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Top Ten Best Tenant Background Screening Services

When you’re renting out properties, these top ten tenant background screening services can be a valuable asset. These services help you screen potential renters, so you can figure out who’s more likely to be a reliable tenant. Background checks can alert you to red flags, such as previous evictions. Used correctly, they can help you find great renters and head off expensive and time-consuming problems in the future. To stay legal, it’s important to choose a background check service that’s reputable and above-board. We love these 10 options; each one is easy to use, reliable, and comprehensive.

1. RentPrep

RentPrep Tenant Background Screening Services

RentPrep is a service that takes the hassle out of background checks. The company offers two packages. With the more expensive option, you can get a credit report, criminal search, eviction report, identity verification, and a notice of any bankruptcies. For this option, the tenant needs to agree using email — you can even have the tenant pay to save money. If you need a more affordable background check service for landlords, you can opt for the simplified package. It helps you verify the person’s identity, and check for any evictions, judgments, or bankruptcies.

2. TransUnion SmartMove

Transunion Smartmove Tenant Background Screening Services

SmartMove connects you with your potential tenants. Once you request a background check, the system sends an email invite to the tenant, who completes the application online. Then, you get the screening report to review. Each report tells you about the person’s credit, criminal history, eviction history, and income. These comprehensive reports make it easy to decide whether or not your applicant is a good fit.

3. Appfolio

appfolio Tenant Background Screening Services

If you need a way to manage the entire renting process, Appfolio is a great choice. This service is designed for complete property management, from application to payment processing. The best part? You can manage everything online, from the background checks to lease signing and rent payments. The system even handles late fees for you. When you’re renting multiple properties, this centralized process makes your life easier. Plus, you can access background check results in the mobile app from anywhere.

4. LeaseRunner

Leaserunner Tenant Background Screening Services

LeaseRunner is a top rated background check service for landlords that run small rental businesses. This service enables you to run a background check online for a low fee, so it’s an affordable way to screen potential tenants. Have more questions about a tenant? You can also add on an eviction check, financial profile, or credit check. Best of all, you can initiate the entire process online — the system sends the email, and the applicant can authorize the screening immediately. All you need to do is enter the tenant’s name and email address.

5. Cozy

Cozy Tenant Background Screening Services

If you’re concerned about managing sensitive applicant information, Cozy might be the best background check service for landlords. This program enables your potential renter to manage the background check process; then, they share the report with you. As a result, you can make a decision, all without handing social security numbers or worrying about data security. Plus, since tenants pay for their reports, you don’t have to handle any additional fees. This is a great option for renters, too — the system runs soft reports to avoid damaging tenants’ credit scores.

6. ScreeningWorks

Screening Works Tenant Background Screening Services

ScreeningWorks, one of the 10 best background check services for landlords, helps you get a full picture of an applicant’s history. It enables you to check eviction, rental history, and more. We love that the reports are fast and easy to read, so you can make a decision quickly and get the best possible tenants. In comparison to the industry standard, full screening packages are affordable. Plus, since the whole system is online, it saves you time and money.

7. TenantAlert

TenantAlert Tenant Background Screening Services

When you want to avoid hidden fees, TenantAlert is a great way to screen potential renters. Every background check includes a credit report and credit score, so you don’t have to worry about add-ons. We like that you can pay on your own or leave it up to the tenant to process payment. Even better? Once payment clears and the applicant authorizes the check, you get access to the report in 30 seconds. The online system is easy to use, even if you’ve never run a background check before.

8. Buildium

Buildium Tenant Background Screening Services

If you rent more than one unit, you know that it takes time to review background checks. That’s why we like Buildium — it lets you set minimum requirements and automatically rejects applicants that don’t measure up. That way, you don’t have to waste time screening people who aren’t a good fit. The system can even recommend the best applicants to you based on your preferences. Once you find the right person, Buildium can even notify them for you to save even more time.

9. MyRental

Myrental by core logic Tenant Background Screening Services

MyRental is run by CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions; the company uses its experience and industry knowledge to help you screen and identify the best possible tenants. With a free account, you can set up screenings immediately. The system returns a report that gives each person a score based on their credit, eviction history, and more. It also helps you understand how your applicants compare to other tenants in the area, so you can make an informed decision.

10. TurboTenant

Turbo Tenant Tenant Background Screening Services

TurboTenant is a full-service property management platform. One of its most useful services is tenant screening. With each report, you can get a credit report, criminal history, and notifications about past evictions. Since the credit information is provided by TransUnion, you can rest assured that it’s accurate. Tenants love that the report uses only a soft inquiry, so it doesn’t harm their credit score.

A bad tenant can be a headache, costing you a great deal of time and money. That’s why it’s crucial to screen renters in advance, so you don’t have to worry about problems down the road. The right background check services for landlords can make the process easy and hassle-free.

By BCR Staff
June 2019

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