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Top 10 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes

This article will cover the top 10 fishing tackle boxes you can purchase online.

Fishing, angling, or netting, it does not matter what you call it. It amounts to the same thing. Some fishermen swear that each time they are beside or on the water extends their life by another day. Fishing was once an essential skill to gain the sustenance necessary for survival. The pilgrims used smelt to fertilize their crops, American natives used spears to capture salmon, and trawlers use nets to harvest the sea; the methods used to catch a fish are endless. The modern fisher who wants a day of relaxation beside a stream must be prepared for varied conditions. That is where the fishing tackle box becomes an essential tool in the fishers repertoire.

1. Flambeau Outdoors 6382 Classic Two-Tray Tackle Box

The Flambeau Outdoors Tackle Box is an affordable mix of the old-style tackle boxes prevalent in the 1960s and modern fishing tackle boxes with adjustable compartments to create areas of different sizes in its eight separate trays. The top-quality polycarbonate container adds a flip-top lid compartment for easy access to the lures, swivels, and leader that you use the most without opening the main compartment latch. Unlike older models, the slide-out trays come equipped with tip guards to keep your equipment in place.

Flambeau Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

2. Plano Six-Tray Hip Roof Large Storage Tackle Box

The hip-style roof of this six-tray storage tackle box allows you to pull out each tray without concern about tipping the tackle box forward and dumping all your carefully arranged fishing equipment. The tackle box is large enough to store all your extra fishing tackle and small enough to gently push into a spot in your garage for easy access later. The durable shell resists cracking, chipping, and discoloration. The lightweight material features an easy to carry handle that folds away when not in use.

Plano Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

3. KastKing Tackle Boxes

KastKing offers this set of four tackle boxes as the ultimate storage unit for fishing trips that seek out multiple species. Each of the four boxes is 10.8 inches by 7.25 inches and 1.65 inches in depth. You can set these up at home before your trip to create the ideal grab-and-go tackle container. Since each container is transparent, a single glance lets you know the box you need for whatever fish you are angling.

KastKing Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

4. Plano Angled Tackle System with three Stowaway Boxes

Plano created this tackle system for the fisher in a hurry when on the road, but relaxed when at home. The system is considered one of the top fishing tackle storage units on the market. There are three independent and completely enclosed compartmentalized boxes where your fishing equipment stays in place no matter if you turn it upside down or toss it across a room. You can set up each box to store your gear for each of your favorite species of fish.

Plano 2 Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

5. Plano Molding Stow-N-Go Tackle Box with Four Stowaways

Plano designed this cheap tackle box system to store away multiple sets of fishing gear for the fisher on the go. With four separate transparent and fully compartmentalized boxes held in one shell, this tackle box lets you throw all your equipment into a trunk or pickup bed and go on vacation knowing you have the everything you need for a fishing trip across the state. The high-quality shell resists chipping, cracking, discoloration, and weather while protecting the durable boxes held inside.

Plano 3 Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

6. RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box

RUNCL designed this fishing tackle box with the rigors of the natural environment in mind. The shell consists of a thicker material than other tackle boxes and features locking fasteners on three sides of the container to hold the lid shut tight no matter what position it is placed. The lid features a 360-degree silicone gel seal that keeps out moisture even if the tackle box is completely immersed in flowing water. Adjustable compartments make it one of the best tackle boxes available on the market.

RUNCL Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

7. Wakeman Fishing Single-Tray tackle Box

Wakeman produces this fishing tackle box as a cheap rendition of the traditional tackle box used for so many decades by an incredible number of fishers. The shell is 12.75 inches by 7 inches and 5.5 inches deep, allowing you to pack everything you need in terminal tackle for your fishing trip. The tackle box is configured with a removable tray for easy access to those items you use most often. This box is large enough to carry essential tools and light enough to go with you anywhere.

Wakeman Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

8. Ready2Fish Tackle Box with Tackle Included

The addition of Ready2Fish tackle with this tackle box makes it one of the more affordable fishing tackle boxes anywhere. The box itself features two internal trays compartmentalized appropriately to accept all the fishing gear you need for your first or last trip out to the river. The shell consists of a durable plastic that will last you for years. The 152 pieces of tackle that come with the box are appropriately positioned to give you a pattern for outfitting your box with new gear in the future.

Ready2Fish Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

9. The Bassdash Tackle Box

Bassdash designed this tackle box in anticipation of the needs of the fisher and to combat any trouble the fisher may experience. When fishing, you are near, or even in, the water. Rain is a familiar companion to the fisher as well as snow for those who fish in the winter months. Bassdash made sure to provide a complete seal around the lid of the box to keep out water even if you drop it into the stream.

Bassdash Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

10. Bins & Things Fishing Tackle Box

Bins & Things designed this tackle box as the perfect fishing friend for young children who are fishing for the first time as well as experienced adults. The lightweight material that makes up the shell and the internal trays and compartments allow you to pack in more essential tools and fishing equipment than you can in other tackle boxes. The compartments are of intuitive design to hold hammers, pliers, cutters, and hook removers as well as the fishing tackle essential for any successful angling trip.

Bins & Things Top Ten Fishing Tackle Boxes

Like most fishing items, the fishers themselves determine what components are most important for their tackle boxes. These items may appear to be mundane, but they are the signatures of the angler. Those fishers who are looking for relaxation only need a single tray or double tray tackle box. Serious fishers who journey across the plains and up and down mountains to get to their favorite fishing holes or who visit several locations in one trip require a more complex tackle box system. In the end, the selection of the best tackle box is determined by the fisher, not by the market.



By BCR Staff

August 2019