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Top Ten Best Online Identity Theft Prevention Services

This article covers the top ten identity theft services online.

Like the old-west where the quickest and the most accurate gun ruled, the Internet is a wide-open panorama where unwary individual travel at risk. Since the advent of the Internet, identity theft has grown, becoming the number one risk every time you go online. Today, identity theft strikes at least once every two-seconds with most of those thefts involving the identity of people from industrialized nations. However, there are new Marshals in town. The 10 best identity theft service on the net are dedicated to the protection of every person who ventures onto the net whether through computer access or via smartphone.

1. IdentityGuard

IdentityGuard Identity Theft Protection Services

As one of the most affordable identity theft services on the net, IdentityGuard offers three plans for individuals in search of online protection. Whether selecting the Value, Total, or Premier plan, customers can expect extensive online monitoring of personal and financial information. The company sifts through social media platforms, online business sites, and the dark web for any mention of customer’s names, accounts, or online dealings and provides current notices of any evidence of identity theft.

2. Lifelock

Lifelock Identity Theft Protection Services

Lifelock provides one of the best online identity theft services. LifeLock monitors accounts and personal identities for any invasive activity as well as the opening of new accounts or identities using your information. The company also offers an immediate lockup service when a loan application or rental application of any type is discovered on the net. LifeLock also works with Norton Antivirus to monitor and clean up to five electronic devices in your use.

3. Experian

Experian Identity Theft Protection Services

As one of the three established credit bureaus, Experian is perfectly placed to be one of the top-rated identity theft services. The service offers two affordable plans that blanket all three of the credit bureaus to sniff out any credit changes. Any credit activity is immediately reported to the client, with an option to lock their identity until the client responds. Experian monitors the “Dark Web” for any activity involving a client’s information.

4. IdentityForce

Identity Force Identity Theft Protection Services

IdentityForce has been protecting identities for over 40 years. As an identity theft protection organization that existed before the smartphone and Internet revolution, IdentityForce was already well entrenched in security details for departments in government and several businesses. When the revolution came, IdentityForce, recognizing the dangers of an open market, expanded into the realm of personal identity protection. Their expertise in information security pioneered many of the measures identity protection services employ today.

5. ReliaShield

Reliashield Identity Theft Protection Services

Remarkably affordable, ReliaShield is an identity theft server that specializes in family information protection. Their commitment is emphasized by a policy of free coverage for the identity of all children in the household. The organization offers three plans—Essential, Prime, and Elite—for either individuals or whole families. One of the perks that customers enjoy when using ReliaShield is their 100% Recovery Rate. This company does not rest until every loss is covered for the client.

6. MyIDCare

My IdCare Identity Theft Protection Services

MyIDCare offers two plans for families and individuals who seek to protect their identity and financial health. Both plans involve constant credit bureau monitoring of all three credit reporting agencies and the continuous scanning of cyberspace for any invasion of the private information of clients. MyIDCare also monitors social media for any indication of wrongdoing or intention to defraud. MyIDCare uses a multifaceted approach to guide customers toward a safe and connected life.

7. Lexington Law

Lexington Law Identity Theft Protection Services

The identity theft program at Lexington Law is called Lex OnTrack and it maintains a vigilant watch over customer records and financial interests. The organization has gained traction via media exposure through reputable news reporters from INC., Business Insider, Fox Business, and Yahoo Finance. Lex OnTrack offers a continual financial alert system that monitors your Internet information, analyzes your credit scores, and recommends specific methods to raise your financial portfolio. The organization repairs any identity theft damage.

8. IdentityProtect

Identity Protect Identity Theft Protection Services

The identity protection services by IdentityProtect ventures into the lesser known parts of the Internet to find and remove damaging material to its clients. The service is an all-encompassing and affordable approach to the dangers of working on the Internet. Recognizing that even mobile workers who utilize the net to communicate back and forth with work are at risk of losing vital information while delivering on a commitment, IdentityProtect is a valuable asset for those who work online.

9. Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame Identity Theft Protection Services

Credit Sesame is a streamlined and valuable source for anyone who works, plays, or merely communicates through the new world of technology. The site provides lessons on how to find your credit issues and mend them, where to find your current credit score, and how to leverage your credit score to your advantage. Customers who use CreditSesame learn every aspect of how to protect their current credit level while climbing the credit score ladder to heights previously unattainable.

10. MyFICO

MyFico Identity Theft Protection Services

MyFICO is an identity protection service with three plan levels: Basic, Advanced, and Premier. The Basic plan is the most affordable and delivers monthly credit report updates from Experian only, alerts to any derogatory changes, and advice on how to repair any damage. The Advanced plan does the same on a quarterly routine while monitoring all three credit reporting agencies as well as monitoring the web for any unauthorized financial activities. The Premier works the same as the Advanced plan but reports monthly.

The choice between these ten plans is one of a personal nature. If you are interested in complete coverage at an affordable rate, then any of them will do. The main thing is for you to realize that there are those who wander the virtual world of the Internet set on taking advantage of those who are unprotected. Every person who uses the Internet sets up a village through which they routinely venture. Do not think that low credit scores or a lack of cash in your pocket will save you from the bandits wandering through your virtual community. Money is not the only item worth taking. Guard your identity from use by others who do not care what harm you may experience by utilizing an affordable and continuous monitoring service.

By BCR Staff
June 2019

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