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Top Ten Best Free Email Services

This article covers the ten best free email services available.

In the age of the internet, an email address is non-negotiable — which is why free email services are important. These programs allow you to get a free email address, so you can communicate online and sign up for other internet-based accounts. You can use them for personal or business use, all without spending a dime. With so many options available to you, however, it’s tough to figure out which is the right fit. To get you off on the right foot, we’ve looked through all of the free services on the market to find the 10 most reliable options.

1. Gmail

Gmail email services

One of the best free email services in the world, Gmail is a widely used service run by Google. As a free user, you get 15GB of free storage space. Plus, when you sign up for a Google account, you get access to the company’s other online products: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and more. Gmail also integrates with your Google calendar. This easy compatibility makes it easier to move between programs. Plus, since Google is widely trusted and respected, other people feel comfortable responding to your Gmail address.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook email services

Another top rated free email service is Microsoft Outlook. It’s a great choice if you prefer Microsoft’s services and interface; it integrates easily with your calendars, your Windows files, and all of the Office products. Have another email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo? You can connect it to Outlook to gather all of your addresses in one place. We love the Focused inbox, which helps you tend to your most important emails first.

3. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo email services

Yahoo Mail, one of the top 10 email services on the market, is run by another well-known internet company. Although this service has lost some of its personality in recent years, it’s still a reliable, safe option. It’s best for simple emailing; it doesn’t do much in terms of integration with other online services. The interface isn’t sophisticated, but it’s easy to learn. Keep in mind that Yahoo has been the subject of massive data breaches in the past, so it’s probably not a good idea to use it for confidential or sensitive purposes.

4. GMX

GMX email services

If you value security and you want to choose a smaller email provider, GMX might be the right fit. This company serves approximately 20 million people; they offer accounts to both individuals and businesses. The company prioritizes security to ensure that your email is safe. It uses virus protection technology and also scans emails for dangerous malware. Plus, since the system uses seven anti-spam protections, you can worry less about junk mail. GMX is owned by United Internet Group, which also runs 1&1 and Fasthosts.

5. ProtonMail

Proton Mail Email services

If privacy is important to you, it’s hard to beat ProtonMail. This email service is based in Switzerland, which means that it’s covered by Swiss privacy, data security, and neutrality laws. You can create an account without entering any personal information. Each message is encrypted end-to-end, which means that you and your recipient are the only people who can access the contents. Plus, the company doesn’t log your IP. ProtonMail is open source, and you can get an entry level account for free.

6. Yandex Mail

Yandex email services

Yandex Mail is a simple email tool that offers a variety of convenient features. With the timer, you can write emails ahead of time and deliver them at a future date and time. The unique interface is fully customizable, and one Yandex email account gives you access to the rest of the company’s services. When it comes to security, Yandex has reliable procedures; it runs all messages through a scan and automatically deposits dangerous messages into your spam folder. Use Yandex with both POP and IMAP for versatile installation.

7. Tutanota

Tutanota email services

Tutanota was built as a response to users’ privacy concerns when it comes to Google. Everything in your account, which includes email, calendar, notes, and online storage, is encrypted automatically. That means that your data is safe, and won’t be scanned by the company. Tutanota provides both personal and business accounts. If you sign up for a free account, you get 1GB of storage and a single user. You can also buy upgraded accounts that allow you to create email addresses with your website’s URL.

8. Apple iCloud

Apple email services

If you sign up for an Apple ID, you can get access to Apple iCloud email. As the name suggests, the service is run by the digital giant Apple. Accounts are free and easy to use, particularly if you have an Apple device. All of the company’s products support iCloud Mail. You can also import your iCloud account to a program using IMAP access; the program does not work with POP. In terms of security, iCloud is subject to Apple’s standard protocols.

9. FastMail

Fastmail email services

FastMail combats two of the common complaints that users have about Gmail: speed and privacy. This program is designed for speed — it runs considerably faster than Gmail. However, in return, you get a slightly outdated interface. The programs work well and efficiently, though, so it’s more than adequate for most email needs. The program also runs without ads, so you don’t need to worry about invasive scans of your messages.

10. Zoho

Zoho email services

Zoho is designed specifically for business users. To that end, it offers excellent security and a range of custom options. If you have a website, you can use Zoho to create a custom email address using your domain. The system comes with a small monthly fee, but in return, you get an ad-free experience and a powerful control panel.

With a free email account, you have access to all of the things the internet has to offer — from sending emails to creating logins for banking apps, your email address is crucial. By using one of these free email services, you can enjoy reliable, consistent service.

By BCR Staff
June 2019

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