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Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

When your little ones are just learning to ride, a simple bike is one of the easiest models to ride — which is why you need our list of the 10 best cruiser bikes for kids. These bikes are simple and streamlined, so your kids can feel confident as they build their skills. Many models have just one gear, which means that little ones are able to focus on pedaling, steering, and braking. As you look for a cruiser, the first consideration is the frame size; it should be appropriate for your child’s height and weight. Then, consider the style, the available storage, and whether or not the bike comes with accessories such as a kickstand or training wheels.

1. KENT Tiki Bay Kid’s Cruiser

When your child is getting a feel for biking, you’re probably on the hunt for cheap cruiser bikes for kids. That’s where the KENT Tiki Bay comes in handy. This bike features a classic cruiser-style frame, complete with an angled bar that doesn’t get in the way as your little one climbs aboard. The wide handles are easy to grip and steer, and the included basket provides space to carry supplies. We love the coaster brakes, which enable your child to manage their speed.

Kent Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

2. Kulana Girls Hiku Cruiser

Looking for affordable cruiser bikes for kids? This Kulana Hiku cruiser, which is engineered specifically for girls, is a great place to start. It all begins with the wide seat, which is designed to fit girls’ wider hips and sit bones. Adjust the seat stem as your child grows; that way, she can always reach the pedals. The traditional cruiser frame features steel fenders to prevent mud and water from getting on your child’s clothes. The easy-reach handlebars promote an upright riding position for comfort.

Kulana Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

3. JOYSTAR Kids Bike

If you have a toddler, start with this JOYSTAR model; it’s one of the top cruiser bikes for kids. The compact frame is easy to access, so little ones can get on the seat easily. Plus, since it comes with training wheels, this bike helps new riders stay upright until they’re ready to ride free. Are you nervous about the learning process? The chain guard protects your child’s legs, and the easy-to-use brakes make stopping a breeze. With its steel frame, this bike is tough and durable.

JOYSTAR Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

4. Firmstrong Girl’s Bella Classic

Get your little girl on the road with this Firmstrong Bella Classic. With its angled top tube, this bike has a classic female-friendly geometry; it’s also easy to climb over, even for small children. The 20-inch frame fits kids up to age 8, and the oversized seat keeps your child comfortable on long family rides. We love the balloon tires and the dual springs under the seat, which work together to create a smooth, even ride. Plus, with the fun available colors, you can pick an option that suits your little one’s personality.

Firmstrong Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

5. Schwinn Elm Girl’s Bike

Accommodate your growing child with this Schwinn Elm girl’s bike. With its Smart Start frame, this bike is engineered specifically to meet the needs of kids. It features an adjustable seat and slack tube, so you can shift the frame to suit your growing child.There’s also a full chain cover to shield delicate skin from the moving parts. In the beginning, the coaster bikes make an easy way to stop; as your child grows more confident, they can use the handlebar brakes. We love the front basket, which provides space for snacks or special treasures.

Schwinn Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

6. Firmstrong Urban Girl

When your child is learning to ride, a single-speed bike is a must — and that’s where this Firmstrong Urban Girl bike shines. This bike is all about simplicity; it has a classic cruiser frame, coaster brakes, and wide-set handlebars for easy riding. The kickstand makes it easy to store the bike upright, and the large seat provides cushioning and comfort. With the white-wall balloon tires, this bike provides an effortless ride on the sidewalk or in the park.

Firmstrong 2 Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

7. JOYSTAR Girls’ Bike

For a little one who’s just learning to hit the road, this JOYSTAR girls’ bike is a great choice. It’s all due to the included training wheels, which provide extra stability and help prevent tipping; that way, your child can feel more confident as they start to pedal and pick up speed. The rugged steel frame is built specifically to handle the stresses of a new rider, and the coaster brake offers smooth stopping power. This bike comes in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to check the size chart to find the right fit for your new biker.

JOYSTAR 2 Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

8. Mongoose Exlipse

Is your child ready to hit the trail? The Mongoose Exlipse is one of the best cruiser bikes for kids. This bike features a dual-suspension system to absorb the bumps in the path, and the steel frame offers plenty of strength to stand up to an enthusiastic rider. Plus, with its Shimano rear derailleur, this bike enables your child to choose from 21 different speeds — that way, they can tackle hills or flat paths in complete comfort.

Mongoose Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

9. Schwinn Jasmine

Adorable and colorful, the Schwinn Jasmine is the perfect option for a style-conscious rider. With its tall handlebars, green and pink accents, handlebar streamers, and banana-style seat, this bike exudes retro charm. The included training wheels increase stability; as your child progresses, you can remove them with ease. We love the easy-grip handles and coaster brakes, which help your small rider feel in control.

Schwinn 2 Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids

10. Tommaso Kid’s Ghost

Tackle any type of terrain with this Tommaso Kid’s Ghost bike. It’s a hybrid between a cruiser bike and a mountain bike, giving your child the power to transition from the driveway to the forest without switching gears. That’s because of the knobby tires, which grip the ground for maximum traction. The spring-coil fork absorbs shocks, and the 21-speed design adjusts to different angles.

Tommaso Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes for Kids
When you’re looking for a bike that can provide a smooth, easy ride for your little ones, a cruiser is a great choice. These cruiser bikes for kids are all well-built and designed for comfortable riding, so your child can hit the road with confidence.


By BCR Staff

November 2019