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Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

When you’re biking in a city or on vacation, a traditional bike can be too bulky — and that’s where our list of the 10 best folding bikes can be a convenient alternative. As the name suggests, these bikes fold down into a compact package. You can slip them under your desk at the office, or fit them into the trunk of your car. They also fit easily on buses and trains, which is handy if part of your commute requires public transportation. These bikes come in a variety of styles, so you can hit the city streets or forested trails. Plus, since you can take them indoors without taking up much space, you don’t have to worry that your bike will be stolen from a bike rack.

1. Xspec 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike

If you need a bike that transitions easily from the road to the trail, this Xspec model fits the bill. It’s one of the top folding bikes, and it’s easy to see why — with its durable high-tensile steel frame, it stands up to rough ground and forest paths. The disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power without wearing down your tires, and the Shimano derailleur and shifters enable you to adjust the gearing on the fly. We love the front and rear shocks, which absorb bumps and give you a smoother ride. With its adult-sized frame, this bike suits riders up to six feet tall and 220 pounds.

Xspec Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

2. Retrospec Judd

Navigate busy city streets with ease on the Retrospec Judd. This folding bike features 20-inch wheels; the small size makes it easy to maneuver around tight corners and between parked cars. We love the aluminum frame, which is durable but lightweight enough to carry comfortably when you fold down the frame. The simple system features a folding top tube, pedals, and handlebar tube — that way, you can collapse it quickly and get on with your day. With the built-in coaster brake, it’s a breeze to slow down.

Retrospec Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

3. Goplus 20-Inch Folding Bike

Enjoy the performance of a traditional bike and the convenience of a folding bike with this Goplus model. It’s constructed with a lightweight iron frame that’s ultra-tough and rugged enough for everyday rides. The seat and the handlebars are both height-adjustable, so it’s easy to configure the bike to suit your height. Rely on the wear-resistant wheels to stand up to frequent use. The best part? The frame folds down in just three steps, so you can streamline your daily commute.

Goplus Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

4. EuroMini ZiZZO Campo

Feel cool and sporty as you whiz down the street on the EuroMini ZiZZO Campo. With its classic folding-style frame and brilliant yellow finish, this model is designed to stand out. The lightweight frame is constructed from aluminum for easy carrying, and the single-fold alloy stem ensures fast assembly and disassembly. The wide saddle provides a comfortable seat for riders of all sizes, and the seven-speed gearing adjusts to give you an effortless ride on hills or flat terrain.

EuroMini Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

5. Stowabike Folding City V3

Designed specifically for urban riding, the Stowabike City V3 helps you manage a multi-modal commute. The steel frame and six-speed gear system give you a comfortable, easily adjustable ride, and the integrated rack makes the perfect place to carry a backpack or laptop case. When you need to get on a train or head into the house, simply fold down the frame into a compact, easy-to-carry package. Since this is one of the more affordable folding bikes on the market, it’s a great way to break into the bike-commuting world.

Stowabike Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

6. Eurobike Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Heading out on a road trip? Tuck this Eurobike folding mountain bike into the trunk of your car to prepare for the exciting trail rides along the way. This model is engineered with a full suspension, which means that it creates a smoother ride even on the roughest of trails. The dual disc brakes enable you to stop with minimal pressure, and the rugged tires bounce easily over rocks and bumps.

Eurobike Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

7. Stowabike MTB V2

Head out onto your favorite trail network with this Stowabike MTB V2. This model offers everything you need on a mountain bike, including 18 speeds for easy hill riding and a full suspension for comfort. There’s even a kickstand for easier rest stops. All of this comes packed into a folding frame that’s easy to tuck into your car or store in a compact apartment.

Stowabike 2 Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

8. Murtisol Folding Mountain Bike

If you’re searching for cheap folding bikes, head straight for this Murtisol model. With its full-suspension frame, this bike is engineered to deliver a smooth, pain-free ride on the street or off-road. The durable frame supports up to 220 pounds, and the adjustable seat moves up and down to accommodate riders up to five feet nine inches tall. With the integrated derailleur, you can choose from seven different speeds.

Murtisol Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

9. Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike

Cool and contemporary, the Schwinn Hinge bike is perfect for a city commute. The distinctive small wheels and tall frame enable you to wind around parked cars or busy city streets, and the front and rear fenders help keep water away from your clothing. We love the back rack, which creates a convenient place to store your gear. This model even comes with a carrying case, so you can transport it with ease.

Schwinn Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

10. EuroMini ZiZZO Urbano

When you’re getting serious about bike commuting, the EuroMini ZiZZO Urbano is one of the best folding bikes you can buy. Weighing in at just 24 pounds, this is one of the lightest bikes on the market — a great feature if you need to carry it on trains or into the office each day. The secret is the aluminum alloy frame, which is tough but not bulky. The V-style brakes help you manage your speed, and the eight-speed grip shifter enables you to switch gears without a second thought. We love the multi-terrain tires, which take you effortlessly from the bike lane to a wooded path.

EuroMini 2 Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

A bike with a folding frame is a handy way to navigate vacation cycling or an urban commute; lightweight and portable, they’re a breeze to transport between biking segments. If you’re just getting started in the world of folding bikes, these 10 models are the perfect place to start.



By BCR Staff

November 2019