is also competition-grade and can be used for high-quality training regardless of your skill level. Sharing the ultimate indoor ping pong experience with your family and friends has never been easier with this table, which comes 95% pre-assembled, so it only takes a few minutes to set up and play. The table folds in the middle for easy setup, but is secure when laid flat and will not unexpectedly open or fold when you’re playing. 


The table surface measures ¾ of an inch thick, which is slightly thicker than the STIGA table. This thickness provides the table tennis ball with a consistent bounce throughout gameplay, meaning you’ll always have a constant practice standard. The net included with the table is also competition-grade and can be easily attached or removed using clamp accessories. The clamps provide the net with high tension for even the most experienced players. 


Because the two halves of the table fold so quickly, it’s simple for players to fold one side up to practice their skills solo. The two table halves nest together when folded so they can be stored easily, perfect for when the table needs to be stowed away or moved. The table is the standard regulation size, which is excellent for people who think they could be training for a legitimate table tennis tournament. 


One thing to be wary about when ordering this table is the sheer weight of the package, which comes in at just over 200 pounds. The weight is necessary to preserve the table’s longevity and durability, ensuring that your family and friends can play together for years to come. The table has 12 separate contact points with the floor when setup, and when folded, the locking wheels make the table easy to roll across surfaces. To enjoy the full table tennis experience, you will need to purchase paddles and balls separately. 

3. JOOLA Professional Indoor Table Tennis Table

Joola top 5 best ping pong tables under $500


This table tennis table by JOOLA is another great ping-pong table under $500. Your purchase comes with the foldable, professional-grade table as well as a high-quality net. The tabletop measures 108 by 60 by 30 inches and is perfect for your family home, office building, or local recreation center. The table is ideal for use no matter what your skill level and is hours of fun for children or adults of any age group. USATT, a non-profit organization governing United States Table Tennis, has approved this table as it is designed to be regulation-sized and perfect for professional play. 


When your JOOLA table arrives in the mail, it will take 15 minutes to go from the box to play. Upon opening, you will discover that the two halves of the table are independent of one another, meaning that you can easily use the halves individually. Also, the table halves can be arranged to facilitate independent play, using one half of the table as a backboard for the ball. 


Underneath each of the table halves, there rests a reliable support system for the table to be folded onto and easily moved. The table’s legs measure 1.5 inches with 3-inch caster wheels to roll the table efficiently and without damage. The bottom of each of the legs has rubber levelers that prevent the table from scratching the floor or becoming wobbly. 


The net that attaches to the table comes with a clamp system that can easily be removed or tightened to enhance play. The net will not hinder the table’s movement or storage as it can be removed in seconds using the tension adjustments. 


The dark blue painted tabletop measures ⅝ of an inch thick, making it perfect for players of any skill level. This thickness offers both superior bounce and durability as it is silk-screened and then cured with ultraviolet light before dispatch. A spring-loaded latch system ensures safety while using the table, preventing each of the halves from moving out of their locked position during play. 

4. Kettler Stockholm GT Tournament Indoor Table Tennis Table 

Ketler top 5 Ping pong tables under $500

Kettler’s ping pong table measures 108 by 60 by 30 inches and is regulation size for players of all skill levels. The tabletop itself measures ¾ of an inch thick to provide maximum ball bounce and durability, ensuring you’ll be able to use your table for years to come. Kettler has created a patented Safety-Fold technology with this table with two separate locks that prevent the sudden opening or closing of the table during use. This way, you’ll never need to worry about the table moving or becoming unhinged, even during the most intense family game nights. 


The table has a low center of gravity so that it can be transported easier, as well as space-saving technology that allows it to be stored in more compact locations. When stored, its dimensions are 72 by 22 by 66.75 inches. 


The ping pong table’s outer edges are lined with 1 inch of aluminum that is designed to cradle the tabletop and reduce possible warping of the table. The posts which hold the net on either side of the table are made from durable resin that remains consistent even when the table is folded or not in use. These posts allow the net to stay consistently tense throughout gameplay without the need for adjustments or added stretching. 


Each table comes with a three-year limited warranty that applies to residences, which is great if you’re planning to leave the table in your family’s home. To extend your table’s lifespan as much as possible, leaving outdoors for extended periods is not recommended. Instead, if you plan on using the table outside, it is suggested that you use a cover in the case of any rain or other wet conditions. 


5. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table (¾ Regulation Size, Space-Saver)

Butterfly junior top 5 ping pong tables under $500

If you’re looking to provide your family with a ping pong table without spending a ton of money, look no further than this junior ping pong table by Butterfly. This table is approximately ¾ of the regulation size for a typical ping pong table, making it perfect for those who are just starting out or for younger children who find the size of a competition-grade table intimidating. 


The table measures 81 by 45 by 30 inches and is foldable, with each half weighing only 35 pounds. The table ships fully assembled out of the box, meaning you can go from unboxing to playing in moments. Also, the table comes with a free net set to practice your game as accurately as possible. 


This smaller-sized table makes it much easier to keep the ball in play, which is excellent for those who aren’t ready to play with regulation-size tables. Also, buying a mid-size table like this can be great if you want to use it for other activities like card games or board games. Using a versatile piece like this in a family game room or basement could prevent you from needing to buy multiple pieces of furniture. The table comes in both blue and green, and the tabletop measures 12mm thick, giving it more support than a typical miniature table tennis table. When stored, the table measures only 5 inches wide, allowing it to slide into compact and discreet places. Each half of the table has two wheels for ease of movement, and soft corner pads protect against bumps and bruises. 

BCR Staff June 2020