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Top 10 Best Camping Cookware Sets

While some hikers prefer to inherit seasoned skillets and cookware from parents or friends, our top 10 camping cookware sets are a must-have for extended camping and hiking trips. Because you’re carrying everything you need on the trail, it’s imperative that the essentials be both lightweight and compact. At the same time, it should include essential implements and be simple to use. Many sets fulfill these requirements by using lightweight aluminum with a protective coating, heat-absorbent materials, and nesting designs. To shorten your quest for the perfect set, we’ve put together a list of the top ten options currently available in the virtual marketplace.

1. Overmont Ultralight Cookware Set

Crafted from aluminum via an anodic oxidation process, the skillet, kettle, and saucepan are highly resistant to heat damage or corrosion and have a naturally non-stick bottom surface. The handles are designed to be heat resistant with easy-to-grip surfaces to maximize safe use by campers of any age. All the cooking vessels nest within each other for compact storage. A cleaning sponge, wooden spatula, three nesting plastic serving bowls, and a plastic ladle are included.

Overmont Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

2. Bulin Mess Kit and Cookware

Hard anodized steel cooking vessels provide a safe, heat-resistant, and easy-to-clean experience for campers of all experience levels. Designed to accommodate larger groups or families camping together, the set includes two pots, one frying pan, one kettle, four BPA-free bowls and two plates of the same material, a foldable serving spoon, rice ladle, and a sponge for quick cleaning duty. The heat-resistant pot handles fold out from their resting position curved around the main body of the cooking vessel. Easy to grip and safe for even young campers to use, they fold back when it’s time to hit the trail once more.

Bulin Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

3. Pinnacle Camper 4-Person Cook Set from GSI

For the family that enjoys extended camping trips, this cook set is perfect. The lightweight metal is durable and dent resistant, coated with Teflon Radiance for superior non-stick cooking. Included in the set are a pot, frying pan, strainer lid, a dish sink container for washing up after a meal, a removable and folding handle, four durable plastic plates, and a number of sealing containers that act as bowls, cups, or storage. While they’re ideal for using with a camping stove, the manufacturers do not recommend cooking directly on a campfire.

GSI Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

4. 22-Piece Camping Mess Kit from Odoland

This is the ultimate space-saving camping mess kit for all your trail cooking needs. Crafted from durable, heat resistant aluminum, the frying pan, hanging pot, and kettle can be used on a camping stove or directly over an open flame. Four stainless steel dishes are ideal for stews or more substantial fare, and the kit comes with four folding spoons and forks. Plus, four stainless steel tumblers with safe-grip silicone insulation make campfire stories even more fun. Everything stacks and stows neatly in a compact carrying bag for convenient travel.

Odoland Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

5. Anodized Aluminum Cookware Set by Yodo

When nested, it packs into its own mesh carrying bag and measures 8 inches by 5.5 inches, making it a useful, lightweight, and affordable cookware kit for camping. Crafted from hard anodized aluminum, the pots and frying pan transfer heat quickly for swift cooking. They are resistant to warping or damage and have relatively non-stick cooking surfaces. They can be used with a camp stove or over an open fire. Included in the kit are three graduated pots from large to small, one frying pan, four bowls, two shallow plates, a wooden spatula, a soup ladle, and a cleaning loofa.

yodo Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

6. Hard Anodized Camping Mess Kit from Gear4U


this top camping mess kit will render meals in the great outdoors simple. Hard-anodized aluminum provides cooking vessels that are both safe and durable while heat-resistant handles fold conveniently against the curve of the pot or pan when not in use. Included in the kit are a frying pan, a cooking pot with lid, two BPA-free bowls, two collapsible silicone cups with lids, two stainless steel sporks, a soup ladle, a bamboo spatula, and a cleaning sponge for easy maintenance.

gear4U Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

7. Terra Hiker’s Camping Mess Kit for One

This affordable camping cook set for the solo hiker is perfect for anyone who wants to shoulder their pack and hit the trail. Crafted from durable, coated aluminum, the frying pan, soup pot, and kettle are great for swift cooking at the beginning or end of your day’s trek. Also included in the set is a food-safe bowl, soup ladle, wooden spatula, and a sponge for easy cleanup. Everything nests neatly together as a lightweight and compact travel kitchen.

Terra Hiker Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

8. 13-Piece Camping Mess Kit by G4Free

This low-cost camping mess kit offers lightweight convenience and durability. With a kettle, a pot, and a frying pan made of anodized aluminum, you can quickly prepare a meal on the trail, clean up, and stow it away in its carrying bag, so you’re ready for the next leg of the journey. It also comes with an ignition tool for any camping stove, three bowls that can be used as drinking cups, a folding ladle, one folding cutlery set, a wooden spatula, a loofa sponge, and a carabiner to secure the ditty bag.

G4Free Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

9. CampingRockers’ 15-Piece Trail Mess Kit

This affordable camping cook set offers superior value and compact portability. The durable pot and its cover nest neatly in the non-stick frying pan. Plus, you’ll get a soup ladle, a wooden spatula, a cleaning sponge, two folding spoons and forks, a folding knife, and two BPA-free bowls. All of this fits inside the soup pot, which can be tucked in its special carrying bag for easy travel.

CampingRockers Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

10. Portable Cookware and Mess Kit from Urbenfit

Perfect for those who view meals on the trail as a part of the experience, this mess kit offers superior value. You’ll receive both a small and large cooking pot with lids as well as a non-stick skillet for easy management of any campfire meal. Plus, your kit comes with an insulated mitt, two BPA-free bowls, a folding soup ladle, a bamboo rice ladle, and a sponge for swift clean up after the meal.

Urbenfit Top Ten Camping Cookware Sets

While you may have a favorite cast iron skillet that goes on every adventure with you, it’s nice to have options when it comes to preparing and eating meals in the beauty of the Great Outdoors. Camping cookware sets provide pots, bowls, serving utensils, and in many cases cutlery, which can make packing for the trail simple.

By BCR Writing Staff

August 2019