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Top 10 Fishing Rods

This article reviews the top 10 fishing rods available online.

Amongst fishers, there is a continuous, raucous, and sometimes belligerent debate about what constitutes the best fishing rods. The debate persists because of the different types of fish and the different types of fishers — the fish range from the tiny bluegill to the fighting salmon. The anglers range from professionals to irked cubicle workers who want a day of peace under floating clouds with gentle breezes and the hope of a distant strike. The rod, in each case, is different, and the quest for the perfect spinning rod leads down alternative paths. Put the debate to rest by looking over this list of spinning rods to find the best fishing rod for you.

1. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is a top fishing rod for those who prefer fishing with light lures and baits. The rod body consists of fiberglass and graphite for a tough finish that is nearly indestructible and a sensitive tip that reacts to every nibble and bite no matter how small. The rod features stainless steel guides that resist corrosion, even during use in saltwater. The rod can handle any fishing line from monofilament to braided.
Ugly Stik Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

2. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

PLUSINNO offers a combination rod and reel that is perfect for both the beginning and experienced fisher. The rod consists of a carbon fiber and fiberglass combination for a lively feel when a fish is on the end of your line. The rod is telescopic, which makes it ideal for hiking into those hard to find lakes in wilderness areas. The rod features ceramic liners in the guides for longer casts. The rod comes with a reel, a carrying case, monofilament line, lures, and hooks.
Plusinno Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

3. KastKing Centron Spinning Real and Fishing Rod Combo

KastKing’s combo products are an affordable fishing rod set that offers great performance for fishers of every age. The rods are lightweight and consist of graphite blanks that provide a live action whenever fish bite. The reels are designed for monofilament line but handle braided line as well. The guides are stainless steel with replaceable O-ring inserts that provide a great slide when casting. These combo sets are great when fishing for lightweight fish like trout and panfish and those heavy action fish such as steelhead and salmon.
KastKing Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

4. Wakeman Swarm Series Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Wakeman offers this rod and reel combination as a cheap fishing rod alternative. The set comes with 65 feet of monofilament six-pound line already rolled onto the reel and ready for your first cast. The rod is a shorter 65-inch design specially made for a youth’s first fishing experience. The fishing system this combination provides is very lightweight, which makes it perfect for bluegill and crappie fishing. A young fisher using will cherish the memories produced with this combo in hand during their first fishing experience.
Wakeman Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

5. Tailored Tackle Universal Multispecies Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

Tailored Tackle designed this top fishing rod to work brilliantly for stream, lake, and inshore ocean fishing. The rod has the strength to handle heavy fish such as sea trout, pike, salmon, and steelhead while it is sensitive enough to register nibbles from bluegill and walleye. While the six-foot, six-inch rod can handle multiple species, the reel holds up to 230 yards of monofilament line or 210 yards of braided line. The reel is perfect for casting lures or baits with a smooth seven ball-bearing action.
Tailored Tackle Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

6. Shakespeare Alpha Medium 6’ Low Profile Fishing Rod and Bait cast Reel Combo

When you are looking for a rod and reel combo that will not break the bank, then look toward this Shakespeare product for the perfect fit. Though this rod a reel combination is cheaper than most on the market, it is also one of the more sensitive that you will find no matter how long you search. The strength of the rod is reinforced with fiberglass and the reel features a graphite ball-bearing enclosure that promises smooth action for years to come.
Shakespeare Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

7. Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod

When producing this casting rod, Berkey looked to provide the finest action with the greatest strength found in a rod of its size. Perhaps that explains why the rod has maintained its position at the top of the opinion charts from experienced fishers. The rod comes equipped with a stainless-steel front cone for added strength and a graphite/fiberglass second cone for flexibility. Berkley offers the rod as one of the few on the market that is interchangeable for right hand and left had action.
Berkley Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

8. Sougayilang Speed Bass Fishing Rod

The bass is an elusive, hard-fighting fish that comes in sizes from six inches to lunkers that may exceed 20 pounds. The Sougayilang rod is an ultra-light pole that provides the most active action found on the streams, lakes, and inlets where bass abide. The rod features stainless steel guides that resist heat buildup from line friction. The rod bends to the base, yet it never breaks from the action.
Sougayilang Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

9. Pen Pursuit Spinning Reel and Rod Combo

Pen produces these rod and reel combos to give the smoothest action with the least amount of line resistance in either the rod or the reel. Both the Pursuit II and III models come with graphite working in the reels and enclosed four ball-bearing action for a smooth retrieval. The rods feature graphite blanks and ergonomic handles for easy, day-long, fishing without any hand cramps. The rod guides are stainless steel to resist corrosion well into the future.
Penn Top Ten Best Fishing Rods

10. Zide Spinning Fishing Rod

The Zide spinning fishing rod comes in a two-piece design for easy handling while hiking into your favorite fishing hole. The rods are constructed of carbon fiber material for the strength to match or exceed the demands of the fish hooked on the end of the line. The stainless-steel guides are corrosion resistant, even when exposed to the ravages of saltwater. The tip of the rod is super-sensitive to detect any nibbles or bites.
Zide Top Ten Best Fishing Rods
Fishing is one of the most peaceful activities for those who wish to get away from their work life. Communing with nature while concentrating on the action of the rod focuses the fisher on the matter at hand, sending the cares of work off to another land that seems to be a distant fantasy or horror show. To get the most out of your release from the humdrum of your working life, look over this list to find the best fishing rods for your adventure.


By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019