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Top Ten Best Employer Background Check Services

Hiring is an expensive and time-consuming process, but these top ten background check services for employers can help you find the right fit on the first try. When you run a check on prospective employees, you can verify their credentials and find any red flags long before they have a chance to pose a risk to you and your company. The trick is to find a service that’s both safe and reliable; that way, you can keep your company compliant with hiring laws and help your applicants maintain privacy. These 10 services are reputable and speedy, so you can get through the hiring process faster.


Background Employer Background Check Services

If you need an affordable background check service for employers, is a great option. It offers everything you need to verify an applicant’s identity, including a social security number validation, a criminal conviction check, and a sex offender check. This service also lets you know if an applicant is on a governmental watch list. Need more information? You can also opt for a premium check, which gives you an address history, eviction record, and information about bankruptcy, judgments, and liens.

2. Accurate Now

Accurate Now Employer Background Check Services

If you run a small or medium business, Accurate Now might be the best background check service for employers. This service offers on-demand services, so you don’t need to worry about expensive subscriptions when you only hire occasionally. The company runs the background check and sends you a report quickly for faster hiring. Most importantly, it sticks to federal, state, and local laws to ensure that your company is compliant. The best part? There are three different package options, so you only pay for what you need.

3. GoodHire

Good Hire Employer Background Check Services

Do you ever feel uncomfortable looking through an applicant’s past? That’s where GoodHire comes in. This system is transparent, so your candidates can see everything that you’re seeing. What’s more, they can add comments to the report to help you understand the context — this is crucial, because it helps you avoid snap judgments that might cause you to lose out on a great employee. Plus, since your applicants can consent to the check online, the process is fast and efficient.

4. ESR

ESR Employer Background Check Services

When it comes to compliance, ESR is one of the 10 best background check services for employers. It’s designed to help you stay compliant with your state and local laws, as well as changing federal regulations. This is particularly important when it comes to questions about criminal history; some states ban you from asking about this during the hiring process. ESR offers both pre-employment and post-employment background checks, so you can save money and help candidates maintain their privacy until it’s absolutely necessary.

5. HireRight

Hire Right Employer Background Check Services

If you run multiple branches, or if you hire frequently, HireRight is a convenient option. This system is designed for enterprise businesses; it makes it easy to run continuous background checks. Once you create an account, you can screen candidates thoroughly to make sure they’re a good fit for your company. HireRight also provides services such as risk assessment, legal compliance advice, and fast reporting. The system supports 22 languages, making it easier to hire globally.

6. IntelliCorp

IntelliCorp Employer Background Check Services

IntelliCorp specializes in 360-degree background checks — in other words, it helps you get a complete picture of the people you’re planning to hire. Each check gives you access to the person’s credit score, medical history, history with drugs, and credential verifications. This is particularly important when you’re hiring people for healthcare or driver positions. Don’t need specific information? With three different packages, you can pick and choose which reports you get.

7. Verified Credentials

Verified Credentials Employer Background Check Services

One of the top rated background check service for employers, Verified Credentials offers a secure, fast screening process. Our favorite part? They offer different services based on your needs, so you can pick the right process for employees, independent contractors, and volunteers. The company also allows you to choose by industry, making it easier to get the most relevant information for your industry. If you’re applying for a job, you can even run a background check on yourself to see what employers see.

8. Justifacts

Justifacts Employer Background Check Services

When it comes to pre-employment screening, Justifacts helps you save time and money. The company uses cutting-edge technology to deliver thorough backgrounds checks quickly. Whether you need to verify a candidate’s credentials or look into an international candidate’s history, this company has you covered. Plus, you can choose from a variety of services, including motor vehicle screening and address history verification, to get only the details you need.

9. Infomart

Infomart Employer Background Check Services

InfoMart offers background checks in slightly more than a day, which is ideal when you need to move quickly. Plus, since the system uses an easy authorization process, it’s a breeze for both you and your candidates. Need more than a standard background check? InfoMart also offers social media screening, global sanctions searches, and watch list screening. This is particularly useful if you work in security, healthcare, or industries that require access to confidential data.

10. Checkr

Checkr Employer Background Check Services

When you need fast, easy reports, Checkr is a convenient option. The entire process is online, so your applicants can authorize a background check from wherever they are. Once a report is in process, applicants can check the status in real time. We like that the background reports are easy to read, even if you’re new to the process; that means that you can make decisions faster.

When you’re running a business, hiring can take up a serious amount of your valuable time. That’s why it’s important to hire the right people on the first try. With these excellent background check services for employers, you can vet applicants and find employees that will help take your business to the next level.

By BCR Staff
June 2019

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