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Top 10 Best Camping Cots

Our review of the top 10 camping cots gives you an idea of some of the best portable sleeping systems suitable for outdoor use in a sheltered or open setting. It is important to consider weight and ease of assembly when choosing the best camping cots because portability is crucial when you have are hiking or moving equipment from one site to another. The type of material used for the frame and the bed will determine the weight of the cot. Aluminum frames are lightweight and strong, but for heavy duty use, stainless steel frames are best. The preferred fabric is either polyester or nylon because they do not weigh very much and are generally easy to clean and dry. Canvas cots are heavier, and the fabric tends to hold dirt and moisture. Consider frame design, actual dimensions, comfort and thermal features when choosing your next camping cot.

1. Coleman Comfort Smart Cot

The ComfortSmart cot from Coleman is one of the best portable cots with a folding steel frame capable of supporting up to 300 pounds. It comes with its own covered foam mattress built on a coil suspension system, providing the feel of a traditional bed. Measuring 80 inches by 30 inches, the bed is longer than traditional cots, making it suitable for persons 6 feet and taller. The folded cot will fit into most car trunks.

Coleman Top Ten Camping Cots

2. Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot

This folding cot by Teton is larger than a regular twin bed and capable of supporting up to 600 pounds. The frame is aluminum but the legs are steel with rubber bushings for shock absorption. The cot’s S-leg design provides adequate support and sturdiness for the best above-the-ground outdoor sleeping experience to avoid uneven surfaces, rough brush and bugs. It assembles and disassembles quickly with a pivot arm to help position the last bar with ease. The cot packs flat and weighs only 26 pounds.

TETON Sports Top Ten Camping Cots

3. Alpcour Folding Camping Cot

The Alpcour Camping bed is a deluxe version of the collapsible and portable cots popular for outdoor adventures. The bed is made of a double layer of premium polyester that is soft and comfortable yet easy to clean. Campers can forego the extra mattress pad, sheets and pillows with this cot that weights only 13 pounds when folded for packing. The steel frame is designed with joints that fold quickly for effortless assembly and disassembly. Other extras include a built-in pocket organizer, a matching pillow and the ability to incline the headrest.

Alpcour Top Ten Camping Cots

4. Redcamp Folding Camp Cot

This Redcamp cot is about an inch wider than most portable cots, and it is supported by elliptical-shaped tubing for the frame. With thicker bedding material, the cot supports up to 500 pounds and can comfortably accommodate people over 6 feet. It comes with a side pocket to keep personal items handy, a matching soft pillow and a carry bag. Folded for packing or storage, the whole setup weighs only 17 pounds. This affordable camp cot is easy to assemble and convenient to use in indoor and outdoor locations.

REDCAMP Top Ten Camping Cots

5. Eltow Cozy Folding Camp Cot

This portable cot by Eltow is one of the most durable, comfortable and affordable camping beds you will ever own. The sleeping pad is made from high-density Oxford fabric that is both durable and comfortable. The frames are fashioned from steel pipes for guaranteed sturdiness. The cot can handle a 400-pound weight easily. It is lightweight at 14 pounds, portable and easy to set up anywhere you need it. Bonus items include a matching pillow, a light mattress, an attached storage pouch and a storage bag.

ELTOW Top Ten Camping Cots

6. Osage River Folding Camp Cot

The Osage River camp cot is supported with carbon steel tubular legs equipped with plastic feet to prevent damage to tent floors and improve traction when used on soft surfaces. The headrest can be elevated for comfort, eliminating the need for a pillow. The bed is made from 600D PVC-coated polyester, which is a waterproof fabric that is suitable for wet or moist environments. It cleans easily, and it comes with a carry bag for storage. This bed camp assembles quickly with frame joints that are operated with a simple push or pull pressure. The folded bed weighs 13 pounds.

Osage River Top Ten Camping Cots

7. Olymstore Folding Outdoor Portable Camp Bed

Olymstore makes cheap camp cots that are functional and durable to boot. The rustproof aluminum frame is lightweight yet sturdy. The cot feet are fitted with rubber pads to protect tent floors while providing non-skid contact for soft surfaces. The fabric portion is made with a comfortable Oxford material that is easy to maintain. The bed folds easily to a bundle measuring 37 inches by 17 inches by 4 inches to fit in a storage bag provided with the cot.

Olymstore Top Ten Camping Cots

8. Yaheetech Folding Camp Bed

This outdoor bed by Yaheetech is supported by sturdy, rustproof metal tubes designed to have numerous contact points with the floor surface to ensure sturdiness. The headrest inclines for more comfortable head positioning without the need for a pillow. This outdoor bed can be used in any place where an extra bed is needed temporarily. It comes with hanging pouches on both sides to keep important stuff handy and organized. The fabric used is 600D polyester that provides a cozy surface for sleeping or resting. It accommodates up to 300 pounds. This camp equipment assembles quickly and folds to a compact package for convenient storage.

Yaheetech Top Ten Camping Cots

9. Purenity Folding Military Bed

This twin size camp bed made by Purenity is one of the top cheap camp beds on the market. The aluminum frame is supported by steel legs designed for optimum support following the X-style leg system used in military cots. It can hold about 250 pounds. The fabric used is high-grade Oxford canvas, which is water resistant and low maintenance. The cot comes in a canvas storage bag fitted with a strap for portability.

Purenity Top Ten Camping Cots

10. Desert Walker Camp Cot

Desert Walker makes high-grade outdoor equipment using aviation technology, and this camping bed is a prime example. Weighing under 3 pounds when folded, the bed is made with 7001 aviation aluminum rods that can support up to 440 pounds and constructed with breathable Oxford fabric that is waterproof, durable, and resistant to ripping. This Desert Walker camping cot folds to fit a carry bag measuring 20 inches by 5 inches, but it can be set up quickly without tools.

DESERT WALKER Top Ten Camping Cots


By BCR Writing Staff

August 2019