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Top 10 Best Road Bike Seats for Women

Biking is stressful on your lower body, which is why our list of the top 10 road bike seats for women is so important. Women’s unique anatomies mean that they often need different seats than men do. By choosing a seat that’s engineered to fit your body, you can stay more comfortable on long rides. After all, the seat is the part of the bike with the biggest potential for discomfort. That’s why women’s saddles are often wider than men’s saddles to accommodate wider sit bones. Some also have cutout sections in the center to reduce soft-tissue pressure. Finding the right seat for you depends on your individual body type and comfort preferences; these top-rated seats are a great place to start.

1. Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard Bike Seat

The Planet Bike A.R.S. is one of the best road bike seats for women, and for good reason. With its wider back, this seat provides plenty of support for women with wider set-bone diameters. The best part? Thick gel pads and foam padding cushion your bones, reducing the pressure that can cause pain during long rides; that way, you can bike for longer without worrying about saddle sores. A full-length cutout section runs down the center of this seat, creating a recessed area that protects your soft tissues from impact. Underneath, steel rails provide stability and strength. On top of this seat, the cover stands up to weather and sweat for a longer lifetime.

Planet Bike Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

2. Padded Bicycle Saddle

When you’re in search of the top road bike seats for women, this Bikearoo model is a great place to start. The wide back narrows to a pointed front, providing plenty of support where you need it most. We love the soft cushioning, which shields your bones and creates an ultra-comfortable seat. This seat is designed for upright riding, making it a great choice for leisure biking and shorter commutes. The base is also compatible with e-bikes and exercise bikes, so you can get the most from the seat. With its waterproof rain cover, this seat holds up to inclement weather with ease.

Bikeroo Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

3. Zacro Extra Soft Gel Bicycle Seat

Looking for an affordable way to upgrade your existing bike seat? This Zacro seat cover can help. It slides over your seat, adding a layer of cushioning that can increase comfort dramatically on long bike rides. The magic is in the luxurious gel padding, which conforms to your lower body for an ultra-soft sitting experience. Keep in mind that this cover is designed for narrow seats — it will not fit over wide seats. Installation is easy, thanks to the simple closure, so you can get on the road faster. This product also includes a water-resistant cover to reduce wear and damage.

Zacro Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

4. Serfas RX-922L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle

When it comes to comfort, it’s hard to beat the Serfas RX-922L Comfort RX saddle. It’s all about the design — the wide, rounded back provides ample support, and the deep-groove recessed area offers full-length soft-tissue comfort. With its dual-density base and comfortable padding, this seat can help you get through an intense training ride without numbness or pain. Do you do both road and mountain biking? This saddle is compatible with both types, so you can switch it between bikes to get the most for your investment. The sleek, sporty design looks great on the road or in the garage.

Serfas Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

5. Yoleo Bike Seat

This Yoleo model is one of the more affordable road bike seats for women. With its carefully contoured shape, this seat provides efficient anatomical support that’s engineered just for the female body. Luxurious memory foam padding conforms to your shape, providing a custom fit. Inside, the gel padding adds a layer of softness to help prevent sores and pain. If you prefer a recessed center section to a cutout, this seat is a good choice; the center channel reduces pressure without taking away support completely. Plus, since the cover is waterproof and reflective, it helps keep you safe and visible on the road.

Yoleo Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

6. LINGMAI Bike Seat

If you’re looking for cheap road bike seats for women, this LINGMAI model is a great choice. This seat is engineered specifically for longer rides; it features a design that sends pressure from the back to the front to reduce hot spots and help alleviate discomfort. In fact, this model is designed to cut down on the pressure on your sit bones. The cutout center channel allows soft tissue to rest comfortably, and the shock-absorbing design helps reduce the impact of bumps on your lower body. It’s a great choice for long-distance bikers.

LINGMAI Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

7. Serfas Dual Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle

If you struggle with soreness or pressure when you ride, the Serfas Dual Density saddle might be the solution. This seat uses a patented Infinite Comfort Support system to cushion your lower body and reduce discomfort. The dual-density base works seamlessly with the gel padding to create a seat that’s simultaneously stable, supportive, and soft. Then, there’s the deep groove, which strips away pressure on your most sensitive areas to protect soft tissues.

Serfas 2 Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

8. Selle Royal Women’s Respiro Bicycle Saddle

The Selle Royal Respiro bike seat is engineered with a woman’s anatomy in mind. The slim front widens at the back, creating just the right amount for support for your sit bones without affecting your ability to pedal. Padded sides offer ultra-comfortable support, and the lower center area reduces the pressure on your body.

Selle Royal Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

9. DAWAY C66 Road Bike Seat

Stay safe and comfortable on the road with the DAWAY C66 road bike seat. This seat, which features a wide rear section, is padded generously to reduce aches and pains. We love the built-in tail light, which helps cars and other bikers see you in low light or inclement weather. Made from soft, breathable materials, this bike seat helps keep you dry to reduce chafing.

DAWAY Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

10. DAWAY C6 Padded Bicycle Saddle Cushion

Looking for the ultimate luxury biking experience? Head straight for this DAWAY C6 bike saddle cushion. With its flared back, this cushion fits over women-specific seat shapes. Cozy padding makes it feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, and the breathable material helps wick away sweat to reduce odors and discomfort. With its non-slip design, this cover fastens securely and stays in place while you ride.

DAWAY 2 Top 10 Road Bike Seats for Women

Your bike seat has a big impact on the comfort of a ride; that’s why it’s crucial to find a model that fits your body and your biking style. By starting with these highly rated road bike seats for women, you can narrow the options quickly and find a comfortable saddle in less time.


By BCR Staff
October 2019