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Top 10 Best Fishing Sunglasses

Sunglasses for fishers were once considered an extraneous item that boosted the ego, but today the angler is in a continuous search for the 10 best fishing sunglasses. What has changed to make sunglasses a “must” item for fishers? Over time, fishers have learned that there are advantages to wearing sunglasses while fishing. The sun beats down on the surface of the water, making it opaque so a fisher cannot view fish beneath the surface. The sun also affects the eyes, and the reflection of the sun off the water’s surface is especially harmful. Covering a part of yourself as sensitive as your eyes helps to alleviate those issues that always accompany intense sun.

1. KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Enjoy the protection that polarized sunglasses provide from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the summer. These glasses from KastKing are among the most affordable fishing sunglasses on the market. These sunglasses wipe away the opaqueness of the water surface created by the sun’s reflective rays. Each color serves for a different type of sunny environment. Some are best for partly cloudy days, some for cloudy days, and others for cloudless days. No fishing box is complete without a set of these affordable sunglasses.
KastingKing Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

2. RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

These RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses come with a durable frame which makes them perfect for any type of sporting event. The lens limits all ultraviolet rays and works especially well along the blue spectrum to squash sun reflection from water and glass. The glasses are fashionable for men and women to wear while fishing, boating, or attending a soccer or baseball game. The mirror coating also dampens scattered light that comes from all angles.
RIVBOS Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

3. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Duduma developed these polarized sunglasses for motorcyclists, hikers and runners, but discovered that they also work well for fishers. The result is a set of low-cost fishing sunglasses that block all ultraviolet light. The frames are ultra-light so that after an hour of wearing them, you forget they are on your face. The blue lenses give a distinctive look that attracts repeated glances from other fishers. With these glasses, you can peer into the stream, detect the location of fish, and enhance your fishing experience.
Duduma Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

4. Filthy Anglers Ames Polarized Sport Fishing Sunglasses

With the advanced polarization technology used by Filthy Anglers, it is no wonder that this product is considered one of the top fishing sunglasses on the market. These sunglasses block out all ultraviolet light to protect you no matter where you are fishing. The glasses are lightweight, reflective, and look good. Using these sunglasses gives you an advantage over nature by exposing the fish lying in the depths of a stream or pond.
Filthy Anglers Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

5. Bircen Polarized Sunglasses

Bircen constructed its fashionable sunglasses as a lightweight addition to your face to guard against the harm of ultraviolet light. The composite lens reflects any harmful rays while allowing in light that tells the true color of an object. The glasses come with a microfiber bag to carry them in your pocket or attached to your belt when they are unneeded. The soft bag works as a lens cleaner in a pinch. The magnesium aluminum frames are durable, so you are assured of protection for years to come.
Bircen Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

6. Filthy Anglers Shawsheen Polarized Sport Sunglasses

These sunglasses from Filthy Anglers give a distinctive look to anyone who wears them. They empower you to bring out your individuality with a white frame that surrounds the dark blue lenses. While having that distinctive look, these glasses are also a practical solution to the increased ultraviolet danger that is creeping over the world. The glasses are packaged in a microfiber bag to protect them while not being worn. When wearing these glasses, you are assured that no ultraviolet rays damage your eyes.
Filthy Anglers 2 Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

7. Polarized Wayfarer Vintage Fishing Sunglasses

These sunglasses from Infi Eyewear feature effective ultraviolet light blockage from all directions packaged in a frame with the traditional Cary Grant look. While your eyes hide behind the deep blue lenses that provide the ultimate in Ultraviolet protection, your vision improves to the point where the true color of objects that surround you come through. Suddenly the world is more entertaining without the interference of damaging UV light. Wearing these fashionable lenses relaxes your eyes and makes the world fun again.
INFI Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

8. Flying Fisherman Fowey Polarized Sunglasses

The Flying Fisherman brand expanded on the concept of fishing sunglasses with these high-tech pieces of eyewear. These lightweight sunglasses feature lenses made from polarized triacetate that is scratch-resistant and tinted to provide an extra level of protection from reflective glare. The frames consist of a hard polycarbonate that resists damage from drops or undue pressures. The lenses are designed to increase contrast, reveal true colors, and eliminate that inexplicable barrier that every water surface gains when it is drenched by the sun.
Flying Fisherman Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

9. Polarized Camouflage Sport Fishing Sunglasses

USA Supreme produced these glasses with indoor and outdoor shooting ranges in mind but quickly realized the impressive improvements they provided for fishers. The glasses have a definite military look about them with the camouflage design. However, that impression is interrupted by deep-blue lenses that seem to peer out of nowhere. The lenses block out UV light, enhance definition, and develop contrasts between colors. The lightweight frames are virtually indestructible and come with an elastic cord to hook behind the head, holding the glasses in place no matter your activity.
USA Supreme Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses

10. Fishoholic Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Fishoholic is the perfect brand name for these polarized fishing sunglasses. The lenses are specifically designed to eliminate the glare from sun-drenched water, revealing the fish hidden behind rocks or in deep pools. At the same time, the lenses protect against the abuse that comes with extended UV light exposure that all fishers know and understand. The frames are a lightweight polycarbonate with an appropriate outdoor design that brings an instant smile to any fisher wearing them when they look into a mirror.
Fishoholic Top Ten Best Fishing Sunglasses
Recent studies about the effects of ultraviolet light bring focus to the necessity of sunglasses to fishers around the world. Suffering the damages of UV exposure interrupts the absolute joy that people find in fishing. To enjoy the great outdoors in a natural way, look over this list of the best fishing sunglasses to relax and enjoy your time on, or next to, the water.


By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019