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Top 10 Fishing Quick-Knot Tools

Any fisher who has lost a hook on a snag or a leader of a fly line understands the search for one of the best fishing quick-knot tools. Sitting beside a stream patiently trying to tie a hook, leader, swivel, or any other connection on your fishing line is a frustrating experience. The only thought running through your head is, “I could be fishing.” There is a joy found in fishing that does not allow for interruptions, and a lost line or hook is an interruption. Tying a quick knot on a hook often leads to a puncture or worse. The answer to the dilemma is a mechanical device called a quick-knot tool.

1. The XJunion Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tool

XJunion produces this affordable, quick knot tying tool with accessories to compliment the quick-knot tying aspect. The tool’s original intent was as a reliable partner for fly-fishers to reattach leaders to their braided lines. Once on the market, the product gained the attention of other fishers as well. The tool features a quick knot tying unit, a wire cutter with rubber coated handles, a hook sharpener, and an eye cleaner. Each unit of the package is constructed from stainless steel to resist corrosion.

XJunion Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

2. The TGC Fishing Quick Knot Nail Tying Tool

TGC integrated its fishing quick knot tool with several other essential parts to satisfy those irksome demands fishers discover when they are on the surface of a lake or wading through a tumbling stream. Along with the quick knot tying device comes clippers to cut excess line from the end of a knot, a sharpener to maintain the clean edge of your hook, and a built-in eye cleaner. The combination device hangs from your fishing jacket via a spring retractor so that you will never lose it.

TGC Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

3. SAMSFX Fishing Quick Nail Knot Tying Tool

The SAMSFX quick knot tying tool is specifically designed for working with monofilament fishing line. The tool comes with four functions that every fisher who has lost a hook or line needs. The principal performance is to aid in tying professional style knots beside a cold river on a blustery day when the line becomes an elusive snake with a life of its own. The tool also has a hook sharpener, eye cleaner, and a line clipper.

Samsfx Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

4. Uspacific Fishing Quick Knot Tool

You will enjoy this low-cost fishing quick knot tool from Uspacific whenever you are sitting beside a stream trying to tie a new hook, leader, or swivel to your line. Losing your gear is one of the events of any fishing trip. Getting back in the water quickly relieves that frustration that interferes with the very peace of mind you seek during these trips. The Uspacific stainless steel tool operates as a quick knot tying device, hook sharpener, eye cleaner, and line clipper.

Uspacific Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

5. ProdeeCo Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tool

The addition of this inexpensive fishing quick knot tool gives you an advantage during any fishing trip. ProdeeCo designed this stainless-steel device with fly fishers in mind. The quick knot tying tool allows you to complete those intricate knots like nail knots, blood knots, grip knots, and snell knots in mere seconds. The combination tool also includes a clipper to cut away extra line, a hook sharpener, and an eye cleaner all immediately at hand at the end of a retractable line attached to your fishing jacket.

ProdeeCo Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

6. SF Fly Fishing Zinger Knot Tying Tool

Save your money with this affordable quick knot tying tool from SF. The combination tool satisfies four items on your fishing wish list. First, the stainless steel device operates as a quick knot tying tool, and as a line clipper, eye cleaner, and hook sharpener. It hooks to a retractable line via a D-ring that lets the tool hang from your fishing vest, belt, or inside your pocket. Using this four-in-one tool gives you more room in your tackle box for other essentials.

SF Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

7. Koehler Industries—Cinch Tie Knot Tyer Tool

The Cinch Tie Knot Tyer takes the frustration out of tying complex fishing knots and helps you turn out perfect knots every time. Constructed of stainless steel and machined brass, it is made to last a lifetime in both freshwater and saltwater conditions. This tool was made to tie only the blood knot which many know to be the most complicated knot in fishing. An instructional pamphlet is also included, as well as an option to purchase a helpful DVD.

Koehler Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

8. SAMSFX Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tool and Hook Tying Tool Kit

SAMSFX takes a different tactic with this fishing assistance kit. Their package includes two separate items for different types of knot tying. First is a quick knot tying tool that consists of stamped carbon steel that is coated in easy-to-grip Teflon. It is designed to facilitate the tying of a variety of nail knots. The second item is a fishing hook tying device that keeps the hook in place, lets you easily thread the eye, and ties the knot for you with the twist of a dial.

Samsfx 2 Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

9. SUNNYGO Fishing Quick Knot Multi-Function Tying Tool

SUNNYGO entered the fishing quick knot tying market to service fly fishers. What they built was a four-in-one tool that works for fishers of every type. The SUNNYGO device includes the tool and a retractor that hooks to your fishing jacket or vest at one end and the tool via a D-ring at the other so that you never lose it. The durable tool features a quick knot tying section, nippers to cut away excess line, jig eye cleaners, and hook sharpeners.

SUNNYGO Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

10. Shine US Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tool

Shine US offers an affordable alternative to the multiple devices fishers carry in their tackle box. The tool is extremely durable and water resistant due to its 420 stainless steel body and parts. Keep your tackle box clean by attaching this multi-function tool to your fishing vest by a retraction device that lets you work on hooks and knots without fear of losing the tool. Besides the fishing quick knot function, the device also has nippers to cut away excess line, hook sharpeners, and hook-eye cleaners.

Shine US Top Ten Best Fishing Quick-knot Tools

When fishing, especially when that fishing is hot, it is incredibly irritating to sit beside the water and work away at your line. Hooks need to be sharpened, the eyes of hooks must be cleaned, and knots need to be tied. Sometimes, the cold interferes, sometimes the glare of the water interferes, and sometimes the rain interferes, inhibiting your ability to tie a knot or maintain your equipment. Finding one of the best fishing quick-knot tools eliminates that frustration.


By BCR Writing Staff
July 2019