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Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

When you’re a serious cyclist, there are some situations that are difficult to manage without a car — which is where our top 10 list of bike cargo trailers can make a difference. These trailers fasten to the back of your bike, giving you the ability to carry a wide range of gear that won’t fit in your panniers. The possibilities are endless: use the trailers to carry groceries, tote gear on bike-camping trips, or even move supplies around your property. No matter what you’re hauling, it’s important to buy a trailer that’s suitable for your bike and appropriate for your biking skill level. That way, you can ride safely and comfortably.

1. Cycle Force Trail-Monster

If you want to haul heavy loads with your bike, the Cycle Force Trail-Monster has the strength you need. With its strong steel frame and low sides, this trailer is tough enough to stand up to crates, firewood, and more. The oversized 20-inch wheels provide more stability, even on bumpy ground, so your cargo stays upright and secure. The convenient coupler is compatible with most bikes, and the user-friendly design attaches and releases quickly. With its rust-proof finish, this trailer is safe to use in the rain and snow.

Cycle Force Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

2. Burley Flatbed

Lightweight and durable, the Burley flatbed trailer is a favorite among cyclists with medium-weight loads. Built with alloy wheels and a metal frame, this trailer supports up to 100 pounds; it’s the perfect choice for groceries, camping gear, and more. The push-button release system allows for fast removal, and the forged metal hitch creates a tight, secure connection to your bike. When you’re done, simply collapse the sides and wheels into a compact, flat-package for easy storage.

Burley Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

3. Wike Heavy Duty Flatbed

If you’re serious about bike hauling, the Wike heavy-duty flatbed trailer is tough enough to get the job done. The plastic flooring is durable and strong, and the aluminum frame provides excellent strength without adding unnecessary weight. Use this trailer to haul loads of up to 125 pounds. The sleek design looks cool and contemporary in the city, and the low sides prevent items from slipping. On flat pavement or rough trails, the 20-inch wheels provide stability and a smooth, easy ride.

Wike Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

4. Allen Sport Yoogo Cargo Trailer CZ2

If you’re new to biking, the Allen Sport Yoogoo trailer is a great place to start. One of the best cheap bike cargo trailers on the market, this model doesn’t sacrifice on performance; it carries up to 70 pounds and features two large plastic wheels for a smooth ride. The hard plastic bottom protects your belongings, and the included mesh net keeps everything in place as you pedal. Need to walk part of the way to your destination? This trailer converts into a pull cart for flexible hauling.

Allen Sport Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

5. Aosom Enclosed Bicycle Cargo Trailer

When you’re carrying groceries or other small items, this Aosom cargo trailer can help you keep everything together. The secret? The low sides and the included top, which contain your items and prevent them from slipping out when you hit a bump. As a bonus, the cover is waterproof for weather resistance. One of the more affordable bike cargo trailers on the market, this model is compatible with standard and electric bikes. Plus, since the cargo container is removable, you can lift it out and carry it into the house for easier unpacking.

Aosom Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

6. Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer

The Schwinn Day Tripper is one of the top bike cargo trailers, particularly among cyclists who do everyday hauling. The fun starts with a wide frame, which feels stable and secure behind your bike. Plus, with its two-wheel design, this trailer minimizes torque for an easier, smoother pedaling experience. Inside, you’ll find built-in D-rings; they enable you to strap down your load for security. The included cover keeps everything dry.

Schwinn Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

7. Aosom Wanderer Folding

Durable and rugged, the Aosom Wanderer is built for heavy loads. In fact, the tough metal frame holds up to 110 pounds with ease. Need to carry long items? The front and back panels are removable to accommodate your load. The included bicycle hitch is universal, so it fastens to most bikes. With its large wheels, this trailer is designed to give you a hassle-free ride, even on rough trails.

Aosom 2 Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

8. Cocoarm Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Whether you’re running a bike delivery business or transporting camping gear, this Cocoarm bike trailer makes your life a bit easier. It fastens to your bike using the hitch and converts into a pushcart as needed. The inflatable wheels ensure a smooth ride, and the included lamp helps boost visibility in the dark. When you’re done, simply fold down the frame for space-efficient storage in the garage or car.

Cocoarm Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

9. Burley Coho XC

Do you ride curving roads? The Burley Coho XC is one of the best bike cargo trailers you can buy. It’s engineered with a single wheel, so it’s easy to maneuver as you ride around corners or take frequent turns. The frame uses a coil-spring suspension system to absorb bumps and impacts, creating a smoother ride for you and keeping your belongings stable and secure. This shock-absorption also helps the frame last longer if you ride frequently on rough terrain. Use the dual-ball hitch for easy installation, and disconnect in seconds using the release handle.

Burley 2 Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

10. Apex BCT-8002 Single Wheel

Tackle long rides with ease when you’re pulling the Apex BCT-8002 trailer. With its single-wheel design, this affordable trailer feels like a natural extension of your bike; it leans and corners with you to reduce the risk of tipping on winding roads or bumpy paths. The included storage bag keeps small items together, making this trailer a great choice for grocery-hauling. Plus, with the included reflectors and safety flag, it helps you stay visible to passing motorists.

Rage Powersports Top 10 Best Bike Cargo Trailers

When you’re moving toward a lower-emission lifestyle, a bike is the perfect form of transportation. By investing in bike cargo trailers, you can increase your carrying capacity and shrink your ecological footprint.


By BCR Staff

November 2019