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Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

Whether you’re planning to ride singletrack or flat dirt trails, these top 10 mountain bikes for men can help you stay safe and comfortable. After all, these bikes are engineered for rough ground; they feature special suspension systems and wheels that are designed to take shocks and impacts. Not sure which bike is best for you? First, consider the fit of the bike; then, decide whether you want a full-suspension system or a hardtail model. For rough ground, a full suspension ensures a smoother ride. Finally, make sure the gear and speed options are suited to the rides you plan to take.

1. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

Planning to get serious about mountain biking? The Schwinn Bonafide is a great mid-level option. Constructed with an aluminum frame, this bike is durable enough to stand up to hard riding but lightweight enough to maneuver comfortably on twisting trails. The Shimano EZ fire trigger system pairs seamlessly with the Shimano derailleurs, so you can change gears in seconds during a tough ride. We love the 2.25-inch tires, which feature thick knobs to help you maintain traction.

Schwinn Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

2. Hiland 26-Inch Aluminum Mountain Bike

One of the best mountain bikes for men is this Hiland model. It offers the perfect balance of performance and budget-friendly pricing. Use the 24-speed Shimano gear system to adjust the bike to suit any type of riding, and rely on the double-disc brakes to bring you to a complete stop when you need it most. If you’re ready to get riding, you’ll be happy to know that this bike arrives mostly assembled to streamline the building process and get you on the trail. Be sure to check the sizing recommendations to fit your height.

Hiland Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

3. Roadmaster Granite Peak

If you’re just getting started, the Roadmaster Granite Peak is one of our favorite cheap mountain bikes for men. With its durable steel frame, this bike is a great entry-level model; it performs beautifully, whether you’re bombing down singletrack or going for an evening pedal around the neighborhood. The simple design is a breeze to assemble, and the built-in kickstand enables you to stand this model up in the garage or on the sidewalk.

Roadmaster Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

4. Mongoose Status 2.2

Sleek and durable, the Mongoose Status 2.2 is built to handle any kind of riding you can deliver. It starts with the aluminum frame and front fork, which help absorb the bumps and shocks of the trail. Switch gears effortlessly using the 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur, and rely on the front and rear brakes for fast, smooth stopping. Each wheel features a durable treat and lightweight alloy rims for fast directional changes and maximum strength during challenging rides.

Mongoose Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

5. Merax 26-Inch Mountain Bicycle

When you want to stay comfortable on the trail, this Merax model is one of the top mountain bikes for men. It starts with the front suspension system, which delivers a smooth, cozy ride no matter what type of terrain you’re tackling. The 24-speed Shimano shifter takes the hassle out of changing gears, and the thoughtfully designed pedals allow you to maintain a firm grip on fast rides. Nervous about steep terrain? The dual-disc brakes have you covered.

Merax Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

6. Hiland Mountain Bike

Hit the trail on this Hiland mountain bike, which is built with a steel frame for durability. It features a dual-suspension design for a smooth, even ride. As you switch from uphill to downhill slopes, adjust the speed using the advanced Shimano drivetrain. Constructed with aluminum rims, this bike reduces weight without sacrificing strength and performance. It comes with pedals and a kickstand, so you can get started riding right away. Plus, with the rear V-brakes and front disc brake, you can brave demanding terrain with peace of mind.

Hiland 2 Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

7. Huffy Hardtail Summit Ridge Mountain Bike

When it comes to affordable mountain bikes for men, it’s hard to do better than the Huffy Summit Ridge. This bike is a hardtail, which means that it has a suspension system on the front end only — that means that it’s lighter and easier to maneuver on trails with many different twists and turns. This model also features knobby tires for traction and linear pull brakes for easy stopping when you need extra control. Use the micro-twist shifting system to change gears smoothly, and rely on the 21-speed Shimano TZ-31 derailleur to help you handle any slope.

Huffy Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

8. EUROBIKE Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If you’re heading out on seriously rough trails, this EUROBIKE mountain bike can help you ride in comfort. It’s all about the full suspension — the front fork works in combination with the rear shocks to smooth out your ride and reduce soreness. We love the three-spoke mag wheels, which look cool and deliver top performance. Dual disc brakes offer maximum control, and the 21-speed shifter allows quick changes to customize your resistance.

EUROBIKE Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

9. Dynacraft Mountain Ridge

Enjoy effortless maneuverability with the Dynacraft Mountain ridge bike. The hardtail frame is lightweight and easy to control, and the front forks absorb impact on bumpy forest roads or singletrack trails. Adjust the ride using the 21-speed Shimano derailleur, and rely on the grip shifters for fast, easy changes while you’re in the middle of the ride. With its brilliant blue accents, this bike looks great on the sidewalk or on the trail.

Dynacraft Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

10. Schwinn Network 3.0

Amp up your mountain biking experience with the Schwinn Network 3.0. Engineered with a hybrid frame, this bike delivers a smooth ride and excellent performance. The alloy brakes reduce weight and give you top-notch stopping power, and the alloy rims help your wheels stand up to intense biking. With its 700c wheels, this bike is suitable for men between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet tall.

Schwinn 2 Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes for Men

A high-quality mountain bike is a great way to get started with trail riding. Whether you’re heading for intense, steep trails or a low-key forest path, these mountain bikes for men can help you stay comfortable.



By BCR Staff

November 2019