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Top 10 Best Golf Putter Grips

No matter how much you practice, you will never perfect your game without discovering the top 10 best golf putter grips for you. The hands of golfers are every bit as diverse any other part of their bodies. Strides are different, postures are different, and strokes are different. Finding the grip that best serves you on the golf green is as elusive as finding the perfect driver, wood, or iron. These are the ingredients that make the game of golf so enjoyable. Every type of stroke has different demands on the body, with the putting stroke being the most elegant of them all, demanding the highest concentration and discipline.

1. The SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 Putter Grip

SuperStroke began producing this putter grip to accommodate large hands but discovered that its principal market is with older golfers. These oversized putter grips let you have complete control of your flat surface club without having to squeeze. The lightweight material used does not counter the weight of the putter head; it augments it. The USGA approved this putter grip for professional use. The material used has a tackiness level that removes any possibility of slippage.
SuperStroke Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

2. The SAPLIZE Golf Putter Grip—Sap Lit 2

Over its ten years of existence, SAPLIZE has diligently worked to find and produce the best golf grips for all golf clubs. Its newest grip variation is the Sap Lit 2 for golf putters. These affordable golf putters grips offer an imaginative pistol grip feel that comfortably fits in both palms. The tacky surface assures you of a non-slipping grasp, and the flat surface along the top of the shaft serves to position fingers for the most accurate putts properly.
SAPLIZE Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

3. NFL Golf Putter Grip from TourMark

TourMark included several marketing angles in its imaginative NFL golf putter grip. The grip accepts a removable gel top marker with the emblem of your favorite NFL team that recesses so that it does not interfere with your grasp. The grip itself incorporates both the pistol and jumbo attributes, giving you a larger and more accurate gripping surface. The pistol grip philosophy guides your thumb and fingers into the correct spot for accurate putting, and the jumbo aspect reduces wrist action bringing more control to the putting head surface.
TourMark Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

4. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter Grip

Golf Pride adds something extra to its Tour SNSR putter grip. Though the grip is oversized for a better fit in the palm, it also sports a tapered aspect that lets you change your grasp dependent on the lay of the ball and the surface aspects of the green. While Golf Pride uses the traditional pistol design on its putter grip to properly align the hands, fingers, and thumb, it also gives you a tackiness that keeps your hands from slipping.
Golf Pride Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

5. Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip

Karma Dual Touch developed its Midsize Putter Grip targeting the youthful golfer market. As a result, realizing that the younger golfer will grow, Karma Dual Touch markets these items as a cheap golf putter grip alternative. The grip operates off the traditional paddle design to educate young golfers on the proper location for hands, fingers, and thumbs while putting. The smaller size of the putter grip means less weight, transferring the control weight to the putter head.
Karma Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

6. Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grip

There is a significant difference between the Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grip and other grips. The grip offered by Arm-Lock is thicker, heavier, and longer than any other on the market. Golfers rate the Arm-Lock as an oversized grip that employs the whole hand to swing, effectively locking the arms and wrists into place while putting. The extra weight brings the center of gravity above the putter head, dampening the effect of the strike. The 17-inch grip lets allow the player’s more control of their swing.
Arm-Lock Gold Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

7. Winn X Pro Golf Putter Grips

Winn Grips produces its X Pro Golf Putter Grips to enhance the game of golfers of all ages. The grip is considered a jumbo size, which means it sits comfortably in your palm without forcing a wrist twist to accommodate the grasp. The grip is designed in a pistol grip fashion to allow greater control of your swing with solid wrist stability. The material used is extremely lightweight, which translates to more shaft weight distribution in the putter head.
Winn Grips Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

8. KINGRASP Golf Putter Grip

The golf putter grip from KINGRASP takes advantage of many components of the hand to coordinate your swing with your putter head. The grip comes in three thicknesses to accommodate any size of the hand. Each thickness consists of the same PU and rubber foam with a tacky exterior for a firm grasp. The grip is flat in the area where the thumbs align for the perfect grasp that aligns with the putter head.
Kingrasp Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

9. The Morovan New Golf Putter Grip

Morovan came up with its new golf putter grip when it realized that the tackiness in most putter grips fades away over time. The most significant feature of this putter grip is a grainy or dimpled design that makes for a slip-free grasp that does not fade away. Though these grips take a little getting used to, their resilient properties let you continue to golf in any weather without worry of slippage. The soft, spongy material used in the grip’s construction lets you grasp tightly without hand cramps
morovan Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips

10. Lamkin Flat Cat Standard Golf Putter Grip

If you are like most golfers, your grip change from green to green. Lamkin produced their Flat Cat golf putter grip with that tendency in mind. With this unique grip design, your hands are forced into the correct position while putting to eliminate shoulder roll and wrist movement. The grip consists of a super lightweight material that does not compromise the weight distribution of your putter. The material is soft to the touch allowing you to squeeze to keep control without hand pain.
Lamkin Flat Cat Top Ten Best Golf Putter Grips
Golfers around the world use different types of putter grips. Many of them claim that their game is improved by using this or that putter grip. Only you can determine what the best grip for your game is. Whether you use a traditional pistol or paddle grip, or if your preference is for a longer jumbo grip, the decision is yours and yours alone. If you see a grip while perusing this list of the best golf putter grips that you feel may improve your game, then make your choice for a low-cost alternative to the putter grip that is not meeting your needs.


By BCR Writing Staff

July 2019