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Top 10 Best Camping Stoves

In this review, we will take a look at the 10 best camping stoves that can be purchased online.

Whether you’re seeking an emergency stove for power outages or want a lightweight option, finding the best camping stoves online can be a time-consuming task. This list provides a range of affordable options to assist you in finding the right stove for your needs. Generally speaking, whether you’re headed into the backcountry or want something that you can store for future use, disassembled dimensions and weight are two factors to consider. Durability and ease of assembly are also essential to note when reviewing the available options. Stoves of this type are generally crafted to meet each of these needs effectively.

1. Emberlit Titanium UL Compact Stove

Crafted from Titanium in the United States of America, this stove is designed for survival and trail camping. It weighs 5.45 ounces, which is less than half the total weight of a comparable stainless steel model. However, it’s built to be easy to use with individual panels that stand up to constant heating and cooling. It packs flat for easy storage and won’t take up space in your back frame when you’re ready to hit the trail. When assembled, it stands approximately 7 inches tall and can boil water in ten minutes.

Emberlit Top Ten Camping Stoves

2. 3000003655 Stove from Coleman

For those who aren’t hauling every camping need on their shoulders, but still prefer to enjoy the great outdoors, this classic Coleman option provides incredible value. With an overall weight of fewer than 15 pounds and dimensions of 17 by 24 by 8 inches, it can easily accommodate two large pans simultaneously. That makes it one of the best stoves for camper cooking, extended hunting forays, or family survival living. It takes either Coleman liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline, and the two independent burners produce up to 17,000 BTUs for consistent cooking heat.

Coleman Top Ten Camping Stoves

3. Everest 2-Burner Stove by Camp Chef

Measuring 13.5 by 23.5 by 4 inches, the Everest is light enough to include in a back frame, but also does admirably on RV trips or winter hunting adventures. Matchless ignition and a convenient carry handle allow you to tote it wherever your wanderlust takes you. Each of the two independently controlled burners can produce 20,000 BTUs of sustained cooking heat. The surface grate of nickel-plated steel is crafted to support skillets and griddles as well as much lighter cookware, and removable drip pans make cleanup simple.

Camp Chef Top Ten Camping Stoves

4. Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3-Burner Grill

If you’re cooking for a crowd at a pre-game tailgating event, taking the Cub Scouts on their first campout, or spending a day on the shore, this grill is ideal. A cooking surface of 608 square inches boasts a row of three burners, each of which produces 30,000 BTUs. The grill housing acts as wind protection, with an added three-sided windscreen to prevent mishaps. Removable legs raise the cooking surface to 30 inches in height. With independent control, you can whip up a complete meal in a timely fashion to feed the entire crew.

Camp Chef 2 Top Ten Camping Stoves

5. GS-2000 Dual Fuel Grill with Non-Stick Griddle and Carrying Case by Gas One

With this Gas One camping stove, two burners operate independently to produce 8000 BTUs each. This grill weighs only ten pounds and can be run with either an 8-ounce butane cartridge or a 16-ounce propane bottle. An automatic shut-off or cartridge ejection feature stops operation if it detects an excess of pressure. A Piezo electric ignition eliminates the need for matches.

GAS ONE Top Ten Camping Stoves

6. Koblenz PFK Victoria 4-Burner Stove

While it’s certainly more extensive, boasting four independently operated burners with a combined output of 16,000 BTUs, this stove only weighs 15 pounds. That means it’s a great option—whether you’re at the lake, out in the back yard, or on an extended camping trip with the family. One look at this stove and you’ll know you aren’t roughing it. The porcelain enamel top cover is a rich shade of bronze, and manual ignition harkens back to an earlier era of campouts.

Koblenz Top Ten Camping Stoves

7. Even Temp Propane 3-Burner Stove from Coleman

Weighing in at 19 pounds, this heavy-duty model is one of the top camp stoves available; well worth carrying along on the trail. While it’s perfect for outdoor activities from fireworks parties to family reunions, it can make life simple while in the great outdoors. Three independently controlled burners heat an ample cooking surface to perfection, accommodating two twelve-inch or three eight-inch pans simultaneously. A matchless ignition and fuel efficiency and safety measures make use simple and safe.

Coleman 2 Top Ten Camping Stoves

8. 3000W Windproof Ultralight Stove from ENKEEO

The unique, highly compact design of this stove will make it the solo trekker’s best friend. Weighing 8.8 ounces, it folds down to fit in a small pocket or pack compartment. The stainless steel surface and gas hose surround an aluminum alloy inner ring that can withstand high temperatures. Plus, the serrated edge of the stand structure holds cookware with up to an 18-liter volume securely.

ENKEEO Top Ten Camping Stoves

9. Canway Wood Camping Stove

While many great options use liquid fuels and require toting a canister or cartridge along with the stove, this beauty uses natural fuels found along the trail. You can hone your woodcraft by building a small fire in the main compartment. The three-pronged, serrated cooking stabilizer securely holds pans or pots, and generous apertures in the model allow you to add fuel to your cooking fire as needed. When you’re finished, simply collapse this affordable stove and stow it in its carrying bag.

Canway Top Ten Camping Stoves

10. Portable Wood Burning Stove by Ohuhu

This model is both modern and environmentally friendly, making it one of the best. It’s designed to function with a minimum of irritating smoke, safely support pans and pots with serrated cooking prongs, and uses twigs, dried leaves, and other natural materials. When not in use, the stove folds down into a compact bundle and comes with its own carrying bag. In total, it weighs only 12.8 ounces and is a uniform 5.3 inches in height, weight, and depth.

Ohuhu Top Ten Camping Stoves

These models are ideal for a range of uses, from tailgating and outdoor barbecues to hiking in the backcountry or surviving a winter power outage. No matter what your needs or fuel preferences, you’re sure to find an option that suits you. Cook a four-course meal for family and guests or heat a meal for yourself at the end of a long day’s hike. These camping stoves offer everything you need to meet your cooking needs.


By BCR Writing Staff

August 2019